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  1. Editing my post- only two of the new builds are excel class. The 3 ships ordered today are a brand new class.
  2. yep- CCL has openly stated they plan to reduce capacity on HAL, Princess, etc… while increasing capacity on Carnival, Aida, and P&O. The 5 new ship orders for Carnival in 2024 is further evidence. However; CCL will need to build ships for companies other than Carnjcal, Aida, and P&O if they wish to remain this diverse.
  3. February 2024: CCL ordered just one ship March 2024: CCL ordered just one ship That's five orders in 2024. All of them Excel class at 230,000 GT and all to sail as Carnival Cruise line ships
  4. HAL ships are aging out so they need new ships to compete but HAL clientele isn't the mega ship type and Mega ships are where the profit is. It's an interesting challenge.
  5. There was a new ship order placed yesterday. Three 230,000 g/t ships to sail under the Carnival brand. All LNG. According to Weinstein they are 'doubling down' on building Carnival ships. Nothing on the horizon for HAL. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/shipbuilding-equipment/carnival-cruise-line-roll-order-three-big-new-ships-fincantieri
  6. I know there was discussion on one of these threads with people anticipating a new build order being placed for Holland America. Yesterday CCL placed 3 new build orders. All 230,000 g/t ships for Carnival cruise line. Nothing on order for HAL. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/shipbuilding-equipment/carnival-cruise-line-roll-order-three-big-new-ships-fincantieri
  7. Yep, and just today you had this... https://edition.cnn.com/2024/07/22/travel/mass-protest-on-spanish-island-mallorca-calls-for-limits-on-tourism/index.html Like I said, we're just misunderstood 😄 😄 🙂
  8. You're preaching to the choir friend. I about fainted when I looked at my arms the other day. Immediately added more weights back in the program. Just can't keep muscle mass like I used to.
  9. Nope- I listened to the public discussion QnA of the quarterly. I’m sure transcripts are available if interested. You could also read about it here: https://cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/2024/04/norwegian-cruise-line-holdings-8-new-ships-for-3-brands/
  10. They are committed to the four new prima class ships thru 2028. They are also committed to the their two new Oceans vessels (in the 86,000 gT range) to be delivered in 2027 and 2029. And we can't forget their Seven Seas orders which will be delivered in 2026 and 2029 (only 850 passengers). It's the 200,000 GT ship orders in 2030 and beyond that are subject to financing. Could all those builds fall thru? Most certainly. But as of the latest report to the SEC, they are only waiting on funding for ships scheduled to be build after 2030. Now, whether or not NCL will survive is a whole other topic and not appropriate for the HAL forum.
  11. You should take a peak at the roll call for 2024. We had lots of group tours organized on that trip. It's a long read (234 pages), but probably worth it as there is a plethoria of tour information posted. I am also booked on the 2025 version and we are well on our way to having sold out excursions already. If you are planning for this cruise 2025 you will probably find the 2025 roll call helpful. It's only 35 pages right now so not THAT much to catch up on. One of the problems with CC roll calls is that they can end up being many pages long to sift thru but you are early enough to still grab some great tours. I would not wait much longer. Finally, I did a live thread from the 35 night Tahiti in 2024 and lots of people on the cruise contributed to it so it wasn't just my opinions on things (which tend to be unique when it comes to HAL). The live thread includes all my tours, photos of the tours, and pdf files for how to book them. You'll need wine for this one 🙂
  12. What fitness classes? Just kidding. Kind-of. You won't find fitness classes on HAL like you do on other cruise lines. Here is the entire fitness schedule for a sea day on K'dam. They had walk a mile and sunrise stretch every day. Some days they offered things like abs class or total body conditioning. Here is a sample from another sea day. There was less offered on port days. Notice that walk a mile and sunrise stretch happen simultaneously some days. The tai chi was every single seaday at 8:00 and very well attended. Some, but not all afternoons there was a paid class offered at 4:00 (yoga, palates, bikes, etc... ). There was never a paid 4:00 class offered on port days. One last example. On this day they did 'walk a mile' (not sure you can call that exercise) and abs class simultaneously followed by sunrise stretch (again, not really exercise in my world). This was a longer cruise and longer cruises tend to be much older. They may add more fitness classes on shorter cruises where the passengers skew younger.
  13. Not necessarily. The July 2024 orderbook just came out and the only new builds added recently were smaller ships of viking, regent 7 seas, and crystal. It does seem like there is a dichotomy emerging. The mass market lines are all building larger ships. But, the luxury lines are in the game and placing orders continuously. Those of you who like sailing on smaller ships will have plenty of new builds to choose from, but the ticket price will be higher. Ironically NCL is building the most new ships with RCL behind. CCL is in the distance. As mentioned, CCL's new strategy is to increase passenger capacity in Carnival, P&O, and Aida. I don't foresee a new HAL ship on the horizon as quickly as many here do. Here's a list of the new builds (I don't believe this list has the recent orders added yet, but you can see the trend). Luxury lines are expanding their fleets with smaller ships and the orderbook for smaller ships is not lacking. https://cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-ship-orderbook/
  14. I think you misunderstood me. Those with physical difficulties were warned not to get off the ship in both of those tender ports. I’m sure the warning is posted in the dailies in my live thread. In fact, there was a lady who fell on those horizontal sideways steps exiting the tender in nuka hiva and that’s why the ambulance was there. That also contributed to the 5 hour tender process to get off the ship. I was off the ship snorkeling on Fakarava and it was also one of my favorites. The 5 hour tender process cut my time short in nuka hiva but I did get to walk up to the huge tiki and explore the town. Next year Nuka Hiva is the only island im doing a ship excursion on so I am guaranteed an early tender. That was a total cluster last year.
  15. Protests against cruise ships are definitely on the uptick the past few years. I am very good friends with a merchant who had a storefront in Lahaina and he told lots of stories about how even the merchants didn't want cruise ship passengers as they tend not to spend as much money as land tourists. That is only part of the reason cities don’t want us. The protests yesterday were against a 700 passenger Seven Seas cruise ship so in that case, size doesn’t matter. Sadly, quite often, cruisers are not well liked or welcomed. I think we are just misunderstood ;D but times they are achanging https://cruiseradio.net/protesters-block-cruise-ship-from-docking-at-port/
  16. https://cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/2024/07/holland-america-launches-15-new-production-shows-for-2025-grand-voyages/
  17. I'm sure most people have seen this chart..... CCL's plan to increase it's highest returning brands.
  18. Since we are adding to an older thread, I did this 35 day cruise last year (and am doing it again next year if that says anything). Regarding people with walking difficulties, you are warned not to get off the ship in Nuka Hiva as there are very narrow sideways steps to navigate off the tender, and you are also warned not to get off the tender in Fakarava. Although the steps there aren't as steep and narrow, there is no pavement. It's gritty gravel and sand. The warning is posted in the daily and made orally at the tenders.
  19. Interesting tid bit: I believe that HAL and Seabourn actually share the same office address and Princess is a block away.
  20. Thanks for sharing your opinion. Did they bring back live music for each of the shows?
  21. Typically Typically the backside of road to Hana and for sure stay far away from the top yellow arrow (Kahekili hwy). Far away. Also remember you need reservations (well in advance) for the black sand beach on road to Hana.
  22. Hi there- I know this is off topic, but just checking in to see you how you are faring with the new crater fire- the Ariel’s from pukalani are terrifying given the tragic events last August.
  23. Good resources. I would add that's it's always best to check road conditions on the exact day you are traveling and in other areas on Maui too (and any island really). The Honoapiilani Hwy (Pali) is often closed (or backed up) and is the only way from the west side of the island to Kahalui where the ship is docked. I highly recommend people on one day cruise ship stops do not cross the Pali. Traffic before the fires was terrible and it's significantly worse now with debris removal. Any fatality along that hwy will close it for many hours and even a fender bender can put you couple hours behind schedule. And just today, the only road to Haleakala is closed due to a fire. There are currently approximately 300 cars stranded at the top of the mountain and last reports some had already been there 4 hours or more. They are working to let people off the mountain in caravans of 10 vehicles at a time, but it's going to take hours and the fire is still growing. The good news is that as long as Maui isn't the last stop on your Hawaii tour you can always hop on a puddle jumper and reunite with the ship on another island, but traffic on Maui is no joke and it's complicated because there maybe only one road available to get where you are going. Hana is not one way, it's a loop. You can typically just turn around and drive back to Kahalui the way you came. Locals actually prefer you do this. It's the backside of RtH that is often closed. Also, be sure to check rental car insurance agreements. As they are void on certain areas of the island.
  24. Some of the larger Travel Agent sites list non-refundable, advantage fares, and HIA. Wish I could share but try TA's in new jersey 🙂
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