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  1. You're even more cynical than I! 😁 I was going to ask LLP via her visit here why they don't sail there but forgot. You could in theory quite easily arrange itineraries to the Seychelles, Madagascar, RSA, Namibia etc. I'm sure you'd sell out an M class ship as it would be new to many and plenty of other lines currently operate there.
  2. Some E class 14 day Southern Caribbean sailings would be nice. They haven't been too imaginative with the existing Apex and Edge sailings in that part of the world! Longer trips visiting the ABC's and South American countries etc would be nice. An S class ship stationed permanently in the Far East. Norwegian itineraries where the ship travels well into the Arctic Circle to Spitzbergen and Honningsvaag rather than just the usual 7 and 8 night itineraries out of Southampton. Southern Africa. I expect to be wrong on all four counts though....
  3. lol - no... I'd revisit St Petersburg again though. We were there for three days which wasn't even enough to see all of the Hermitage, let alone all of the other sites. There was also an all day tour to Moscow on the train. I'd deffo do that if we're ever back there.
  4. Reflection is also bigger with different types of suites available. Due to it's larger capacity some people report that it feels a little more crowded than other S class ships. Other points are covered above.
  5. December 16th 2017. We were onboard Summit in the Caribbean. Captain Kate announces over the tannoy that the ship will be diverting course in response to a distress call. An hour later the ship slows to a crawl, everyone on the ship it seems is up top looking for 'something'.... Twenty minutes later a sailboat comes into view. I heard at least three old dears ask words to the effect of "could they be pirates". Summit stops a distance from the boat and they're clearly taking a very long hard look at the boat. Eventually they launch a lifeboat. It takes a while before they can pull along the boat and rescue the passengers due to the waves, but they got them. We watched the passengers being rescued. It turns out they'd been adrift for a month after they experienced issues with their rudder on their way from Haiti to Guadeloupe. They had been adrift for almost one month and had been without food for several days. It also transpired that two of the women rescued were pregnant too. They disembarked the next day in Curacao safely. It was quite heartwarming to see. :)
  6. Millennium cruise 2015 to Komodo Island, 2015. I was so determined to creep up on a large dragon to get a good picture I completely missed a smaller animal that I would have tripped over if the tour guide didn't thrust a broom handle in front of me. I'd just not seen it and felt pretty dumb afterwards. Recently I learned that the Indonesian authorities are stopping tourism to Komodo in an attempt to prevent poaching of the komodo dragons so I feel lucky we went when we did. Also, no pictures but sailing out of Reykjavik, Iceland earlier this year on Silhouette. Sat by the window in Blu enjoying dinner when I turned my head and saw humpback whales diving alongside the ship. We'd actually done a whale watching tour on the same cruise but seeing them whilst having dinner was great.
  7. I've noticed that. In July 2016 we sailed aqua class on Eclipse with the same itinerary with included beverage package for £1800 per person. The same cruise is now £2900 per person. I'd love to know how they justify the 61% price increase in three years. It is a great itinerary though!
  8. I'm following your thread with interest. Our first ever cruise was on Noordam. I had no idea about cruising at that time. Like many Brits we vacationed regularly in Florida and decided to see a bit of the Caribbean. I looked at last minute pricing and itinerary and settled on the HAL ship after reading reviews for probably less than one hour. I was blissfully unaware that we'd be the youngest as we were in our thirties at the time! Next we sailed Aqua Class on Silhouette. And my thoughts at the time were :- Cabin wise there wasn't much in it. Maybe Silhouette was a little nicer with the Aqua Class bathroom but no massive difference. The food was better on Noordam in the MDR than it was in Blu. As was the service. We'd been sold Celebrity as a step above HAL, but didn't really see it. Since then I've read that their has been a degradation in food quality and service on HAL, along with pretty much every other line discussed on here. So I'd love to know how they stack up against one another now. The HAL ship did seem dead after 11pm though. HAL seem to have much more interesting itineraries than X. They also seem to offer deep discounting after final payment date so do make a lot of sense for those interested in price and itinerary rather than the actual ship.
  9. Be thankful my mother in law who has actually sailed on X doesn't post on here! That said when I see some of the 'perceived' issues I wonder if she is a member at times! In my world a few extra people in Luninae isn't an issue. A few suite pax who have had their butler or concierge make them a reservation in Blu or the MDR at a convenient time with the Blu and MDR management isn't an issue either.
  10. Pet peeve of many Europeans. It's really the real thing or it's not here. ;) m
  11. Indeed. I'm struggling to see how a cruise line that went bang almost 20 years ago is relevant to the OP's question though. Renaissance cruise line were hit hard by a lack of post 9/11 travellers I believe. Didn't they also refuse to work with TA's? Do you think Celebrity are sailing in troubled waters as per the OP's question? Personally I don't, despite being frustrated and disappointed with some of their changes!
  12. As has been mentioned it's hard to say without knowing the cost implications. But to add to what others have said, also bear in mind :- Your butler / suite concierge will be able to make dining reservations and book excursions for you. When in a suite we literally write a list of everything we want doing, pass it them and so don't have to bother with lines elsewhere on the ship. The next day everything is all sorted. I doubt many people ask the butler to unpack for them! There are a few other nice little touches too. You'll probably be invited on a bridge tour and helipad sail away etc. You'll find the service from your butler and concierge far superior to guest relations. If you're happy with the price I'd say go for it. Only then will you have a meaningful idea of what suite life is all about and if it's worth it for you on future cruises or not. Either way have a great cruise.
  13. The web development team have done a pretty sloppy job with it. I've noticed before that they clearly don't do enough testing after change implementation. When I sign in now I'm directed to the .com site. Cruise pricing is displayed in £ sterling as it's identified me as a UK customer. All good. Until you notice the $ dollar pricing on the E class ship ad. That should have been picked up and fixed before rolling out to the public as it could confuse some. Celebrity cruises, consistently inconsistent since 1988....
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