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  1. Piaa

    SeaDream II - dry dock ?

    Thank you Vandrefalk
  2. Good afternoon - does anyone know if SeaDream II might be scheduled for dry dock in 2019 and if so when please. Thank you ~ Pia
  3. Piaa

    STT & SJU ports

    Yes know both :) Our house is also wood - came through Marilyn, Hugo, Irma and Maria OK (lots of spirit guides looking out for us and a huge amount of luck). We live next to Midori Buchannan's old house (8 mile marker on Centerline) but she sold 2 months before Irma and unfortunately it was wiped out in Irma down to the foundation.
  4. Piaa

    STT & SJU ports

    Where was your home ? We live in Coral Bay (for the last 14 years) our home did OK also - glad your old one did too
  5. Piaa

    STT & SJU ports

    Come stay on St John (I live on St John) Plenty of places to stay and post Irma we appreciate each and every one of you visiting us - thank you.
  6. Piaa

    Barbados Info

    Hunte's Gardens is a must see (we visit every time we go to Barbados and sit with Anthony and drink his rum punch :) ) Also best lobster I have ever eaten was found at Lobster Alive ... LOVE
  7. Piaa

    Is an upgrade worth it ?

    At what price do you think it would be worth paying wripro ? Deck 2 upgrade to a Commodore.. $500, $1000, $2000, $3000 - thank you for your insight
  8. Piaa

    St Barts recommendations

    Wonderful to know TrapperZimmy (I would not have known this) and I just read somewhere on this forum that SD can pack a picnic lunch as well .. getting more excited for our first (but not last of that I am 100% certain) SD experience
  9. Piaa

    St Barts recommendations

    Thank you so much - quick question .. where did you rent your car from (what company) and do you have their contact info by chance please ? and we have booked lunch at La Langouste .. very excited :)
  10. Piaa

    Is an upgrade worth it ?

    Thank you both - we decided to pass :)
  11. Good day - we have an option to upgrade to a Commodore Suite (Deck 2) so my question is would you do it given little time in the cabin ???
  12. Piaa

    Dress for breakfast/lunch ?

    "It isn't unusual to see women in 4" heels standing at the bar, so it can't be too dangerous" Yeah... in my professional ballroom dancer days maybe but not now - this chick (OK hen) will be in flats this trip ;p
  13. Piaa

    Dress for breakfast/lunch ?

    Mrs Tiki - thank goodness the 17' to 20' swells we had last week have gone (but as a result of these swells the ocean was spectacular - colors I have never seen in the 13 years living here) and now we are left with high winds (bring a wrap for evenings maybe ? but never being on SeaDream before maybe the dining area and outside bar are protected from wind ?) The "bad" news is there is another Nor'easter happening now and as we are affected by these storms our wave height and wind strength will depend on how fast that front moves on and how quickly the "tail" gets pulled North. We monitor an off shore buoy for wave height and right now they have not updated the predicted height for the weekend (but I can let you know if you wish once it is updated) .. the good news is the further South we go the less the Nor'easter impacts us. See you soon
  14. Piaa

    St Barts recommendations

    I totally agree (but I am a bit biased LOL) We might look at little different than your previous trips but the love is still in Love City <3
  15. Piaa

    St Barts recommendations

    Excellent BCinMA - where are you staying in St John and what ferry are you planning on taking on Saturday (we will probably be on the 1pm from Cruz Bay) Book dinner at Extra Virgin one night on St John - I think you will like it.