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  1. Thank you!! I'm really looking forward to next Sunday -- ps...not my first cruise -- I am actually a 3-star mariner and excited to be back on HAL after a few years 🙂 🙂.
  2. Thank you for the review. I'm on her on the 14th for the Mexica Riviera also! It's been a few years since I cruised HAL....so I am excited to be back 😀
  3. I'm a solo and just upgraded myself to a BALCONY on Friday!! I can hardly wait....Nieuw Amsterdam in April 🙂. Do it!!
  4. Your EMBARKATION date : APRIL 14, 2019 The SHIP you are on: N. AMSTERDAM # of days: 7 DAYS the NAME of your cruise: MEXICAN RIVIERA
  5. 30 days -- round trip to/from San Diego to Hawaii & South Pacific on HAL .... Dream cruise !!
  6. Thank you .... and with a little more research, I did find this: This is from John Heald on social media: We are updating our reservation system for cruises on Carnival Triumph. For the next three days, your reservation will not be accessible, but no worries, your vacation is on the books. We’ll confirm with you once we have completed the update.” My apologies for the concern we caused and I will have more on this in the days ahead. Cheers...
  7. I have seen in news reports and on some sites that Triumph was doing 5 day RT from FLL cruises to Cuba in Jan 2020. But, I do not see them on the CCL site. Does anyone know if those plans/itineraries have been changed? Or am I just a bit early? :cool:
  8. I did a round trip Hawaii in Feb....I have done it before and love it!! But this cruise was sad....the weather was awful....cold & windy and sometimes rain....the islands were great....but not the crossing.....AND...I had a relapse of my flu. So all in all, I made the best of a sad situation. But--I am now booked for a SPLENDOR cruise!! My do-over of sorts! I want warm and to be outside!! I am treating myself to an extended aft cabin!! It's in November and I can hardly wait for warm seas :) :)
  9. I like Galveston (or New Orleans) because I can take Amtrak there! I live in AZ and I can get to Galveston the next day. Going to Florida from AZ is ridiculous right now until they re-establish service between New Orleans and Florida...so, it gives me another port other than the West Coast -- meaning the Caribbean :) :)
  10. I'm getting my studio to be away from kiddos. I assumed it would be an adults only place since you must be a solo to be in there and not too many kids/babies are solos?? hmmmm...maybe i shouldn't have assumed that!!
  11. British Isles, RT LeHarve, June 5, 2018 -- can hardly wait:D
  12. Excited! First time on NCL and first on a really, really big ship :) :) Oct 20, 2018 Mexican Riviera :D
  13. I'm following along too! I have booked this cruise a number of times and life got in the way. So, again I have hope and booked for next year Aug 4, 2018 on the Royal. (This time, the ship actually uses Le Harve as another embarkation/debarkation point ... so, my desire to see Paris (again) is fulfilled.!!!) THANK YOU FOR YOUR "LIVE FROM"!!
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