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  1. They are acceptable to RCI, but once you are in the waters of another country, you need to be in compliance with their rules and laws. And you assume they will just tell you. They could just arrest you. But if you feel comfortable using them, by all means do.
  2. In the US, the radios run on the Family Radio Service rules. The same radios are legal in Canada and Mexico. Anywhere else, maybe, maybe not. From Wiki: If YOU are using the radios in a location they are illegal, YOU will be the one in trouble, not the cruise line. Up to YOU.
  3. You do not need that long of an antenna, if you have a robust impedance matching system. You can just use a random length of wire. The longer, tuned antennas are a way to reduce the matching load.
  4. Do you realize that the use of those walkie talkies may be illegal on other countries? Many countries restrict the use of any communication radios. And just before that frequency band is free for you to use in the US, it may require a license in another country, or interfere with local military or police radio bands.
  5. A Global entry card IS a government issued photo ID card. They would still need the BC or other document for proof of citizenship Global Entry card is not proof of citizenship, as you do not have to be a US citizen to enroll in Global Entry.
  6. I guess I just stay in "upscale" hotels. 😄 Most of the hotels around LHR are more "upscale"
  7. I do not know about Canada, but T-Mobile in the US has one of the best international packages available. Unlimited texting and data, 25 cent per minute calling in over 210 countries. And supports wifi calling.
  8. I haven't looked recently, but in the past there were Ham Radio cruises. Yaesu used to have one every year. They would have rows of HF rigs set up and usable by passengers with the proper license I do not know if they were restricted to international waters or what the did about national laws. Some countries allow amateurs of certain nations to operate, without obtaining a local license.
  9. You obviously do not know the complete story of the 737 MAX crashes. It is not a failure of Boeing, but a failure of the crews that were flying them. In the case of the Ethiopian Air flight, the copilot had less than 300 hours TOTAL flying experience. And that crew did several things wrong that contributed to the crash. Same thing with Lion Air. They did the correct initial response, but never looking into the emergency checklist to see what the next step was. They did the initial step 25 times, without looking in the checklist for the next step. The previous flight in the same aircraft had the same issue, but it was not properly reported, so they flew the airplane again. And the only reason the previous flight did not crash was that a 3rd pilot was riding jumpseat and he knew what the next step to do in the situation. Also, EVERY 737 ever built has 2 or 3 (I forget off the top of my head) trim failure modes that have the same response from the to crew to deal with. The MAX added one more failure mode, but the RESPONSE TO IT IS THE SAME AS THE OTHERS. So by not responding properly to the MAX failure, means they would not have responded properly to any of the other failure modes.
  10. Royal Carib bans ALL extension cords/power strips now. It seems they got tired of checking and arguing about surge suppression.
  11. First, adjoining and connecting are two different things. Adjoining are side by side. ALL cabins have adjoining cabins. Connecting cabins means there is a door connecting the two cabins. We have had a connecting cabin for the last 3 cruises and have never had any extra noise. But that may be partially a function of the cabin class. We are further away from the connection door, and do not typically have kids next door.
  12. Same sign on Grandeur. I saw it by the beverage station in the WJ.
  13. Yes, and we paid a lot of money to NOT have our cruise affected by the poor behavior of your (not necessarily saying that yours is not well behaved) id. Things you thing are precious, and annoying to others. Even other parents. Well behaved children are welcome in most places. But they do not need to go to EVERYWHERE.
  14. Les than 2 weeks from cruise, it is not a down payment, it is FULL payment.
  15. Again, the perks are the only loyalty the companies give you. They are FOR PROFIT entities, and their goal is to make money. They are not loyal to you, in the sense that they care that much about you as an individual or a customer. You use them a lot, they give you defined perks. If you don't like those perks, then go somewhere else. Same thing with hotel chains, airlines, rental cars, etc. Stay, fly, rent X times, get Y perks. The only real difference is that for the cruise lines, you keep your status, even if you don't sail on them for years. For the others, you have to be VERY loyal to them to get any status that does not have to be earned annually. And most of them, anyone can purchase most of the same perks. The perk is, that they are free to frequent customers.
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