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  1. +1 We have music, books, games, etc. on our phones (and they are water resistant and can take a dunk in the pool), plus we use them to keep in touch on the ship, which is a stress reducer. The Ocean apps would be a bonus on that. But I will never gainsay anyone wanting to disconnect on a cruise, the good bit is we can do whatever makes us happy!
  2. skynight just posted an extensive overview in the "Princess cabin categories" thread.
  3. That's the photo I posted just the opposite corner,
  4. Love the aft corners! Crown C752 is a winner, CB C753 just the same but reversed. Crown C752 balcony:
  5. Wines by the glass range only by a few dollars. Only one or 2 were over $12, few less than $7 My experience with wines from the tastings is mainly by the bottle, the main venues have a set list by the glass. You may find some, that were tasted, in Vines by the glass. I do recall a dessert wine being available by the glass in the MDR.
  6. DW and I worked 10 years in the tasting room for a mom & pop winery in Livermore. The winemaker said, and we often shared, that there is not a better judge of a wine than does it taste good to you. It is a real treat to be at work and have the winemaker come over with a glass and ask "What do you think of this?"
  7. It's got to be somebody's birthday. Can the rowboat make port in Las Vegas?
  8. Our first visit to Cabo was in 1991 - and last visit this past November - night and day difference. We did the overnight on the Star in 2015, first day shuttle ashore was a total disaster - our later arrival meant a huge crowd ready for the tenders at 1PM after lunch and breakfast and major delays therefore. We did make it ashore (barely) for our 5 PM Sunset Sail. As noted - go see the Arch (our favorite is the sunset sail), get lunch at any of several decent restaurants, buy some amoxicillin, get your bottle of Kahlua.
  9. I can drink Charles Shaw Pinot Grigio. A current steal is Trader Joe's Carneros Chardonnay at $12.99.
  10. BallotTrax reports our ballots have been received! We have voted! Happy Not-Your-Birthday, Not-Jill!
  11. "What's all this I hear about violins in the streets?" Beautiful here in southern Nevada, high 80's, clear skies, ~170 days since any measurable rainfall. (So as to stay on topic...)
  12. Cook County has a large cemetery vote... even without mail in ballots.
  13. Right - one has to sign up with your registrar to get "BallotTrax". We got notified today that the Post Office here in Nevada had received our Santa Clara County ballots that I dropped off yesterday, we were also notified when they were mailed to our "mail drop". We've been absentee voters for ~20 years.
  14. We're in the Vegas area and are setting records for consecutive days without measurable rain (164 days so far - previous record was 150 days).
  15. Yah I got caught by that too - you got treated as one would expect - way to go Crown Grill Head Waiter!
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