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  1. So since I am paying for my cruise in Canadian funds, does this mean I can't use the bonus card?
  2. Thank you, that is great news.
  3. We just received word from RC that our cruise will no longer be going to Hilo, so they added an extra day in Lahaina, Maui. This is a tendered port and we decided to make the most out of the 1st day and drive to Hana. I am wondering if there is a cut off time for the tender boats going back to the ship? I have researched some threads but see conflicting answers. Thank you
  4. I have made my time dining reservations for our upcoming cruise and it does show on our daily schedule our time block. Sorry I can't help with regards to the beverage package.
  5. We are on this cruise too. First cruise we are not flying into the departure port so this will be convenient for us for this trip. I like to have cold bottles of water ready for our port days and bottles of coke since we are not fans of fountain soda. It's a shame we can no longer check it with our baggage but we don't buy a huge case of drinks, just a few, so we will be fine with carrying on. We did prepurchase bottled water on Princess but it was quite reasonably priced and it was smaller individual sizes.
  6. When our clothes were returned they were still piping hot from the dryer. We were told they would be washed in hot water by our room attendant and to be careful what we put in the bag.
  7. We used it on our RC cruise. We put underwear, shirts (including polo), shorts and PJ's in the bag, we really stuffed it. It is all washed in hot water and super hot dryer so items could shrink. We didn't have anything ruined and no colors faded, we had a fix of whites and darks in the bag.
  8. This is good to know. We are on Radiance next month and DH will love to use the steam room.
  9. Freedom was our very first cruise ever and will always bring about fond memories. Hope your trip went well and would love to hear your opinions of the ports.
  10. When we sailed on Freedom, we put a 12 pack of bottled water and a 6 pack of Coca Cola in a small duffle bag. We attached a RC luggage tag and left it with the porter along with our suitcases, all arrived to our cabin.
  11. We have only sailed a few times and have had a table of 6 and a table of 8 on traditional dining, both times were great. The table of 6 was actually just us and one other couple, the 3rd couple always ate at the buffet. I wish they had told the restaurant staff this was what they were doing so that we could have had the 3rd couple seated with us. The table of 8 was awesome, so much fun. I am disappointed that we could not get traditional dining on our upcoming cruise, there was not even a wait list option so we are on MTD. I'm hoping we can be seated with others, we enjoy the stories and hearing other peoples experiences and adventures with ports and cruising.
  12. I think this would be great. On our last RC cruise, quite a few years back, we didn't give the main dining room menu much of a thought because it changed by spice theme most nights and we loved the surprise of seeing what was offered. Now I noticed that the menus are pretty much the same very night so having an idea of what is offered will let us make a more informed decision on what nights to reserve specialty dining.
  13. We are fairly new to cruising and we do dress up on the formal nights. Not tuxedos and ballgowns, although I do appreciate those that do, more along the lines of a cocktail dress and suit for DH. We also like to purchase the photo that we get taken on this night, once we have cruised more I'm sure we will opt out of the photos being taken. On our last cruise we had TD and our table mates were wonderful. One couple did not show up on the 1st formal night and when we met up with them later in the evening for a drink we teased them about standing the rest of us up. They said they didn't feel comfortable coming because the husband did not have a suit jacket. On a prior cruise they were made to feel embarrassed by their table mates for not dressing formal and they felt so awkward during the rest of the cruise that they only ate at the buffet for the rest of the trip. We insisted that they join us on the 2nd formal night and they did, they were both dressed nicely and to be honest I don't pay much attention to what others are wearing....only DH because he can really rock his suit! Obviously I'd prefer not to sit across from someone in a bathing suit or a man without a shirt on when I'm having dinner but other then that I won't fuss about it or really even give it another thought.
  14. We have only been on a few cruises but we have had tremendous service in the dining room each and every night. On our last night we have tipped the head waiter $100 and his/her assistant $60, but as others have said it's up to the individual whether to give an additional tip. If service was mediocre then I would have given a different amount. I enjoyed sitting down to dinner each night and by the 2nd night they made an effort to address our preferences from the bread we liked to knowing DH always ordered 2 desserts.
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