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  1. IIRC it will be the same one as Club Class - Deck 6
  2. I checked this out since we're going soon, and found the menu: The excursion is $59.95 and also includes a crab souvenir and a photo opp.
  3. Yes - they are in the changing rooms. Also free sauna and steam rooms.
  4. I have a friend who routinely takes a case box of wine on board. Only once out of 5 times recently has the wine desk been staffed when he was boarding so only once did he get charged the corkage. He uses one of those fold up hand carts from Costco, case of wine on the bottom, carry on on top, held on with bungee cords. Of course he pays corkage when he takes a bottle to dinner where I guess you'd grant that waitstaff earned the corkage. He also brings on a couple bottles of wine at port calls - never been charged. Your mileage may vary.
  5. You betcha. Complimentary Afternoon Tea Service is a Suite perk. https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/ships/PrincessSuite_eFlyer.pdf
  6. Usually it's called M-1 - deck 4 crew "highway" - been there a few times on ships tour including the Royal. We also had a private tour get Passenger Services group tender treatment - group size was about 30.
  7. The Island is doing 19 day round trip LA into Gatun Lake or full transits. Tip: Pre-purchase MedallionNet unlimited high speed internet access through the Personalizer - it is a good deal for those new to Princess. It is now available on Caribbean, Coral, Crown, Island, Regal, Ruby and Royal.
  8. I'd try Deck 6 first. You can go there for lunch on embarkation day 12-1:30 and see. What's in the Patter varies from ship to ship. Sometimes the Patter will say that Club Class is Deck 6 midships, sometimes it will show Club Class in the deck 6 mid dining room in the same text block as Anytime Dining, sometimes the patter doesn't mention Club Class at all.
  9. It's a "Wee" problem? Begs the question: "What is worn under the kilt?" 😉
  10. There are separate apps for use on the ship: Ocean Compass, Ocean Now and Ocean Casino - install those now and finish setup once on the ship. Ocean Concierge is the ship website for Patters, Internet, etc (like Princess@Sea)
  11. Citizen Blue Angels Solar atomic for just a good bit less than Amazon
  12. Could be because you're done with Ocean Ready and he's already Ready (by you on your phone). Did you scan both passports and add your photos and avatar's? If so, i'm pretty sure you are both through with Ocean Ready.
  13. This old thread popped up and I know the answer: Joel Directo He was on the Grand for our big anniversary cruise Spring 2016. Rui was M'd, one of the best Chef's Tables we've ever had.
  14. ... and work your grandpa magic on the kid to make it a special adventure to be with grandma and mom!
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