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  1. Except modern F1 pitstops are under 2 seconds. 😄
  2. If you lose 10% of the people, they will not all be low spenders or high spenders. So the AVERAGE would to be lose 10% of your revenue. And while not every business will lose 10% of their customers or revenue, on AVERAGE, all the businesses combined will lose 10% of their customers and revenue.
  3. I am always leery of comments that name specific people. I have seen that with Trip Advisor. A restaurant with many high ratings, praising a certain waiter (not always the same one), and typically by people with only 1 or 2 reviews. I saw this at one restaurant in Romania. I checked, and out of the latest 100 5 star reviews, more than 80 of them were by reviewers with less than 3 reviews, and most of those reviews named specific waiters. And a large number of them stated that they were on holiday, but strangely did not review ANY other restaurants or attractions.
  4. As to size, if you look a picture of Lady G, the balcony railing consists of glass panels. A Balcony cabin is 2 glass panels. A Jr Suite is 3 glass panels. So about 50% more balcony space. Grand and Owners suites are 4 glass panels. Owners suites are about 6 feet more from hallway to balcony that all other cabins. Lady G is scheduled to leave the fleet at the end of March 2021. She will be replaced by Enchantment.
  5. No, but you said: Yes, to one business it will be less than 10%, but to another business, it will be MORE than 10%. The AVERAGE will be 10% across ALL businesses. So places will lose 50% of their business and others will lose 1%. Happy??? So you lose 50% of your business and see how it goes. And don't forget, businesses are interlinked. A hotel goes under, that causes less business for food suppliers. Workers are out of work, and cannot patronize other businesses.
  6. Still fraud, as they did not fulfill their part of the contract. Either way, your credit card should refund your money.
  7. I don't see the appeal of visiting a place for a few hours. I want to visit places and have time to see them and experience them.
  8. It not the blue light. If the UV that the lamp emits. You can't seen UV. One thing if you use UV, the lamps will still emit blue colored light when it no longer is producing any UV light.
  9. I travel a lot internationally. I prefer hard side, 4 wheel spinners. A case can be made for 2 wheel models if you are going to be dragging them over uneven surfaces. I have had a number brands, but find that the more expensive ones tend to be better. They last longer. But eventually, they will all get damaged if you travel a lot. My latest are Briggs and Riley. NOT cheap, but lifetime warranty. For ANY issues. Even if the airline damages is, they will repair or replace. So far, I have had no issues with mine.
  10. Hmm, no deception. I pay for X. I do not receive what I paid for. That is still fraud. They did use deception, "Pay us X amount and we will provide THIS."
  11. Maybe maybe not. If I had booked Fiji and could not go. I would travel domestically. Lots of things to do and see in the US. This is for the people on the fence. Maybe they will travel, maybe they don't, but with a 50% tax CREDIT (meaning your trip will cost be half), it may tip them to traveling.
  12. Yes, and even longer. But the vaccine can be released before the full run of the test.
  13. Never had kids. I tell people that my kids had 4 feet, fur, and went woof. Reasons: 1) They are easier to housebreak. 2) You don't have to send them to college. 3) They never ask to borrow your car. 4) When they get to be teenagers, you can spay or neuter them.
  14. Really? Because most Foreign Service speak the local language. And most Germans speak better English than most Americans.
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