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  1. Okay, I'll bite. Did you know that more people on average die in the UK winter months than those during summer heatwaves? Yes, you do get the more vulnerable in the population (the very young, the elderly and the ones with pre-existing medical conditions) suffering from the heatwaves, but generally speaking the rest of the population tends to take it in stride with just a bit of moaning (but the Brits moan about all weather's so don't take that too seriously either). I'm not sure what point you were trying to prove by putting words in my mouth, but I'll just say this and then I'm done, because I'm not going to continue arguing with you. In my post, I said that not everyone was like you. Meaning that there are those of you that can't tolerate the heat and those that can. Nowhere in my post did I mention the more vulnerable of the population here in Britain that made up the bulk of those deaths you mentioned. Nor did I mention that what I was stating was hard fact, just my opinion that people who had A/C all the time tended to be the ones who complained about the heat more. That is what I have seen and heard from people from the US holidaying in the Med (there are lots of reviews by people from the States etc complaining about no A/C in hotels, being too hot or whatever). I mean just look on here - the ones saying they actually like the heat in the summer in the Med are Brits and those that are die hard haters of the Med heat are from your side of the pond. Again, these are just my opinions and observations, I'm sure there are also Brits who don't like the heat as much too. As for the spoilt part, which you obviously took offence to, considering you have been to the UK and therefore know so much about it, you must realise that in Wales, we often use the word spoilt in a friendly manner (if someone has something we don't for example and we'd love to have it, we say "aw you're spoilt you are!") It was not meant to be offensive, though your response certainly was meant to be, I'm sure. I guess what I just meant was that in general, those who have air-con 24/7 tend to take it for granted somewhat and as they are generally always cool and don't really know or remember what it's like not to have it so aren't acclimatised to the hot weather as much and therefore feel hotter than someone who has never had air-conditioned houses or workplaces and has to sweat it out in the heat. That is all. Vulnerable people of course feel the heat more and struggle more with it - and I never said that they didn't.
  2. I was replying to the post that stated: "There's no way that's not going to be a miserable experience in Greece or southern Turkey in August." It was not in response to any of your posts mom says.
  3. I've done Greece in August. Wasn't miserable in the slightest. Yes it was hot particularly in Athens when we went to see the Acropolis, but no way was I miserable in the slightest! I'm on holiday, why would I be miserable? This year we spent a night in Venice in August in a hotel room with no A/C - that was a pain, yes, but again we dealt with it. I often find that people who are spoilt by having air conditioning everywhere they go to be the ones who complain about the heat the most because they don't acclimatise to the heat as much, as like the above poster commented they are constantly going from air conditioned house to air conditioned car to air conditioned office, but just because you're used to one thing and would be miserable in Greece in August, doesn't mean we all are.
  4. I like to cruise the med in May/June and late August/early September. No idea why people think it's too hot during those times - I find October/November to be too cool in most Med countries unless you're doing Greece, but maybe that's just me. Yes, it can also be crowded in July/August but I don't generally go to the "tourist" places so I haven't found it that bad (with the exception of Santorini, but then that's crowded pretty much until November anyway).
  5. From what I've heard Disney Cruise Line is exceptional with allergies - though they are on the pricier side.
  6. When I first read this I thought you meant that he was really drunk (in the UK pissed means drunk) and was wondering why they even let him on the plane. I bet you're wishing they hadn't! Hang in there! Hope the rest of your vacation goes without further incident.
  7. Good question. I just looked but can't see anywhere to book flights. Very strange.
  8. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of it either, I liked being able to see what the C&A price was early on. If you're looking at a few different itineries, it's a bit of a faff now. And no it doesn't offer refundable deposits. Would be nice if they changed their T's&C's to be just like the US too! Wouldn't mind the website change if we could also get price drops and refundable deposits!
  9. I thought The Key only allowed you to eat at Chops. Does it allow you to eat at Giovanni's instead? Also for those saying about eating fish - that would be a pescetarian, not a vegetarian. Just so you know.
  10. The mushroom soup is vegetarian - or it was the last time I checked, but you can double check with the waiter before you orderm
  11. Ah, great! I wasn't sure if it would be different to the other ships or not. Thanks!
  12. So I'm trying to decide whether to go for traditional or late dining (6pm or 8.30 pm) on my Med cruise next year that I'm in the process of booking and having never sailed on the Oasis class before, I have no idea what times the shows are usually on. We usually do late on other cruises, but we don't want to miss any of the shows if we can help it, so if someone can give me a rough idea of the times they're usually on so we can coordinate our dining times, that would be great. Thanks!
  13. Yes, you do - and that's what we did, BUT you still have to get the cable car back down (or walk the gross, donkey doo laden steps) and with more pax on the ship, and depending on what other ships are in port that day too this can make for a loooong queue. Not to mention a busier Fira in general. When we went last year (end of August) on the NCL star, Santorini was extremely overcrowded. The streets of Fira were very hard to get around without banging into someone, and the queue for the cable car was insane. We stood in that queue (in the Greek heat!) for over an hour (possibly an hour and 20 minutes) before we got to the cable car. So these are things to think about. Explorer is a lovely ship, but I personally would be put off going to Santorini on a ship that size. If you do decide that you want to do that itinerary, check the dates that you're looking at to see how many ships are in port that day. The less ships, the better.
  14. I was just going to say the same thing, little britain. Explorer actually does more of the 'small European ports', so if that's an issue I would choose Allure over Explorer (and I have just made this decision today) because there's no way that I would do Santorini on the Explorer - no way! It was bad enough on the Jewel (and NCL Star) so I'd personally avoid going there on a bigger ship than those. The crowds there are horrendous, especially in the summer and being on a bigger ship that holds more pax, means that even if there aren't as many ships in port that day, you'll still have to queue for the cable car with everyone else from the Explorer.
  15. Cannes and Majorca are both very easy to explore on your own. For Palma, I have gone to the cathedral and walked around and shopped in that area, and I've also done a beach day (Palma Nova has some beautiful beaches but will require a taxi to get there). Cannes is just lovely to walk around on your own.
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