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  1. I think this happens if booking a suite, with all 4 perks currently included?
  2. The cruise I'm referring to is Celebrity. Terminal schedule says disembarkation at terminal 6. Any comments on that terminal? Thank you everyone for your feedback.
  3. The cruise I'm referring to disembarks on a monday, january 4 (first day back at work after new years?) Is disembarking in Tampa much slower or different from Fort Lauderdale? I seem to think I've docked before 6am in Fort Lauderdale and arrived at airport before 9am 🙂 I wish there was a flight that left early afternoon...
  4. Hope it's ok to 'tag' on to this post since my question is so related. I am considering a December 2020 holiday cruise out of Tampa. Itinerary has ship arriving at 8:00am. I was hoping to book a flight at 12:00 noon on disembarkation day from Tampa to Canada. However, Celebrity is recommending the earliest flight departure on disembarkation day as 1:00pm. Do you think I'm still ok with a 12:00 noon flight - I always like to follow the cruise guidelines, but the next flight out is 20:15, which makes for a long day in Tampa! Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  5. @drakes2 Could you explain what you mean by this?
  6. I've been on holiday cruises that include both xmas and new years on the same sailing. I seem to recall that xmas decorations were removed right after new years, before the end of that cruise.
  7. I was on Silhouette at xmas once and celebrity had to place TWO security guards regularly at either entrance to the hideaway due to all the kids.....poor security guards!
  8. Another great point - airfare is much more expensive as well
  9. Ouch is right! Fingers crossed Dec 9 works for you.
  10. Guest relations specifically told me I could not do that 😞
  11. Oh wow, interesting. I have never heard this. However, this wouldn't be a direct tip to a particular person, right? (It would go to the tip 'pool')?
  12. Last cruise, I was told by guest services that the only person you could do this with was your stateroom attendant. Has anybody been able to specify other crew members?
  13. I think I may still be misunderstanding something between the posts from yourself and @Gordoncruickshank. If the suites are no longer available, how do you check what it would cost you yourself to upgrade? Or is the assumption that when we book a lower level room (or suite) we 'mark down' what the higher level suite would have been at that time? So let's say we are booking 2 years out, if the CS is 5000 and the RS is 8000 at that time, then when it comes to MoveUp bid time, we wouldn't want to bid more than 3000 since we could have gotten it for that 2 years ago?
  14. Wow! Congratulations, that is amazing.
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