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  1. We found it pretty much like a normal cruise. We had our temperatures taken as we went off the ship in Guadaloupe, but that was the only place. What we found interesting was the lack of anything at the airports, we expected temperatures to be taken, sanitizersanitizers all over the place, but none. No one on the ship in masks, and an odd few at the airports.
  2. We have just returned off Odyssey and whilst there were no problems, the number of people not using the sanitizers was quite worrying. Not just forgetting to use them, but deliberately bypassing them and seeing other people using them.
  3. 17days out and got a V6 on deck 7, happy enough with that.
  4. Think I'm going to have to give it a proper try. Enjoy your cruise.
  5. Ours came by courier so had to be signed for, but I doubt very much they could have got it in the mailbox. Not sure of the need for the "iPad" cover, or have I got that use completely wrong?
  6. Came home yesterday to a note saying parcel courier service had tried to deliver, it arrived again today, it would certainly not have fit in the mail box with all its packaging. It is sized to fit an iPad, with a cloth bag to keep it in. Two and half weeks prior to flying out. Getting excited.
  7. Many thanks for all these updates on your cruise, Ive looked forward to reading them every morning. Long may you cruise Seabourn and post comments on here. 👍👏
  8. We've had 621 in the past on an OB and were very happy with it. To be honest all suites are fine, I'm just being impatient.
  9. We are just less than 5 weeks out from our cruise, and to say I am getting itchy feet is an understatement. Is it only me, but I can't stop looking? I know I won't get to know for a few weeks yet but that doesn't stop me looking. The cruise mustn't be full or I would have thought we'd have been our suite assigned.
  10. Just going to have to wait and see I think.
  11. Emdee, that's the sort of thing we got ours in late 2018, wouldn't have dropped into our mail box. Hey ho we shall have to wait and see.
  12. Thanks Mauzac. In 2018 when we last sailed with them, we got what looked like an iPad carrier, don't think that would have fitted through our mail box lid. Before we have had those leather wallet things which have come in a slim box, that would have fit in easily. We shall wait and see what arrives.
  13. We have always booked through a travel agent and collected our flight tickets, boarding documents about 3 week before sailing. This time, as we were part of Thomas Cooks bookings we are now directly under Seabourn. When can we expect out "package" to be delivered, and does it come with the normal mail, or by a private courier? I don't want to be hanging about for it, but obviously don't want to miss it either.
  14. Couldn't find it under the ship name, found it under the theme!!!
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