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  1. The wife and I along with our four adult children sailed on the Getaway on 16 Dec - 23 Dec 2018. We normally sail Carnival with Royal Caribbean as a back up. However, we chose this cruise as it was going to save us 1500-2K, and would take us to some ports the kids have not seen before. The wife and I are veterans of about a dozen cruises each, and it was her first time sailing with NCL. I sailed with them many years ago. We have also done some of the shorter "booze cruises" on both Carnival and RC; however, none were as bad as this one. This turned out to be a 7 day booze cruise for middle aged adults that could not handle their alcohol and acted like the stereotypical entitled millennial. Most millennials are hard working decent young people trying to figure out their lives, not what is portrayed in the media. So it seemed most people selected the free drink perk with their state room, and they behaved worse then a bunch of college kids. Highlights included a women punching and cursing out a hand sanitizer station. A man urinating in the halls of ship. A man punching a bartender and then his wife. It was crazy how drunk people were and security was totally absent. The bartenders were clearly over serving. I would avoid this ship and this will be my last time sailing with NCL.
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