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  1. Wonderful Live From thread. I feel like I’ve been to the dining rooms, buffet and other restaurants on the Sky Princess and haven’t even stepped foot on the Sky yet. Thanks for all the wonderful photos and information.
  2. This is the forward pool adults only Retreat Pool. It reminds me of the Grand Class Lotus Spa pool and I like the layout with the two levels.
  3. Thanks so much for taking the time and internet minutes to post all of your commentary and photos of your awesome Japan cruise. It gives me so much to look forward to this November. Have a safe trip home.
  4. Thanks for the great review. We are looking forward to our upcoming 17 d Japan cruise on Nov 12/19. We are arriving in Tokyo and will spend a few days there before heading to the ship.
  5. Thanks so much for posting this Live from. We are going to be on board the Diamond Princess Nov 12 and doing a 17 d cruise around Japan so I'm super interested in your posts! Looking forward to the rest of your cruise. Benny
  6. February they had not been upgraded yet at least in the inside cabin we were in.
  7. I had a power strip packed on my most recent cruise on the Regal Princess. It was taken from me. Later that same day a power strip was delivered to my cabin, but it wasn't mine.
  8. Most decks on the Regal you can walk fore to aft no problem. The 6th deck is really the big exception to that because the galley is between the mid ships dining room and the aft dining room on the 6th deck. So to get to the aft dining room you have to take the aft elevators or stairs from any deck above 6 down to 6.
  9. P&O has often shared ship platforms with Princess and Princess often transfers its older ships to Iona. Princess has announced two new LNG powered ships have been ordered. Do you think they might share a platform with the new P&O Iona which is also LNG powered? This ship has some nice features like a large covered pool, a 360* promenade deck amongst them that we have been asking Princess to bring back. https://www.pocruises.com/global/deckplans/Iona/Iona-Deckplans-2019-20.pdf this link is for the deck plans. There are also suites that open up so that the balcony essentially becomes part of the cabin similar to the Celebrity Edge. This ship is being built by Meyer Werft in Germany while the new Princess ships will be built by Fincantieri in Italy so I'm guessing they won't be the same platforms. If not, I hope Princess will use some of the ideas that the Iona will have.
  10. Of the Princess ships I’ve sailed on that had been updated, none of them really had any significant cabin updates that were visible to me, other than mattresses and bedding. When they update their ships they should do more to update the cabins including the bathrooms. The bathrooms in cabins on the Grand are looking very dated.
  11. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your first cruise with Princess, we like them too.
  12. No I hadn't noticed that until you pointed it out, nice.
  13. Yes hopefully it wasn't that bad.
  14. The updated menus look great. I love all the seafood offerings. Princess has made some menu changes since I last cruised 2 years ago.
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