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  1. Heidi13

    Viking Homelands Tour spending money

    Why not come over to the Viking Ocean Board, where lots of posters have taken this cruise. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/689-viking-ocean/
  2. For my 5D Mk III & Mk II, in addition to the 24-105, I use the 16-35 f/2.8 (ii), 70-200 f/2.8 and the 2x extender.
  3. Heidi13

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    Jim - hopefully only cracked welds and/or tripped frames. Even if below the WL, it's amazing what divers can perform these days. We have swapped out blades, entire bow thrusters and welded hull cracks. Looks like she is still at the pax terminal, on the West Berth. Hope they get everything fixed quickly and LR provides fitness to sail.
  4. Heidi13

    1st cruise experience

    It is most unfortunate your first cruise didn't meet your expectations. Back in the days when we cruised with Princess, the Diamond/Sapphire & Island/Coral were our favourite ships, actually being the least crowded of the mega ships. Being built in Japan Diamond is also one of the best finished mega ships, with respect to quality. In the Meddy, while you will get more ports & less sea days, if you stay with a mainstream cruise line, the entertainment, food quality, upselling and crowds will be fairly consistent to your SE Asia experience. One thing to note that ports in the Meddy can be very busy, with both cruise pax & regular tourists. Suggest checking out the premium/luxury lines. While the base price is higher, they are more inclusive, have superior food quality/service, less crowding, no upselling and quality lectures. A quality Travel Agent can assist in research. When looking for a new cruise line, we short-listed to Viking Ocean & Oceania, opting for Viking. They are 18+, so no kids, have no casino, no art auctions, no shopping host, no photographers, no formal nights but include free unlimited wi-fi, free excursion in each port, very few sea days, except world cruises, free self-service laundry, free beer/wine/soft drinks at lunch & dinner. Good luck finding a 2nd cruise that better meets your needs.
  5. Heidi13

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    Jim - checked World Maritime News, gCaptain & Massmond this morning and no articles on Jupiter. Watching the film, from about 3m 25s, when you first see the vessel's stern, the line to the stern tug is visible. However, the tension is frequently changing from slack to moderate weight. Then about 4m 30 sec the line goes bar tight, vibrates a few times, then parts. At that time it appears the stern swings towards the dock. From what I watched, the stern tug at no time actually had any control. The fwd tug maintained tension on the line continuously, so if ordered to pull hard, the tug Master just had to punch the throttles. With no weight on the line, the aft tug would have to take up the tension gradually before punching the throttles. Other possibility could be the tug performing an emergency release.
  6. Heidi13

    Frightening number of new ships on the Horizon

    This very subject has been discussed frequently, since the cruising lifestyle took off. One of the factors that hasn't been mentioned is that ships, especially cruise ships don't last for ever. Many of the 2nd hand tonnage cruise lines will be scrapping their older tonnage from the 50's through 80's and purchasing the mainstream line's older tonnage. While the order book may include about 100 ships, it includes every type of cruise ship from mega ships to expedition ships. This does not mean we will see an additional 100 ship vying for port space, as an increasing number of ships will be scrapped. As regulations change, especially in areas of emissions, it will be cost prohibitive to upgrade or operate much of the older tonnage. As the cruising demographics change, I predict less demand for what I call the classic liner. The average millennium is looking for glitz, with the ship being the star attraction of the holiday. Back in my days on cruise ships, new cruisers were sold by visiting 6 ports in 7 days. As the ships continue to grow in size and gain additional glitz and activities, they are slowly transitioning to less ports, with the ship being the star attraction. This is already changing with some of the RCCL mega ships on visiting 3 ports during a week cruise from Miami. As Jim correctly pointed out, some of the biggest challenges will be finding competent crews and drydock space for the mega ships. Lots of options for Viking size ships, but especially on the West Coast we have limited drydocks for mega ships.
  7. Heidi13

    One service Viking is lacking

    Provided you have an unlocked phone, suggest looking for a UK SIM card. Even for 5 days it will be cheaper than paying any roaming charges. DW picks up one on arrival and only pays for 1 month. At present they also work in the EU, but that might change after March 29th. Usually costs about UKP 10 to 15 and provides UK & International calls and texts. Even includes small amounts of data.
  8. Heidi13

    walkie talkie

    Corre Correct - due to limited availability of UHF frequencies, for our entire fleet we only had 1 inter-ship and 1 intra-ship frequency. Therefore, all ships used the same intra-ship UHF frequency. To manage internal communications, each ship was assigned a specific tone. All radios assigned to a ship were programmed with the correct tone, so only those radios could access the repeater system. If we were alongside another company ship, their radios could not access our repeater system. To talk to another ship, we could disable the tone feature, which reverted to a simplex transmission. While I had a dual band radio, I could not Tx on multiple bands or frequencies with a single transmission.
  9. Heidi13

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    Negative, the splash astern of the ship I referred to earlier, was a parted line hitting the ship then the water.
  10. Heidi13

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    HaHa, recall one of our Captains at his retirement received a presentation from our local dock rebuilding contractor. It was a wooden board with twisted metal embeded. Fortunately it was taken in the good humour intended.
  11. Heidi13

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    Thanks Jim - wasn't certain about stern thruster, but with high lift rudders, it isn't required.
  12. Heidi13

    12 suitcases and more....!?

    DW is also a retired RN (ER/Trauma) and for a WC she almost 1/2 fills a suitcase with 1st aid kit, OTC meds & selection of Rx meds. While in many countries you can get Rx meds without prescription, we topped up in Dubai. Our son lived there during our last visit, so took us out for lunch and stopped at a Chemists. DW chatted with the Pharmacist, comparing Canadian/US/UK drug names and refilled our supply of meds. She was very comfortable the medications were genuine and the Pharmacist was most knowledgeable. Might be worth checking it out when you stop in Dubai.
  13. Heidi13


    I also can't help, as it is about 40 years since I docked in Osaka. It was also a cargo ship. All I recall is it's a big port, but where we docked it was a short walk to town. However, don't believe we were close to the main downtown area. Just looked on Google and appears they have a fairly new pax terminal, with residential/commercial just outside the terminal. Looks to be a fair distance from downtown. Might get an answer from the good people at Tellus.
  14. Heidi13

    Just got back from Viking Star Athens to Venice

    On our last trip to Piraeus, we only had about 5 hours, so we walked around Piraeus. However, many years ago, when visiting every couple of weeks, we caught the Metro into town. Recall the station being at the far inshore end of the port, so depending on which berth you dock, it could be a fair walk - 1/2 mile to 1 mile. On the train, I recall changing trains once to get to the Acropolis. You can also catch a taxi or bus, but from those that headed to Athens, they all mentioned traffic was crazy, so suggest the Metro is probably the best bet.
  15. Heidi13

    Viking Jupiter [VIDEO]

    Affirmative, the tug Master should follow the directions provided by the Captain/Pilot. Not sure what they use in Piraeus, but these days we rarely use steel wire, as the synthetic lines are stronger and also float, which puts less risk on fouling the wheels when lines part, or are let go. When making mooring lines we often incorporated a wire snotter at the end, as a weak link. Therefore, in the event of the line parting, the expensive line was saved and we replaced the short wire snotter. The lines have great strength when the weight is taken up gradually, but do not handle dynamic loads that are applied quickly very well. This is the 2nd similar experience with a tug line I have witnessed. Unfortunately the first time I was on the mooring deck when it recoiled above us, a couple feet off the deck. Recoil we witnesses is normal for most lines. Every line I have seen part, recoils with amazing speed. Before the days of pre-formed wires, if a wire broke, it not only recoiled, it also unravelled. Only saw this once on my first trip to sea.