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  1. Perfect Seriously, some of the first ones I shared
  2. I tried to counsel him. I have a good sense of avoiding going overboard. I was pretty succesful mentoring a previous violator.😁
  3. Its been a rough year And we still need to deal with this next month
  4. I miss CATS😹😹 But not this much😉
  5. An old Welsh lady arrives at the gates of heaven to be greeted by st.peter who asks her her name. It's Edith Jones she says ok said St.peter and Edith have u anyone inside u want yo see? Without hesitation she replies my husband Evan jones! Hmm says st Peter there are a lot of Evan Jones in heaven, let's see what where his last words to u? He said Edith if u ever have sex with another man I will turn in my grave. Ah! Says st. Peter u must mean spinning jones
  6. I think we're on Oasis the Sunday after the election😱 Well, maybe😉
  7. Is minus four in Canada considered early spring🤔 Poor Harry
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