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  1. I have. I was told that they do things the way the corporate tells them. We did a club in London that did this. Lyrics on all 4 walls. Actual band. MANY people up and singing and dancing. GREAT fun.
  2. Condition of the ship. Unresponsive crew.
  3. SRF

    Real ID

    Because for many Americans, it is a several days drive to exit the country. You cannot WALK through 3 or 4 countries in a day like Europe, kidding 🙂 , and a friend's daughter and some of her friends, did drive from one country, through another one, to have lunch in a 3rd, and return the same day. And the reason for the issues is, we do not have a national ID card, like most Europeans do.
  4. But if you drive a distance, you lose the music station. And have to search for another. With Sirius, I can drive across the country and listen to the same station. Hmm, music should be free? Really? I guess you need to tell the music industry that. I am sure they want to work for nothing. No, you said all the food should be the same. And like on land, on board ship, there is better, higher quality food available, it just costs a bit more.
  5. If you do it a lot, you get used to it. And it becomes easier. And using a sleep aid, to SLEEP during normal sleeping hours for where you are, helps a LOT. But there are even some little things. I reset my watch to the destination time, as soon as I am on board the flight. So, for a flight to Europe, instead of looking at my watch and saying, hey, it's only 6PM. I look and say, HEY, it's midnight, I need to take a nap. 😄
  6. Every Android phone I am familiar with allows texts to come through. iMessaging only works iPhone to iPhone. And it uses cell data, so no text fees.
  7. You have missed out. Nothing like hot bread fresh out of the oven. Or easier, bread maker. 😄
  8. He was the one explaining the "suspicious" activity. And after I mentioned airplanes, he still did not get it. I had to carefully explain that I checked out of one hotel, went to the airport, boarded a flight, flew 4 hours to another country, then tried to check into a hotel. And then still tried to tell me it was suspicious because it involved two countries.
  9. Hmm, beach, water, dark. Endless possibilities. 😄
  10. I travel internationally. Most trips are a minimum of 14 days, and sometimes as much as 30 days. And once, 5 weeks. I wash out many things in the sink. Duluth Trading Company Buck Naked underwear dries VERY quickly. For shirts and such, I do send out the laundry. Never had an issue with the wrong item returned or any damage.
  11. I mostly patronize the pool bar. Every day or two, I give them a 5. If they are taking good care of me.
  12. We will give Enchantment a chance. But if it is as bad as the current real time review is going, it is possible we will not cruise. We are not interested in the mega ships. And flying to FL makes the cruise that much more expensive and time consuming. We would probably just do land vacations.
  13. Two things. I wish they would get some other costumes than the Village People. And, project the lyrics, so EVERYONE can sing along.
  14. Some do it because they prefer Grandeur. They DON'T WANT the other options. 🙂
  15. Some very strange relationships here. But if it works for you, great.
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