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  1. Sounds like it's worth a try for me too. Thanks so much for this information. 🤞
  2. Thanks so much for the additional info... When you say you can't hear the TV when they are in, is that because the tones or noise from bose is louder than the tv? Or is there some noise canceling effect? I generally can't sleep to music, so I'm not sure I'd do better with sounds that have to be louder than the snoring in order for me to not notice the snoring??
  3. I have been told by X that you can move it more than once, incurring the $100pp admin fee each time. (However, I do not have first hand experience doing so).
  4. Be careful... I never received emails from Celebrity... So I called them to try and fix. Now, I get almost 3 emails PER DAY ! (Ugh!) So, your mailbox might overflow if you call to ask for mailers 🤣
  5. Do you know how these would differ from or be better than their Bose quiet comfort noise cancelling earbuds? I have those and they don't really block out snoring ...
  6. And gelato! And chocolate sauce! I too had been seeing them recommended for years...then I finally tried one - I was hooked. Wondered why I waited so long! (Note to anyone who has never had one: don't delay, just get one! 😄)
  7. I think you can move a NRD booking as far forward as you want, but there is the $100pp admin fee. I also think you can do this more than once (but are charged the $100pp change fee each time).
  8. Isn't the Affogato one of the best things ever created!? Was that the first time you ever had one?.... You may be hooked! Thank you for a wonderful live review!
  9. I'm another vote for a private driver, from Port direct to a hotel in Rome - then you have the day to sightsee (if you have time, I'd stay more than one night in Rome) I've used Bob's Limo and have always been exceptionally impressed. https://romelimousines.com/home/
  10. Your 20 emails/day is going to become 20/hr 🤣
  11. Celebrity should consider starting up a new program: PhD@Sea I can Say with Confidence that one needs a PhD to understand all of their promotions, fine print, and ins&outs of the cruise with confidence program! 😁 Oh, and translation of their best price guarantee... a guarantee that it'll be difficult to know if I'm getting the best price! Kudos to so many of you who understand so much, because most of the time, I'm just lost!
  12. I would recommend the Italy/Spain/France but suggest at least 3 days pre-cruise in Rome (instead of 2). If your mom has never been to Europe, there are some incredible sites in Rome. I think you might find two days is not enough.... given the jet lag recovery. What a wonderful experience this will be for your mom!
  13. Thank you @Jeremiah1212! These 2 suggestions worked, but you're not kidding...you need to be QUICK! 😁
  14. I find their online chat so useful and helpful WHEN you can find it. I'd much rather wait in a queue than have to waste time trying to get the feature to pop up. I finally got the "ASK US ANYTHING" box to appear using the manage reservation as you suggested. I typed "hello" and then the chat box disappeared and I couldn't find it again. I wonder if this is just another IT glitch with Celebrity... very frustrating. If anyone has a sure fire method of getting the chat to work, I'd love to hear it 🙂
  15. Your photos are stunning. Thank you for this live report!
  16. Ahhh - thank you. It reminds me of the library on S class 🙂
  17. @Miaminice Amazing pictures-thank you. Where was this one from:
  18. So exciting that you'll be cruising again, together this time. Remind your GF how nice the jewelry is on Celebrity! 😉
  19. Thank you for taking the time to do this live review. Very excited to join you virtually! A big shout out to you and all of the others who have done Live reviews during this period of cruising restarts. 🙏 Congratulations on your retirements, and the move up bid success! Can't wait to hear more and see more on the royal suite. Have a super trip!
  20. I'm sure you meant to say "6 -12 weeks"? 🤣 In all seriousness, thanks for all of your posts. They were all amazing. It was so nice to join you, virtually. I think you should send a copy of your recent review post (#329) to Celebrity - it's really beautiful. Thank you again.
  21. Go for it! We all love your reviews... And since the GF is so supportive .... And don't they say the third time's the charm...
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