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  1. I have never been on Oceania but have heard it is not friendly to solo cruisers and no entertainment . Went over to Crystal 10 years ago as a newly solo cruiser and am hoping it can survive due to the COVID and financial distress of parent company. In past sailed Cunard, Princess, Holland American, Royal Caribbean and Carnival - all are worlds away from the service , food, entertainment, lectures , ambience and wonderful personalities of the staff on Crystal. Cunard and Princess had newer larger cabins but that was minimal compared to the other issues. Also one never feels crowded except at breakfast in Lido on early tour days and rush for lunch after tours. Have scheduled some future trips and hope Crystal is still there for me and you can enjoy it also !!
  2. Uniworld might want to enter the ocean segment just like Viking did- who knows???
  3. I am booked on the Dubai-Rome segment beginning 24 April and final payment not due for a few months. Will not book air until it is a go! Also a 16 day cruise on Mahler in June. Did book the air with Delta, only one I use if can, as they are reasonable regarding cancellations, changes, etc. If we are still locked down by then I question survival of the world as we know it!
  4. Thanks for the enlightening article! What a saga!
  5. I am beginning to think that Crystal will be no longer be in a few months. Especially if the lockdowns continue into 2021 and vaccine is not available by end of year. Of Genting's portfolio Crystal appear to be weakest link i.e. two ocean ships which have reached their life expectancy and not up to the recent newbuilds by Seabourn and Regent. No new ocean ship despite years of please for it. And nothing changes with the Endeavor as are a day late and a dollar short in entering that niche.; Plus Cunard and Seaborne are under Carnival 's massive umbrella. Purchase by another line would not be a possibility except by a low budget for a different venue/clientele. The River cruises may fare better as they are newly-built and could be added to Uniworld or sold as a separate entity or even Carnival to get into that LOB. No real numbers to back this up just experience in hospital and insurance mergers and acquisitions and defaults. Also seeing it in retail. I do have 2 bookings in 2021 and the pay date is out a bit. By then will know more. Am planning for the worse but hoping for the best.
  6. It appears they don't respond to anything until it is known from other sources and discussed on the board. Thanks for those who bring the news to us!
  7. The spam calls are my majority also. Once on Medicare volume went up! One more great thing about being on a ship!!
  8. I am quite aware of phones scanning menu etc. I enjoy the dining on Crystal and as one who cooks and loves it, I always have questions as to the ingredients and preparation. Being at the mercy of the phone for 45 years as a physician, since retirement 18 month ago, I don't use one unless I need to ! It is just not my thing to seek entertainment and conduct my life on a phone!
  9. I refuse to have to take a phone to a table anywhere to order dinner. That is a deal breaker to me!
  10. Well it appears will be places to spend my on board credit!
  11. Thanks - so deprived of a massage would enjoy one!
  12. Hi to all, Moved my Mahler 16 day cruise to June 2021. Are there salon and spa services onboard? Have on board credit and not sure how to use it.
  13. I am so tired of never dressing up these past months whenever on board again I intend to dress up every evening! Actually I tend to always dress nice on vacation- just one of my things!
  14. I find the attitudes and bullying of fellow posters who are intelligent productive and able to make our own decisions by some people on this board very immature. I have no love for the Crystal refund policy and have myself filed a dispute. However, it is a personal decision to book a cruise from Miami in late October into December and it is no one else's damn business. I recommend that the folk from Indiana try other outlets to vent their frustration and anger and ideas of being so more right than anyone else.. So what??? For myself, who is also a medical professional, I can find better things to do than read some of these posts. And yes, on Aug 29 when my payment comes due, I will then make my educated personal decision.
  15. Please call American Express and a dispute can be filed. I did that after waiting 120 days and my representative at AE recommended it be done immediately and I gave her permission.
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