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  1. I have read all these comments carefully and agree with Whistling being caused by open balcony doors at night. This can indeed be a nuisance to neighbouring cabins. I don`t believe the temperature in other cabins is affected but firmly believe costs are increased - just like your car AC being inefficient with windows open. My main reason for writing is because I was particularly interested in a couple of references to CABIN THROAT. I am a very experienced cruiser and suffer very much with sore throats all night long. I have always been convinced that it is caused by the AC. If I thought that leaving the balcony door open would cure this then I`m very sorry if you think me selfish but I would do it. Can anyone please tell me if they have any experience of this or offer advice on how to combat CABIN THROAT.
  2. Is it possible to pre book a day in the Sanctuary or do I have to book once on board? What is the booking procedure and can anyone advise on this please.
  3. Can anyone please advise. I am a malt Whisky drinker and because of the Princess rules regarding taking spiritsl on board I cannot have my favourite drink throughout my cruise. To my knowledge, the ship doesn`t carry my brand so I cannot even purchase any on board. I cannot even bring a bottle and pay corkage. This is putting a dampner on my forthcoming cruise. Help needed please!
  4. Further to this thread, My wife and I are cruising with her sister - who is in the next cabin with adjoining balconies. We are Elite but the sister is not. My understanding is that the sister must share our cabin in order to share the benefits ie priority boarding and reception parties. Are Princess very strict about this cabin sharing rule?
  5. Thanks for info everyone. If the cost of choosing two seats together is £60 ( each way I presume ? ) and this is for economy seats, what would the premium seats cost? I assumed that if a couple were booked on the cruise then P&O would seat them next to each other. Is this the case or is there a danger of not being seated together? What would happen if children were aboard? could they be seated away from their parents? It all sounds like another means of getting extra money from us. Also, what happens on the seat release date? is there a mad scramble by everyone? cheers kev
  6. Perfect. Many thanks ScotchBoy
  7. Hi everyone. Can you please tell me if it is possible to book particular seats on the flights to the caribbean and if so, how will I know when and how this is available to do. many thanks. kevin
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