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  1. I had to clear cookies for All Time in Chrome
  2. I had similar issue - clearing all cookies fixed it. I'd think Princess.com did something that rendered old cookies invalid. If you use multiple browsers, each might need clearing.
  3. So ... in theory you could use your platinum minutes on day 1, then after midnight buy the package at the lower rate?
  4. Just what have you and your "girlfriend" been up to? Inquiring minds and all that ... 👍
  5. Personalizer > Onboard Services Scroll to bottom and it will show there under Reservations & Purchases
  6. Yahbut if you use a points or cash back credit card for your onboard account you get the casino cash and the points / cash back. It just occurs to me that 2% cash back may even up the casino odds...
  7. 1. Welcome to Cruise Critic! 2. There is no "Message" service here. 3. As noted: call Princess.
  8. All of the above and ... Golden, like the Grand, has no Thermal Suite. There are free gender specific Sauna and Steam rooms out by the Lotus Spa Pool and not in changing rooms as on Ruby. Golden has those 2 OV cabins on Sun deck with floor to ceiling windows, plus we love the Sun deck suites - your own private area of the ship, the passageway is very fancy and generally quiet - no other like it in the fleet. Ruby has 4 balcony cabins on Riviera deck in the stern like Diamond and Sapphire and unlike Crown and Emerald. I have no idea why the price difference, except Golden is leaving the fleet in late 2020 so maybe demand is lower?.
  9. The big difference in San Pedro is that at pier 93 b2b is much smoother with only a short walk on the sidewalk on the out and back in process. Pier 91/92 is the pits a small terminal with a large tent - and In Transit have to exit the small terminal through the throngs, half way around the large tent then back in -- there is not much of a sidewalk and a long walk outdoors - plus it can be hot. And this is where the Royal has to berth, it is too big for 93. Doing the turnaround for ~4000 people in this berth is bad news. If you're doing turnaround at 91/92 then ask for help. PS: we also have unfriended the Royal, never heard so many No's on a cruise and on the whole the ship was just unfriendly.
  10. Agreed! The cabin size difference is not really noticeable, and the balcony of D737 / D736 is more spacious, Emerald deck is shallow and cramped.
  11. We did a similar b2b out of 91/92 in March (Royal maiden out of LA) - the turnaround was indeed the pits, a real cluster. Long long walk - the in transit group totally broke up in the crowds of embarking pax, and several of us had to guess where to go. DW uses a scooter and that made it both good and bad (bad over the uneven ground and through the throngs). So I agree there is a bad turnaround process for the Royal in LA.
  12. Based on a recommendation from JF - retired RRT we use gotfreefax: https://www.gotfreefax.com/ I black out any PII other than name and stock info, worked 10 or more times so far.
  13. As noted 11:30 will be fine - we've only been delayed when the ship was coming from extended cruise to foreign ports (like around South America) and CBP needed to finger print all foreign nationals disembarking. Of course, at 2:45 you will have almost zero wait time on boarding, earlier you may have to wait some. Concerto DR Deck 6 midships will be open for lunch 12 - 1:30.
  14. Did you have to be connected to the Internet to have WhatsApp function for calls and text?
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