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  1. It’s probably a matter or weeks before they will start at least requiring temperature testing pax disembarking as they now do embarking. Had planned staying an extra day on both ends of my next fly-in cruise. Sounds like the smart thing to do.
  2. @UGACamper This is exactly the type of thread we need right now. Encouragement to cruise & fill empty cabins while getting it at a discount price. So much lose/lose discussion going on (quarantines, missed ports and understandably- cancellations due to health risks). Hope you have a great time & your rate actually was lower than my future Havana Interior one so you got a great price.
  3. Forgot to add until it was too late to edit: please give 1st hand details to the new non self-serve stations in the buffet, etc. Is it everything (including Guys Burgers condiments) or just the buffet? thanks
  4. OC, please post your opinion on a few currently relevant topics as you experience them: •Pre-screening for temperature, ect and how that affected embarkation. Miami is said to be one of the easiest ports to embark from & I wonder if the new process slows things down much. •Any closures (shows), port changes, etc you are made aware of. •Crowds or lack thereof. If the lido pool isn’t masses of humanity we then know there were a lot of cancellations. •Any special dining experiences you have; pictures are great. •Overall how others are handling the situation (
  5. If we get left behind you’ll let us crazy Americans stay at your place, right?
  6. OC are you in a Havana room? I need some motivation at this point with 7 months out with all that’s going on. Appears you are Southern Caribbean based on 8 days. We’ll only be 6 with Western. Better than 30-40 with quarantine (lol).
  7. Thanks for assuming I am tying human suffering and personal benefit together. I only advise people to use discretion in their joy over the situation. It’s a no win situation for the cruise lines. It’s at least an inconvenience if not outright fear for the common cruise traveler. Enthusiasm is not appropriate IMO but gratitude and open discussion is. Sorry if I’m too much of a downer as I usually am.
  8. Saw this post earlier this morning & then later replies before I posted. Like most, I appreciate Carnival trying to keep us happy. Wish I had the same enthusiasm about wanting empty ships some have or how or if it benefits me that is most important. Still want to cruise but want Carnival to succeed, no one to die or be significantly inconvenienced by a quarantine. My cruise is several months away & I hope all goes well for those cruising sooner & have a good time. So many things to think about & no decision taken lightly or dismissed by others.
  9. I’m still wandering when I was complaining in my post. You stated the obvious about people should know what insurance covers. I stated the obvious that no one could have predicted the current climate. I’m not going to say anything further as anything I post considered off topic gets deleted & not worth the effort. Hopefully you got my implied message as I did yours. To add something on-topic of value I will say that going forward I intend to select CFAR insurance.
  10. 2 comments on this. Many folks who booked & got insurance did so prior to the current pandemic that no one could have predicted. Your 20/20 rear view googles comment would have been more helpful a few months ago. Most folks who booked insurance also do so thru their TA. I did so and while it was not CFAR it was at a sufficient coverage level to cover costs incurred at her recommendation.
  11. I asked my wife today if she was worried about our October cruise. She replied she didn’t like that Carnival had made recent itinerary changes without notification (I actually agree but realize they have discretion). Hopefully we go and hopefully we go somewhere we want to go. Our insurance is not CFAR so we have to keep thinking things over as this virus progresses. I guess I will not be making another payment until required. Keeping everyone in our prayers as health is more important in the end than money.
  12. I’m ok with either cancel or reschedule with Carnival . Flights are a different animal than cruises since they are front-end/back-end transportation. We worry more about what takes place once we get on our vacay than if some inconvenience takes place but still gets us there or home.
  13. Hopefully they work this it or at least get Cozumel back on the Horizon itinerary as originally scheduled. The original itinerary is what I have booked for October & I have no desire to go back to Nassau or go to the DR. Probably would cancel if so & appreciate the updates.
  14. Joe, I’ve seen quotes where you’d think these folks want a serious domestic pandemic to occur all in the name of them saving a few dollars. My October cruise category continues to be sold out & I don’t anticipate enough cancellations to occur to affect pricing since there are only 12 HI category rooms to begin with. Would rather everyone who can comfortably make a cruise do so anyway.
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