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  1. If they have enjoyed Viking River cruises they would find many of the VR experiences on the Ocean ships.
  2. So true Jim. When I went to sea, we had 2 choices - get all vaccinations and keep them updated, or find a new career. Generally, when a country mandates a vaccination is required, they don't accept excuses. The one exception has been Yellow Fever, with age being a reason not to be vaccinated, due to the increased risk.
  3. Even if one of the cruise lines wants to accommodate anti-vaxers, I suspect, at least short term, they will find at least 1 country on most itineraries that will require proof of vaccination. Therefore, everyone (crew & pax) will require vaccination, or else they have to skip those ports. No option for anyone not vaccinated to remain on board.
  4. The smaller ships are normally premium/luxury lines. Our preference is Viking Ocean, which have a single ship in Alaska, doing 10 day cruises between Vancouver and Seward. The Viking ships have 930 pax, with a minimum age of 18+, so no kids.
  5. JB - the ships of this vintage are full of asbestos (hopefully encapulated) and other hazardous wastes. When running a shipyard we have found asbestos in ships built even in the late 80's/early 90's and I have no doubt some new ships built in China, still have some asbestos. The movement of Hazardous Wastes Convention prohibited signatories from scrapping ships at non-approved yards. Before I retired 8 yrs ago, Alang, or any of the other yards/beaches in India/Bangladesh were not approved facilities. Therefore, since the early 2000's, we have been unable to scrap ships
  6. Yet again on the WC, Viking stepped up to the plate, so they must have reviewed and learned from your experiences. Regardless if pax had Viking Air, or not, Viking booked and I believe paid for the flights. In Dubai, we were restricted to departing the country on Emirates, so when they shut down operations, Viking booked a charter from Dubai to Newark, via Madrid. Not the most comfortable flight, but it got our US friends home safely. Compare that to HAL, who cancelled their cruise in Freemantle. Pax without HAL flights were disembarked and had to make the own arrangeme
  7. When we booked the first WC with a tentative, or provisional booking, they guaranteed the prices and the terms & conditions quoted for I believe 2 or 3 weeks. I believe the day we made the initial booking to the end of the period was within the same months - May 2018. However, if you make an initial booking at the end of the month and the specials have changed when you confirm by paying the deposit, I'm not sure if they still guarantee the tentative contract they send. If you make a tentative booking, at the end of a month, it might be a question to ask. When we mad
  8. Jim - that's why we switched from the B2B to the WC😁
  9. Viking Ocean has 1 per year to/from BA, but it sails from Barcelona, not a UK port. For cargo ship options, suggest checking out the relevant Board on Cruise Critic. They have a number of useful thread listing links to booking agent and shipping lines. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/378-freighter-and-other-non-traditional-cruise-travel/
  10. One of my favourite walks is around the harbour, along the East Sands and up Kinkell Braes, then along the coast to the new golf courses. Must admit the Kinkell Braes hill is way steeper than when I was younger.
  11. Most definitely. On nice days I used the outer deck on Dk7, but on cooler and/or wet days my favourite was Dk 8.
  12. Jim - that's enough arm twisting. OK, I'll have a Bloody Mary, with my IPA.😀
  13. Since you have a couple of years before booking opens, I suggest researching a number of World Cruise options to find the one that best meets your expectations and budget. With long cruises, when considering budget, please consider the entire cost of the cruise and break it down to a per diem cost. Princess and other mass market base fares are lower than other options, but by the end of the cruise, you may be surprised at the total per diem costs. Lots of threads on the World Cruise Board giving real examples.
  14. Welcome to the Explorers Lounge, Rita. Having cruised the R-ships, I suspect you will be amazed at the Viking washrooms. Even in DV and V they are palatial compared to the R-ships.😀 Which cruise did you book? Well, breakfast is over, so time for an IPA. Jim, are you heading up to Explorers, or are you settled in the Living Room?😁🍺
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