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  1. Carnival Miracle Deck 4 Vista Aft Wrap - ugh! That room vibrated all week long. The room steward had to remove the glassware because it just clinked all night long. Never again, it was so bad I may never book on the aft again.
  2. I think you should also have been given a refund for the port fees for those two ports missed. You got $100 on top of that to spend on board instead of leaving the ship. It's always a risk when you cruise to miss ports or leave late or whatever but its a bummer when it actually happens.
  3. I don't know your 20 somethings but I think most would enjoy the San Juan cruise more. I'm not interested in the panama canal and the locks and all that - it would just be another sea day for me so I would choose the other one. Have fun with whatever you decide.
  4. Day two is an option for purchasing but I believe it's an onboard purchase price for all days of the cruise. I think the OP is asking if they can skip day 1 and just pay for those drinks one by one because they won't drink enough to meet cheers minimum drinks. If I'm wrong, disregard comment...lol
  5. completely not related to cruising but i also have migraines and have been on a new monthly injectable drug called AJOVY for 2 months and haven't even had 1! Just thought I would throw that out there in case she wants to investigate it with her neurosurgeon. 🙂
  6. With a big group having a ton of fun day 1, we spend more on this day than any other day! Something to think about. We get most of our drinks from Alchemy bar so you only need 5 of those to meet the prepaid daily price of 51.95 + 18% tip.
  7. What time did you get into the drop off line at the port? Are there different lines for different types of cars? Curious if there is a time to arrive to see a shorter line. We always take uber to the port.
  8. How do you get a table for 6 if each couple has to prepay within the cruise manager? Thx
  9. I like to get on the ship early, carry on all of our luggage and head to the room after boarding to drop bags. I like to get unpacked on my time, not on luggage delivery time which can be quite late. That's why we get it. The only time I go to customer service is if I need a gift card loaded and the kiosks are being stupid (again!) so I don't care about that perk. Have fun on your first Carnival cruise.
  10. Have you looked at the photos and info on cruisedeckplans.com? That site has pictures that people upload along with stock photography. The sunrise spa is not very good. We have a spa balcony coming up on Sunrise and all i can see as a benefit over other ships with no real spa is the heated tile loungers. They didn't do a nicer remodel of the spa area on this ship and there isn't even a whirlpool in it! I would get the suite for sure.
  11. This is my same habit for saving battery on the phone, close all apps when I lay it down. I will try to remember to leave it open and see if it works better for us. Thanks for the tips!
  12. Forgive me if I am a tech noob....lol What does leave it "up and running" mean? I had issues in 2017 with the hub chat feature with messages not coming through on time or sometimes not at all. I signed into the hub app and never signed out of it. Is there something else specific you have to do to get you messages on time? Thanks.
  13. the Alchemy Bar drinks are all doubles with the amount of booze in them. We stick to those and tip at least a buck per drink. If we drink more than 4 -5 of those through the day, the tips don't add up to much that were charged with the package on $52 per day.
  14. If you tossed out the gift card because it had zero balance, anyone know how you use the credit they give you if an excursion is cancelled?
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