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  1. We'll be getting on as you get off. We lifted and shifted our Allure cruise this year to September 5th next year. Like you we're looking forward to cruising again!
  2. Always wear an evening gown on formal night. I've got one that travels well; relatively light and non-crease so if I'm flying I'll take that for one and a cocktail dress for the other. When I'm not flying I take three evening gowns because I'm usually on a 14 night when I don't fly. Also it really all depends on where you're cruising. On Caribbean cruises I have noticed that less people dress up. On cruises out of UK the majority are dressed formally in tuxes or suits (or kilts) and long evening dresses or sparkly cocktail dresses. Med cruises tend to be more of a mix.
  3. I don't know...I've flown in on the day of sailing in the past. Not to Venice, but to Rome a couple of times when I've booked the flights with RCI. I also know a lot of people from the UK who do. I've also heard of many from Spain and Italy who fly in the day of. Just because you may not personally do so, it doesn't mean that most people do.
  4. Having sailed one of the smaller NCL ships last year, I can't say anything about entertainment as the Star didn't have all the big shows like the Epic, but I found MDR food lacking on NCL. RCI is much better in that regard, though the buffet was better on NCL. I would say that in my opinion, MDR food ranks higher on RCI than both Carnival (with the only exception being desserts on Carnival) and NCL, but perhaps lower than say Celebrity or Disney (haven't sailed on those two but have heard nothing but good things about the food from others who have, and have seen the menus/food pictures etc.) There's generally quite a few seafood options in the MDR on RCI as my mother usually chooses those, and usually two fish options available nightly - one which stays the same throughout the cruise (possibly salmon?) and one that changes each night, but definitely more seafood options than NCL. Also plenty of meat dishes and a vegetarian option.
  5. I actually really like sailing out of the UK, yeah the weather can be unpredictable but I like having a few sea days at the beginning and the end of the cruise as it gives you time to relax before (and after) the hectic port days. It's also much easier not having to worry about weight limits on suitcases than when you have to fly and airports always stress me out, so it's nice not having to deal with that and just getting a coach down to Southampton. No driving, we can just kick back and chill before the cruise. Of course, the prices are insanely high, which was why we chose to sail from Barcelona this year instead. I agree that they have been treating the UK market appallingly, but I don't think they'll stop sailing from there altogether. There are a lot of people who only cruise out of the UK (due to issues with flying, or because they live by the port etc) and if they stopped sailing from there, those people would instead choose to sail with other lines that do cruise out of the UK. They might not lose a lot of business in the grand scheme of things, but they would still lose some.
  6. Nope, I'm assuming that my holiday will still be atol/abta protected whether it's this year or next. If Royal goes bankrupt then I'll be covered and get a refund.
  7. Have any UK cruisers got any experience with Tesco vouchers? I'm cruising at the end of August and used my Tesco vouchers to bring the price of my cruise down by £200. If the cruise doesn't go ahead because of coronavirus or we cancel before final payment under RCI's cruise with confidence, do we get these vouchers back? If so, does anyone know how we go about that? Will they be refunded directly by email or will we have to call RCI and/or Tesco Clubcard in order to get the ball rolling?
  8. Depends on how much they originally spent on the cruise. We got 25% FCC each for our Adventure cruise and that totalled something like £1000 or more.
  9. Well if our cruises on Allure later in the year do go ahead without the amplification, we should at least get a FCC. That's what happened on my cruise on Adventure a few years ago when they couldn't finish the renovation due to a hurricane. We got quite a nice FCC for it. I for one don't really care too much about the amplification (though I'll miss El Loco Fresh) so long as I'm actually on it in August!
  10. Well I'm hoping that means the Champagne Bar will stay! Though I was looking forward to El Loco Fresh.
  11. Here, hardly anyone has "a doctor." Especially in the big towns and cities. You go to the GP when you're sick and you see a random doctor. That's it. No annual check-ups, no specific doctor. You'll be lucky if you see the same doctor twice! I dread to think how we'd go about getting a doctor's note here!
  12. Loling at the vegetarian beef burger! Maybe they meant that you could also get it in a veggie burger option? Or maybe they meant to put it on the Gnocchi and it got put next to the wrong food! Either way, did you get the empanadas? Those are so good! Or at least they were when I had them a few years ago. Did you get a dessert from the lunch menu? Was wondering about the gelatin issue, as I would imagine the ganache tart would have it, but not sure about the cake.
  13. Yes, the Chops mushroom soup is very good and I have been told that it's vegetarian so I choose to believe it. I know what you mean about asking, it's really quite annoying having to constantly ask, but if you ask to speak to the Head Waiter, they will generally know more than your normal waiters and if they don't they will ask the chef. Also MDR should have a vegan menu if you don't mind eating vegan (I have to be careful with vegan food due to coconut allergy), plus they can always do pasta with a tomato based sauce if you don't see anything on the menu you like. Definitely speak to your Head Waiter though and things should (hopefully) go smoothly from there. They have in the past even made things off menu for me when there wasn't anything on the menu I liked/could eat.
  14. Yep, it always has been. RCI have never been good with marking things as veggie or not.
  15. Portofino! One of my favourite places in Italy, so beautiful!
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