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  1. @Fouremcocould you tell me where you are monitoring that chart. It's great. I think you might have posted a link somewhere, but I can't recall. Would appreciate it, thank you.
  2. Excellent thread @TeeRick. Nice to see so many positive posts! Rome - For me, being in Rome is like being transported to another time. The history, architecture, culture, cuisine,... it's just all so amazing.
  3. Some airlines in Canada are also easing their restrictions which will reduce physical distancing. I just don't understand it. The virus hasn't gone away. So by reducing physical distance requirements, the number of cases is likely going to increase...
  4. The CWC is wonderful, but with so much economic uncertainty, people who are optimistic/hopeful (or dreaming) that an upcoming cruise will go, shouldn't need to have their money "invested" (ie FCC) with the cruise line for another year or two when it is cancelled. I also would not feel comfortable with making a final payment at this point.
  5. Given the tremendous uncertainty with cruising right now, X should change the final payment due dates to 30d before, not 90d. I would view final payment now for a fall cruise as an interest free loan to the cruise line. Still too many unknowns.
  6. I can't get my head around 2.1 BILLION unaccounted for. I would be distraught if I lost $20.
  7. Agreed. I had the same thing told to me from guest services. Maybe this pandemic will get Celebrity to rethink how they allow for additional gratuities,? It would be great if guests were allowed to add additional gratuities at guest services just by providing the name of the crew member.
  8. This is going to be a great thread. I hope people can post power up opportunities, since I also didn't get any email...
  9. Gary is going to get to Zenith with all of us filling in using his link 😉
  10. I used to never get Celebrity captain club emails or promo emails. I called captain club, took them a few days and they "fixed it". Then I received emails like what seemed every day! Then, stopped all together (with no action on my part! No unsubscribe or marking as spam)..frustrating, but I dont miss the daily promo emails! I was lucky (and thankful) to read about the 10% cc loyalty discount here!
  11. If Celebrity already refunded the money to the consolidator/wholesaler, why is it going to take another 30 days for you to get it? I don't think I'd be waiting another 2 weeks to contact my travel agent. Contact them immediately, and consider filing a dispute with your credit card company if that is a possible route in New Zealand... Good luck.
  12. So it was cancelled before final payment?
  13. I didn't receive any emails 😕 ..no idea why. But was grateful to read about it here on CC.
  14. Good point! If cruising does open up sooner and things return back to normal, prices might be lower to attract cruisers back on board...
  15. @jelayne - Agreed. I just see people get called out in posts for mentioning their status and I don't understand why. I say that as a regular reader on the forum, not because I have been called out myself. My thoughts are: I don't mind people expecting more for having been loyal to Celebrity. If someone has sailed more with Celebrity, they have shown loyalty to X, but this is essentially through "payment for services" - the more you pay Celebrity (generally) the more you climb their loyalty ladder. That's how their system seems to be designed. A person travelling in a suite gets many more points per day than someone travelling in an inside - are they more loyal because they paid more? Maybe the inside person has taken many more cruises than a suite, but will still have less CC points. My intention is not to debate their loyalty program or definition of loyal (I'm loyal to X, I love their product)... It just seems to me that a person paying more over time, is higher on the Captains Club ladder and I see that similar (not identical) to paying for a service (like nexus). So why do people get upset for them wanting better treatment by Celebrity from a customer service point of view? I'm not advocating one way or another - I just don't think people should be called out here for mentioning their status. 😀
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