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  1. Can anyone clear up the confusion regarding dropping off baggage the day before flying from Manchester. I am flying with Tui / Thomsons to Barbados on a premium seat. I understood that I could check in online then drop baggage off the day before. Has anyone done this? How easy is it? 

    many thanks

  2. I have read all these comments carefully and agree with Whistling being caused by open balcony doors at night. This can indeed be a nuisance to neighbouring cabins. I don`t believe the temperature in other cabins is affected but firmly believe costs are increased - just like your car AC being inefficient with windows open. My main reason for writing is because I was particularly interested in a couple of references to CABIN THROAT.

    I am a very experienced cruiser and suffer very much with sore throats all night long. I have always been convinced that it is caused by the AC. If I thought that leaving the balcony door open would cure this then I`m very sorry if you think me selfish but I would do it. Can anyone please tell me if they have any experience of this or offer advice on how to combat CABIN THROAT. 

  3. Can anyone please advise. I am a malt Whisky drinker and because of the Princess rules regarding taking spiritsl  on board I cannot have my favourite drink throughout my cruise. To my knowledge, the ship doesn`t carry my brand so I cannot even purchase any on board. I cannot even bring a bottle and pay corkage. This is putting a dampner on my forthcoming cruise. Help needed please!

  4. Further to this thread, My wife and I are cruising with her sister - who is in the next cabin with adjoining balconies. We are Elite but the sister is not. My understanding is that the sister must share our cabin in order to share the benefits ie priority boarding and reception parties. Are Princess very strict about this cabin sharing rule?

  5. Thanks for info everyone. If the cost of choosing two seats together is £60 ( each way I presume ? )  and this is for economy seats, what would the premium seats cost?

    I assumed that if a couple were booked on the cruise then P&O would seat them next to each other. Is this the case or is there a danger of not being seated together?   What would happen if children were aboard?  could they be seated away from their parents? It all sounds like another means of getting extra money from us.  Also, what happens on the seat release date? is there a mad scramble by everyone?

    cheers kev

  6. Everybody is correct regarding your excursion tickets being delivered to your cabin, sometimes at the start of the cruise and sometimes the night before, Another reassuring thing is that you will will also find confirmation of the booking under ports of call in your cruise personaliser, P&O are very efficient in this aspect.

  7. As my next cruise nears I find myself thinking of the times I will need to wait for lifts at peak times that are full of " Joy Riders" i.e. those that cannot be bothered to check the direction of the Lift prior to getting in it. Many seem to think of it as funny and some kind of sport to ride up and down until it eventually stops at their required deck. Many complain that P&O are at fault when in truth the problem is being caused by inconsiderate passengers. Therefore can I please ask that when a Lift arrives , you check the direction of travel before you get in. It amazes me that people stand watching the Lift indicator that spells out quite clearly whether it is going up or down yet still get in only to comment that they wish to go in the opposite direction!! Maybe P&O could do something about the problem by writing something in the daily bulletin that everyone receives in their cabin.

    I bet this post causes a few comments.


  8. Can anyone tell me if it is possible for Sindhu to serve a non curry dish. I know it sounds a strange request but I love curry yet my wife hates it ! It looks like the only way I could enjoy eating in this restaurant would be to dine alone . My wife would be happy to accompany me and pay the cover charge if she could eat non curry dishes. Can anyone advise please.



  9. Hi everyone and many thanks for your replies which were very helpful. unfortunately, my travel insurance company ( holiday safe) have declined to cover my AF due to very recent diagnosis and continuing investigation to try and find any cause. I have shopped around but alas all insurers decline cover pending final outcome of investigations. I have been told that I can travel without AF cover but under the circumstances that would be such a stupid thing to do. I have no choice but to cancel my Arcadia November Cruise and hope that my insurers pay out. See you next year hopefully. kevin

  10. Hi, Can anyone advise? I have just been diagnosed with a heart condition called Atrial Fibrilation. My GP has prescribed medication treatment and says it will be ok to travel on our forthcoming cruise.( Arcadia November) I assume that I must now inform my travel insurers and just wondering if the expected increase in premium will be very expensive. Any other AF cruisers on the forum and should I cancel my trip?

    regards kevin

  11. Just a few thoughts regarding this terrible tragedy. Caribbean islanders are very resilient and although this is the worst hurricane that they have experienced to date, they are actually very experienced in dealing with the aftermath of tropical storms and hurricanes and they will rebuild and bounce back. Of course, this is going to take time and they are going to need lots of financial help wherever it comes from. Depending on which Island they are, some will get more help than others. Cruise lines have a vested interest in helping out and I am sure that they will do their best. We the cruisers should also consider doing something to help. I really do hope that if at all possible, P&O stick to their original ports of call. After all, it is the most damaged Islands that will need the most help. When we go ashore, the weather will still be wonderful, the beaches fabulous and the islander`s charm and hospitality will be the same. What we will see is the aftermath and attempts at rebuilding and trying to carry on earning a living the best way they can. We cruise passengers can and should consider making a tremendous effort to spend more money than we would normally do when ashore. I for one do not want to have my cruise cancelled if at all possible. Why not decide to patronise the market stall holders and small shopkeepers more? Buy an extra beer? Eat a lunch ashore ashore instead of onboard? Tourism is the main economy and the lifeblood of the Islands. Without our help ,life is going to be very hard for years to come. I have enjoyed many visits to these Islands over the years and I intend to be as generous as possible when I go in November ( Arcadia). it will be payback time for me. .

  12. The only specific Tortola beach excursion being offered on our forthcoming cruise is to Long Beach. Aghast, it has no facilities whatsoever !!!! No chairs umbrellas etc. - not even a bar! To get to a toilet requires going on a shuttle bus to a nearby airport. I cannot believe that P&O find this acceptable to passengers and even want to charge £25 for it.

    Has anyone done this excursion and what did the think? Can anyone recommend another beach with all facilities please?

  13. Ideally, to minimise any discomfort in rough seas, midships on mid deck but quite honestly I find it makes very little difference because when really rough it wont matter where you are. Having said that, Today`s P&O fleet can handle any weather easily so don't worry about it. With specific reference to Arcadia`s balcony cabins, they are all Deluxe cabins so you will be pretty spoiled whichever you are in. I am on Arcadia in November to Caribbean and back and cant wait.

  14. For the last 6 years I have spent a fortune on travel insurance. I have had two different unrelated cancers and many insurers have not wanted to know.This year I found Holiday extras to be the best value. Incidentally,I had to contact them regarding my wife developing an additional condition after having taken out the policy. They recorded the additional medical condition but did not charge any extra! At the time of insuring, I was unaware that P&O actually recommended them. Well done Holiday extras


  15. Many thanks everyone. P&O pressurise you to pre book excursions because they claim that they sell out quickly. It also must enable them to see well in advance what their sales are like. The question therefore comes down to whether or not to pre book ! I shall be very disappointed if, cooperating by pre booking I then discover that there is no refund in the event of inclement weather. Has anyone experienced The cruise line cancelling beach excursions due to bad weather?

  16. Can anyone tell me if a sunbathing excursion to a beach gets cancelled in the event of heavy rain. I would not be getting wet by going in the sea but just relaxing on a lounger. Are we expected to sit in the rain or what? Going on Azura this weekend but weather looks awful.

  17. I can never understand why cruise lines dock in Barbados on Sunday when everywhere is closed. Equally, why don`t ships make Sunday a sea day because it is the same on most islands. I can only assume it is because most cruises have only just set sail the previous day. Sadly, Barbados is a lovely place to visit when it is open and in full swing but Sunday`s are definitely a massive let down for cruisers wanting to explore the shops etc.

  18. Hi everyone, Since there are no sub sections covering St Vincent in the forum I am hoping this might be a good place to make my request. I am having trouble trying to find information regarding St. Vincent in the Grenadines. I have been informed that there are no decent beaches. In fact, there is no decent anything - including excursions. Surely this cannot be true. Does anyone have any comments or experiences regarding this island. Should I stay on the ship or what ????


    many thanks - kev

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