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  1. Mynki

    Edge Overpriced???

    You raise a valid point. That said the 20th January sailing you mention is sailing in peak season. At the time of writing the Celebrity UK website is reporting the following Sky Suites are still available only 2 months and a week before sail date :- 5 x SS3 19 x SS2 14 X SS1 For a Caribbean cruise in peak season that's a very large percentage of available sky suites so close to sail date. So arguably these classes of cabins could well be overpriced. I doubt Miami will be thrilled to see 38 sky suites still for sale.
  2. Mynki

    Edge Overpriced???

    They do. They also know about the reciprocal arrangement with RCL. Though they made it quite clear that they wouldn't try RCL until Elite so they's automatically be Diamond. Good job Celebrity Marketing and Captains Club team eh? :)
  3. Mynki

    Edge Overpriced???

    I booked two cruises yesterday. One with X and the other with AZ. What I have noticed is that X pricing is now comparable with AZ pricing in some of the cruise regions I've been looking at. My perception is that AZ will offer better quality and service and so I've decided to try them to see how they compare. I'm looking forward to that. :) I introduced some good friends of ours to cruising and Celebrity. They have fallen foul of the loyalty program trap and don't want to sail with anyone else other than X until they have achieved Elite level which they are now very close to achieving. I think Celebrities marketing team have done a very good job of suckering people in with captain club here. But I can't help but think how many people will miss out on great experiences when falling for this trap? :/
  4. Mynki

    Question Upgrade to Suite

    I'd say try it. You can only appreciate suite life once you have first hand experience of it after all. Remember that if you prefer the Blu menu to Luminae you can eat there too, just have the concierge or butler arrange that for you. You'll then have an idea of how much suites are worth to you personally for any future cruises you choose to take on X.
  5. Mynki

    A few newbie questions

    I'm also 6' but as you say, you don't spend too much time in there so it's not an issue. With regards to Celebrity I honestly believe that a reduction in crew is the reason for the poorer levels of service people are reporting over the last few years. At least that's what we have personally witnessed. The cutbacks are now too much, hence me posting on this board! Having looked at the website I've seen the LCV stateroom category upgrade offer so have just completed the form. I believe if there are any suitable upgrades available we will be contacted approximately four weeks before sail date advising us that we've been successfully upgraded? And on that note, can anyone advise if you are upgraded from a balcony to a suite do you accrue 8 loyalty points per night or is it still 5? And is specialty dining included if you upgrade via this route still? Thanks in advance again for the replies.
  6. Mynki

    Summit or HAL

    Yes it can. You made the right decision avoiding non suite staterooms onboard Summit. They are not a good advert from Celebrity. Silhouette is a great ship and I'm sure you will enjoy sailing on her.
  7. Mynki

    A few newbie questions

    Yes I have and I found it most useful. Thanks for creating it. :)
  8. Mynki

    A few newbie questions

    That all sounds good. My own thoughts are, and I'm sure some will disagree too is that Celebrity has evolved into a two tier line now. Suite class is very good, but non suite class is really starting to show cutbacks. Our last back to backs were on Summit and whilst we enjoyed the cruises which were excellent value for money, I did feel completely underwhelmed with the levels of service and regretted not upgrading to a suite based on our previous experiences. The concierge and butler team simply provide far superior service to guest relations and the excursion teams in my experience anyway. My perception is that the Azamara experience will be a similar 'ish' match to Celebrity suite class. Whereas non suite Celebrity class would be more comparable to Princess or HAL. I've had a look at a few youtube videos and menus online etc and the dining looks good. For us this is an important part of the cruise and the X MDR isn't that exciting, although to be fair our waters were very pleasant last time. I like Luminae but I do agree that the menu is a little limited. Service has always been very good to excellent for us. My only niggling little criticism is that the menu descriptions conjure up images that rarely match what arrives at the table. Though the wait staff do an excellent job of explaining the dishes when ordering. My only slight concerns are the room sizes. Can you store your suitcases under the bed? They do look a little small as does the bathroom. :) Specialty dining and beverage packages certainly look reasonably priced when compared to Celebrity.
  9. Mynki

    A few newbie questions

    All booked. The wife and I are now looking forward to our first cruise with AZ. I know it's a very subjective subject but how would you compare food and service onboard AZ to the Celebrity suite experience?
  10. Mynki

    A few newbie questions

    Hi Phil Thanks for the info, it's very much appreciated. Your comments make perfect sense. We are Elite with Celebrity so as we'd book a beverage package anyway the deluxe veranda option isn't a great deal for us. I was actually looking at V2 and V3 cabins on deck 7 as I once made the mistake of booking a cabin under a public space, so never again! :) I'll pull the trigger and book our first AZ cruise later this afternoon. Thanks again. :)
  11. Hi all I'm thinking of booking our first AZ cruise and have a few questions please. What is the difference between a Veranda and Veranda + stateroom? Can someone please explain what beverages are included with your fare? We usually sail with Celebrity so understand their classic and premium drinks packages. How does this work on AZ? What kind of entertainment and enrichment programs could we expect to find onboard? Thanks in advance
  12. Mynki

    Celebrity Summit

    Interesting. It seems little has changed in a year then. We did a B2B in concierge and then Aqua. The service in Blu was so poor that we returned to the MDR. Our Blu maitre d' tracked us down in the MDR (Apparently when you check in any restaurant the staff can tell via computer) to ask why we were not dining in Blu. I told him that the service was poor and was informed that they were under staffed and required four more waiters and an additional sommelier, this was in December 2018. Bar service was a joke at times with wait times of 20 minutes due to only a single barman being available. At times table service was non existent. It's a shame that they have not gotten their act together and addressed their staffing issues. Last July we sailed on Independence of the seas. On that ship there was an abundance of bar staff. In fact in one bar on one night we were approached by four different staff within 15 minutes asking if we wanted a drink. Ironically this became annoying. :)
  13. Mynki

    Edge Overpriced???

    Oh I don't think there's any question about them doing a good job selling the ships. Prices have increased in recent years and they're sailing at capacity etc. Edge pricing is way higher than other ships in the fleet and I doubt there will be any empty cabins onboard for quite some time yet.
  14. Mynki

    Summit or HAL

    I didn't really think very much of the service on Summit during back to backs last December. At the time there were several other reviews that discussed poor service. I'd suggest you read as many reviews as you can on here and other third party review sites to get a more balance opinion and then do the same with the HAL ship. Ignore reviews written by obvious cheerleaders and whingers and you'll soon spot trends giving you a better idea on current service levels that hopefully will have improved. In all honesty I don't think you will be blown away with the room service menu. Sorry that this may sound negative, but the food from room service is average at best and often served lukewarm.
  15. Mynki

    Edge Overpriced???

    We booked Edge within hours of bookings becoming available. I guess I was caught up in the hype. Then later on we ended up on another sailing which happened to visit the only port on the Edge itinerary that we were yet to visit. After some consideration I decided that the itinerary was the deal breaker for me and cancelled. I have no doubt that Edge will offer a great experience but for now it certainly fails with the original "Big ship amenities, small ship destinations" that the original marketing promised. As I've said before, if people sat down and plotted the most boring Caribbean itineraries they could do, how close would they be to the ones currently on offer? That's a serious question and not a dig at anyone already booked. So right now I'll be patient and wait to experience an E class ship when there's an itinerary that appeals to us personally.