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  1. You're using different terminology but we are talking about the same things. Dimmer/brighter to me is referring to the same thing I am - darker/lighter shading or tinting. Different words (but in my view) same meaning. I am using my husbands words as he is the colour blind person I am quoting. He refers to the windows as tinted and when one is opened up the tinting is doubled which makes it look darker to him and is the reason it is very obvious.
  2. Your sunglasses comment is EXACTLY how my colour blind husband explained it. We are taking about tinting/shades, not actual different colours.
  3. This video is even more upsetting. You can see the sunlight hitting his head when he leans out and the sunlight hitting her when he lifts her up and over the railing. To me this video is even more damning then the one Royal released.
  4. Disclaimer - I am NOT a lawyer, but I do work for a law firm. One This case starts and stops when he raised her up over the railing. Whether he placed her on the railing or past the railing, whether he knew the window is open, why he picked her up, etc. DOES NOT MATTER. He placed her above a safety mechanism. That's the end of it. Will he be found guilty? I can't see any reason why not because none of the reasons he citing mean anything. Will he see jail time? My thought is probably probation. A judge would be setting a very bad precedent that could cause major problems in the future if he/she found him innocent of negligence. Could you imagine all the lawsuits in the future? "Yes Judge, I saw the <insert safety measure here>, but <insert reason for going past/over the safety measure here>." It would be huge. We are talking about a safety measure (railing) that is universally known. Everyone knows why we have railings. Putting a child above, on or past a railing (or any safety mechanism) is negligence. End of story. Two My husband is colour blind. So much so he's not allowed to be a pilot. He specifically cannot tell the difference between blues and purples. He has made comments even before this happened that it is VERY EASY for him to tell when the windows are open on a ship. GF may not have been able to see the colour of the windows, but he sure could tell the difference in the shades/darkness differences in the windows. This is not a excuse or any type of defense whatsoever (see number one). I feel horrible for the family. I cannot imagine losing a child. My only hope is they find some peace and closure. My thoughts are with them.
  5. My 11 year old girl was able to age up on Anthem in 2019. I think most of this was because they had so many kids in the 9-11 group that anyone with an older family member was allowed to age up with them. That said, if it wasn't for the fact that my very responsible niece was in that older group (16) I would not have allowed it. We've unfortunately seen bad behavior from that group in the past couple of cruises (including stealing). Also, boys.... Sigh. LOL She had a 16 year old in the group trying to get her number, knowing her age. But I also could be a prude...
  6. My son has two middle names which are both on his passport and they didn't fit on the Royal reservation unless I removed the space. When we got to the terminal it took an extra 5 minutes checking in. A supervisor had to come override something because of this. But they didn't really answer me when I asked what I should do next time so "shrugs". Not much help for you I guess. LOL
  7. Be careful weighing yourself during a cruise. A ton of people retain water while on vacation. I came home 5lbs heavier but it was gone in less than a week. It will make you freak and stress over nothing. Maintaining a 170lb weight loss. Took a break on vacation and despite eating more and indulging more I didn't actually gain any weight. Do the stairs and you will be fine.
  8. Thanks for the response! I figured as much but thought I would ask just in case.
  9. Question about the water park cabanas. We are a group of 8. But myself and my son will not be in the water park (I have no interest and he might be too small and doesn't like heights). Could we all use the cabana but only 6 use the water park? Never been to CB so I have no idea about location of these cabanas. Just a thought in my head, wanted to see if it would work before speaking to the rest of my group.
  10. Your situation is definitely different. I'm not looking for a debate. Just letting the OP know what I witnessed on the ship so they know what to expect. The children I witnessed were not your LO's age. I witnessed parents taking diapers off children/babies under 2 and well under 2. Children who couldn't walk or talk. Children who were being fed baby food from a jar at their recliners... For the poster who asked about going to guest services. What's the point? I spoke to the Adventure Ocean staff who were manning the slide, who saw all this and they just shrugged their shoulders (this was all happening at the bottom of the slide area - for those who know Adventure - there is a lip where parents like to sit with their feet in the water). Why would I waste my vacation time with my children sitting at customer service when I'll get the same response? OP I hope you have a wonderful cruise. We took my youngest when they just turned 3 so they could go to Adventure Ocean but I am sure you will have a blast even without Adventure Ocean. Our last cruise in May on Adventure because of the ships doctor (long drama story I won't get into on here) my kids could not use AO after the first 2 days and we still had a complete blast (once we got over the sadness and anger). Happy Wednesday!
  11. Was on the Adventure in May. There is a tiny splash pad for babies with diapers. I would say 4 kids and their parents would fit in the area at one time. That said, the few times I saw no swim diapers enforced (may 3 times in 8 days) in the other areas (specifically by the kids slide), I watched parents just simply take the diaper off and put their childs bathing suit back on. Then they would spend hours in there... I saw this at least 20 times from multiple parents. So take that information how you will. I was not impressed. And I have children, hence the reason I always had a chair right by the kids splash area.
  12. We've found whenever we sail with my brother and his family we always save money with the kids sail free and he does not. Looks like if you only have one child the sale isn't sale, but having two kids in the room makes me worth while. We saved over $300 on our upcoming cruise when we repriced during the kids sail free. So from my experience if you only have one child in the room it isn't a sale.
  13. I wish, but the other 12 people I am traveling with would be upset to not have the bread LOL. I'll have to have some self control and just have half a bun every other night and those days stay away from bread earlier in the day. At least that's the plan LOL
  14. Thanks for everyone's answers here. I've been stressing about this for a few months but was too nervous to post. I sail in 3.5 weeks and am almost 14 months post op. I'm in maintenance now (170lbs down) but am totally stressing about gaining weight while away. I'm not a huge drinker luckily but I'm packing some mio and will just ask for vodka and water and put some mio in it if I want a drink. My biggest worry is the bread at dinner. I love bread. At home it easy to stay away but I'm worried staring at a bread bowl every day will make me bonkers. I also plan on getting the sugar free desserts. Luckily refined sugar still really bothers me so I won't be tempted to overdue it as I know how much it sucks afterwards. I've only "dumped" a handful of times because luckily my stomach very loudly gives me all the warning signs.
  15. Thank you everyone for your responses. I do allow her freedoms at home. We've allowed her to stay home by herself since 10 and with her brother since she turned 11 while we run errands, grocery shop, etc. That said, we also have an alarm system and I receive text messages when any door in the house is opened. She's never misbehaved or done anything bad. I think we are going to see how it goes and do it on a day to day basis. It certainly be handy to have her be able to sign herself and her brother out at 5:00pm to come back to the room to get ready for dinner. So those are something I am considering. Her older cousin who is 16 is cruising with us. I'm going to allow her sign out privileges so they can hang out without her "annoying" younger brother. Like I said in my original post. This has nothing to do with my lack of faith in her of doing the right and responsible thing. It's the rest of the world I don't have faith in. Boats are floating large cities and anyone who doesn't think bad things can and do happen on them is wearing rose coloured glasses. I sincerely appreciate all the input. It's definitely made my decision harder. I've gone from a hard no to a I don't know. So I think we'll go, see how she likes it and then decide. She's always LOVED Adventure Ocean and never wanted to leave before. But I also know she's at the horrible age where she is no longer a kid and not quite a teenager and it always makes this gray area in these situations.
  16. Yeah that would never fly with my kids and they KNOW the consequences of that. On our last cruise on Explorer we actually saw a group of kids (13-16) all over the ship all the time. Myself, my husband and my parents all saw them at different times stealing or trying to steal from the stores. They were reported multiple times but we never saw any of them with parents... Ever. We also saw them taking stones out of the flower pots near the elevators and leaving them strewn on the ground for people to trip and interrupting multiple shows to come sit at the very front row on the floor, half way through the show... My dd likes to spend time with us so I'm not so much concerned about her roaming the ship with other children, but you just never know. I don't want to be that parent who says after the fact, "I never would have thought my child would do that", because when push comes to shove they are all capable of being "that" child. Maybe at first I won't allow the sign out and see how she likes it. If she's not having fun and things seem to be going well maybe I'll reconsider allowing it. Because I also don't want to be the parent who doesn't allow any freedom. Parenting sucks sometimes.
  17. Oh boy, I never even thought of that. Though she's friendly I think she would know better... I do credit myself as a good parent but really you never know what your children will do when you aren't around and are getting peer pressure.
  18. Hello Everyone, My family and I are cruising on the Adventure next month. My daughter is 11.5 years old. I recently learned we can give sign out privilege to her as she is over 10. My first response was a hard NO. But I've been reading some reports of people who have children younger than mine who have allowed it so now I am second guessing my immediate response. I don't want to be "that" parent LOL. It's not her I distrust, it's others I don't trust. She is far from a shy child and has no problems talking to strangers. Also, crime happens on ships, we all know that. I'm also not willing to pay for all of us to have internet so she can text us to let us know when she's leaving and where she is going. But on the flip side, she is also not the type to leave to go do something on her own. If she was bored she would probably just search us out on the pool deck. So I thought I would come on here and see how other parents feel as, other than a few recent trip reports, I haven't really seen it mentioned in recent posts. Thanks for opinions and information Sara
  19. This happened to my parents on the Freedom last year but they were a table of 10. It was so packed one side had to get in and sit down, push the table towards them so the other side could side down. And there was a loud speaker over the table that was broken and crackled very loudly continuously. They finally had enough after 3 days and complained and were moved but were upset to see they just moved another bunch of people to that horrible table. The waiter couldn't even serve properly. The food had to be passed down the table.
  20. You are going to have a very hard time without a medical reason. I've had bariatric surgery and cannot drink alcohol or sugar (I'm one of the ones who dump immediately - for people who know about the surgery). I had to not only get a note from my family doctor but also my surgeon's office. I was able to buy the pop package instead (which I won't use but at least it's cheaper). You might have an easier time if you agree to buy the refreshment package.
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