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  1. I wrote a blog post that breaks down the pricing as well as what is and is not included in each cruise line's beverage package: https://www.anyadventurewithyou.com/cruise-drinks-package-should-you-buy-one/
  2. If this is helpful, I tried to map pricing out based on a variety of different factors on a blog post: maybehttps://www.anyadventurewithyou.com/cruise-drinks-package-should-you-buy-one/ maybe it can help figure out whether the pricing is worth it, even if you drink more than your wife.
  3. True. I was more saying that it wasn't a perk to me, which is part of why I listed it out in my tables. But this might be a good thing to note in my post. Thanks!
  4. I both agree and disagree with this, especially if you liked mixed drinks. I got married on the Norwegian Breakaway last year and took 40 people with me - every one of them got the drinks package and every one of them agreed that none of the mixed drinks were very strong. (My dad literally said at one point, "it's impossible to get drunk on this ship!") Our suspicion was that because everyone onboard had free drinks, they either 1) were overworked (which was definitely the case - we oftentimes waited a long time for a drink, especially by the pool) and therefore were just making weak drinks to get drinks out or because they were just working too fast 2) they were trying to save a bit of money and make drinks a little weaker (which is just a theory - I can't prove this). I agree that wine and beer can be worth it, since it's hard to cheat on those, but one of the big reasons why I won't sail on Norwegian again is their bad drinks service. I'd rather pay.
  5. Another good point! I definitely encourage people to do the research on what each package includes. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Good point!! However, I do have that listed under "the fine print" towards the end of the blog post. I get your reasoning, but I can't predict math for every single scenario - this blog post would be a mile long! That's why I do list the "mix" though - everyone's got a different drinking style and hopefully if you find you drink less than your cabin roommate, you can see in the mix that it may be worth it for the two of you to pay out of pocket (or vice versa). Thanks for taking time to give feedback.
  7. Here you go! While this post goes into the different cruise line's packages, it still does the math for you and helps you decide whether or not the packages are worth it for you: https://www.anyadventurewithyou.com/cruise-drinks-package-should-you-buy-one/
  8. For first time cruisers, I wanted to share a blog post I wrote that hopefully helps new cruisers break down the cost, value and rules of a beverage/drinks package: https://www.anyadventurewithyou.com/cruise-drinks-package-should-you-buy-one/ When I was a first-time cruiser, I struggled heavily with 1. Understanding the exact value and rules of a beverage package (and why I would want one) and then 2. Understanding the math and pricing behind one. Hopefully this helps demystify the process and helps you make your decision. Please let me know if you have any questions - either here or on my blog. I am happy to help explain anything you need to know!
  9. Yes! You just pay the difference. At least that's what happened on my Golden Princess cruise this summer. This is one of my favorite things to do on a cruise, because you can try an expensive glass of wine for "cheap."
  10. I wrote a blog post that breaks this down exactly, including the math (so you don't have to do it!). Includes pricing, pricing by cruise line, and even helps you understand what pricing would look like based on the kind of drinks you enjoy. Take a look: https://www.anyadventurewithyou.com/cruise-drinks-package-should-you-buy-one/
  11. I'm sorry to hear your experience was so bad! I'm always one to say see if you can try another ship and give it another go, but if you don't, we'd love to hear what other line you pick and how it compares!
  12. I don't remember any karaoke! There may have been some, but not often!
  13. True, I didn't. I ordered from it once, early on in the cruise. It took very long, so much so that I knew I wouldn't stay awake waiting for it (or have the foresight to order it early enough) after a few drinks, so I didn't consider it.
  14. Thank you so much! Hearing that someone enjoyed it makes all the work worth it 🙂 Hopefully it can be helpful to someone sailing on GP!
  15. I wrote out a review of my family and I's time on the Golden Princess on Alaska over the summer. I plan on doing a comprehensive review of Alaska itself soon, which I will also post here. Please read and let me know if you have any questions. I can answer here on the blog. https://www.anyadventurewithyou.com/alaska-on-the-golden-princess-a-cruise-review/
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