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  1. Ragnar, The entire cruise industry is often tarred by the worst performers. While Viking have taken some amazing steps to ensure their ships all remain healthy, sadly some other cruise lines were not so diligent. How long it will take to restart and then rebound to current levels is impossible to predict, unless they can develop a test kit that provides instant results and/or a vaccination. If you are correct, many cruise lines will be out of business, unless they can find other uses for the tonnage.
  2. Hi Jim - Should have joined us for the 2nd half. I suspect we are now pushing 50 sea days. Almost akin to being back at sea on a cargo ship.
  3. The latest schedule has us in Lisbon on April 11th, then to Portsmouth, arriving April 15th and departing April 17th. After Portsmouth the ship is bound to Gibraltar. If all goes well we might disembark in Portsmouth. Probably won't know until we actually dock.
  4. Hi Jim - great day going through Suez. In the Meddy we passed close to a depression, so had almost gale force winds and a good chop. Now between Sicily & Malta and winds have eased off.
  5. The base fare may be more expensive, but in our experience of comparing total cruise costs, our current Viking World Cruise is no more expensive, per day, than a previous WC in 2015 on another Line.
  6. We are in the Suez Canal, as of 05:15 this morning. Should be on the Bridge cam
  7. Our latest itinerary change has us bound for Lisbon, once we clear the Suez, with an ETA of about April 11th. Way too early to know whether we will get shore leave, or if flights home will be available.
  8. For sure Viking HQ is aware of the current situation aboard Viking Sun, as they are in contact with the ship daily. Viking HQ has worked diligently since we departed Australia trying to get us into ports and eventually home. Haven't seen the latest short film, but will check the website. Appreciate the heads up that it is available.
  9. I previous post requested a copy of some recent bird photos I had posted to our blog. Enjoy.
  10. Not sure why that is listed on the AIS, but I did see it. Unfortunately, I can't comment on any activities, even although we have already cleared those waters. Sorry.
  11. Jim - Currently in the Red Sea, having reduced speed from the transit through the high risk zone, we should be at the Port Suez anchorages by the evening of April 2nd. I anticipate the ditch through the desert transit on April 3rd, then we are bound for Lisbon, on or around April 11th. If we go through in daylight, I am actually looking forward to it, as all my previous transits of Suez were at night.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Good to hear that you made it home safely. Have heard feedback and for some took 38 hours from departing the ship.
  13. Affirmative 7001 is the Owners Suite. We opted for 4000, which is the fwd cabin on the same deck and side of the ship we were on. Affirmative, they set up tables in Manfredi's for B/L/D. The menu is the regular menu from the MDR. For dinner we generally all dine together with a couple of officers joining us each evening. All we have to do is ask and they deliver. After cooking school a couple of days ago, Wally asked for fish & chips for lunch. Although the next day menu was already printed, so fish & chips wasn't included on the next day lunch menu, it was available in addition to the menu items. Sitting chatting with Norbert (GM) a couple of nights ago before dinner, he again asked if we wanted anything else. If we want to have lunch by the pool, they will arrange and deliver.
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