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  1. Does anyone know if the Katakolon Tourist Fun Train is running? We will be in port on Sept 6th, 2019 and think it might be a fun way around 🙂. Thank you!!
  2. FYI: There is a possibility that our group of 4 may sign up on your PK Travel 1/2 day. I will know in a couple days if I can get my group to make decisions.....if you need to cancel -- no problem -- I will work on getting answers ... frustrations!!
  3. Thank you!! I'm really looking forward to next Sunday -- ps...not my first cruise -- I am actually a 3-star mariner and excited to be back on HAL after a few years 🙂 🙂.
  4. Thank you for the review. I'm on her on the 14th for the Mexica Riviera also! It's been a few years since I cruised HAL....so I am excited to be back 😀
  5. I'm a solo and just upgraded myself to a BALCONY on Friday!! I can hardly wait....Nieuw Amsterdam in April 🙂. Do it!!
  6. Your EMBARKATION date : APRIL 14, 2019 The SHIP you are on: N. AMSTERDAM # of days: 7 DAYS the NAME of your cruise: MEXICAN RIVIERA
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