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  1. DH just said “what about spending a couple of days in Sonoma before”? Of course! So decision made. Sonoma wineries plus sailing under the Golden Gate. We will take the Ruby and fly into SFO. Thanks to all. I’m working on Sonoma part tonight then will call TA tomorrow to book cruise! Excited!
  2. Thanks all! We’ve been to both LA and San Francisco before. Gotta admit didn’t think about sailing close to Golden Gate Bridge. Think you got me with that prospect!
  3. Requesting help deciding which port for embarking and debarking before booking our cruise to Hawaii. Personal experiences and opinions most welcome!
  4. Boy are you right. Had the same issue last year. Immediately went back and rebooked with AA flights, not BA (with their seat charges —-even business class!) Gotta watch those code shares —tricky!
  5. That’s why I put the “disappear” in quotes. A glitch most definitely did happen. Why and where who knows? But the booking was made through EZAir and I was certainly able to rectify it very easily through that portal.
  6. That’s exactly what I found yesterday evening. And agree it’s a change by AA. I had to go back to EZAir to request sears. Then they immediately showed up in my AA app.
  7. Have a terrific cruise! 👍🏻
  8. I was only able to reclaim my seats on the EZAir site. I first tried to adjust them on the AA app. But the American site showed “ticket pending” and referred me back to Princess. However, you’ve pre-paid seating so it’s different, I think. I do know that when there’s a schedule change, for example, it often takes several days for Princess to “catch up” even when not slammed by the current situation in Asia.
  9. That’s what surprised me. No schedule change and no change of aircraft. Totally random!
  10. I didn’t say it was a causation. Just wanted to report that checking works and not just for a lower fare! A good habit to develop ....
  11. Not directly related at all. Just totally by chance noticed that they were not there. Agreed that checking regularly is a good idea. Just sort of hard to remember when flights are months away!
  12. Just thought I’d report this for others who use EZAir. While checking for a possible lower fare (no such luck) I discovered that the seats for our final leg home had somehow disappeared and we were “seatless”. Confirmed this on the AA app with my frequent flyer login. Returned to EZAir and reinstated our seats. Not a big issue as flight and cruise are still months away. But did want to share that sometimes looking for a lower fare on EZAir has unintended results and helps to keep original bookings secure.
  13. Our cruise isn’t until 2021 and if the Princess rollout schedule remains correct our cruise will be a Medallion when we sail. Looking forward to it!
  14. Our cruise that was on hold stayed exactly the same price so my PVP re-booked is and snagged the $2 deposit. Since it’s an R&R, the small OBC won’t be a concern as we don’t figure to do many excursions (just some walkabouts). We hardly drink and we don’t gamble. The wine and dinner are fine additions but I do believe it’s the first time I’ve seen WiFi added as a perk — and on a Medallion cruise! Nice! 😊
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