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  1. The biggest problem with sailing in a GS is that you will want to do it for every cruise after that. 😄
  2. Now it seems that they are specifically trying to grab cash, even for a month. Especially starting by not cancelling a 12 night cruise when the CDC requirements would not allow the cruise to sail.
  3. Royal is playing more games. If you booked with FCC and also had to pay a bit extra, CHECK YOUR CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT. We were booked on the March 6 12 night on Grandeur. It was obviously going to be canceled due to CDC limitations. But Royal did not cancel it before final payment. We had 125% FCC from another canceled cruise (AGAIN they waited until after final payment to cancel). So I figured I would go ahead and apply the FCC to the March 6 cruise, and pay a bit extra (shifted from GS to OS from the shift from April cruise, as no GS). So, imagine my surp
  4. Because I was not paying attention to everything in the cruise world. However, I did post a thread about the possibilities the night before, but no one mentioned the CDC order. So I did the final. It was not a huge amount more, as I had 125% of a cancelled 11 night cruise, but at one step lower cabin class.
  5. This is the problem. They KNOW that the cruise will not sail. But they keep taking money for it. I am about to dispute the charge with my card company.
  6. I know that. But with RCI IT system, who knows? 😄
  7. Unfortunately, I am thinking they are just doing that. If they were being honest, they would have slipped the final payment date a few weeks. I took FCC on the last one they canceled. But when they cancel this one, I think I want all my money back. Especially with them playing games. But knowing RCI, if I take the FCC, they could actually give me +25% on the money that came from the previous FCC 125% deal. 😄
  8. Maybe now, but she was scheduled to go to Pullmantur the end of March 2021. We had been booked on an April 12 night, but had to move to early March, as she was to be gone.
  9. So, CDC put out cruise guidelines on October 23, 2020. As I understand it, all cruises over 7 nights are NOT allowed up through at least November 2021. If this is the case, why is RCI taking final payments on 12 night cruises in March of 2021?????? This is at least dishonest, and at worse, maybe illegal.
  10. ADA is a law. DOT makes regulations. Unless Congress changes the law, DOT regulations have to follow the law. Or they will be invalidated.
  11. No, they are two different tests. One tests for the virus, IOW, do you have it now. The other is a test for antibodies, IOW, you had it, but no longer have it.
  12. Grandeur was supposed to go to them. So they may have ships coming to replace those they are scrapping and not sailing.
  13. Thanks. If lift and shift an option still? And what time limits?
  14. Tomorrow is final payment for a cruise in March. Is Royal offering any special deals on later cancelling for FCC or shifting or such? Trying to decide whether to cancel or pay. I already had one I paid for cancelled not long after final payment. Thanks. Terry
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