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  1. Depends on how much they originally spent on the cruise. We got 25% FCC each for our Adventure cruise and that totalled something like £1000 or more.
  2. Well if our cruises on Allure later in the year do go ahead without the amplification, we should at least get a FCC. That's what happened on my cruise on Adventure a few years ago when they couldn't finish the renovation due to a hurricane. We got quite a nice FCC for it. I for one don't really care too much about the amplification (though I'll miss El Loco Fresh) so long as I'm actually on it in August!
  3. Well I'm hoping that means the Champagne Bar will stay! Though I was looking forward to El Loco Fresh.
  4. Here, hardly anyone has "a doctor." Especially in the big towns and cities. You go to the GP when you're sick and you see a random doctor. That's it. No annual check-ups, no specific doctor. You'll be lucky if you see the same doctor twice! I dread to think how we'd go about getting a doctor's note here!
  5. Loling at the vegetarian beef burger! Maybe they meant that you could also get it in a veggie burger option? Or maybe they meant to put it on the Gnocchi and it got put next to the wrong food! Either way, did you get the empanadas? Those are so good! Or at least they were when I had them a few years ago. Did you get a dessert from the lunch menu? Was wondering about the gelatin issue, as I would imagine the ganache tart would have it, but not sure about the cake.
  6. Yes, the Chops mushroom soup is very good and I have been told that it's vegetarian so I choose to believe it. I know what you mean about asking, it's really quite annoying having to constantly ask, but if you ask to speak to the Head Waiter, they will generally know more than your normal waiters and if they don't they will ask the chef. Also MDR should have a vegan menu if you don't mind eating vegan (I have to be careful with vegan food due to coconut allergy), plus they can always do pasta with a tomato based sauce if you don't see anything on the menu you like. Definitely speak to your Head Waiter though and things should (hopefully) go smoothly from there. They have in the past even made things off menu for me when there wasn't anything on the menu I liked/could eat.
  7. Yep, it always has been. RCI have never been good with marking things as veggie or not.
  8. Portofino! One of my favourite places in Italy, so beautiful!
  9. Thanks guys! Chocolate ravioli sounds nice! Though disappointed that there isn't a gnocchi available or more pasta options for veggies, but it is what it is.
  10. Oh that sucks you got glutened! Did you mention it to your Head Waiter? They really should be more on the ball with things like this.
  11. What site is this posted on? Would like to have a nosey at the new menu.
  12. Oh dear, I do hope that the food picks up for you. Who's the CD right now? Also loving those glasses!
  13. Also how does one know if they've come into contact with someone who's been to those places in the last 15 days? I work with the public and see quite a lot of people on a regular basis. How do I know if those people have been to Lombardy in the past 15 days for example? Difficult to answer and difficult to enforce.
  14. It's a weird one. Coconut. So I have to avoid most curries and certain Asian dishes and often some vegan food, that contain coconut milk, or anything made with coconut oil. I also can't drink coconut rum! 😭
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