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  1. Yes, OBC should be refunded immediately. You might have to refresh the screen for the OBC to show, but it should be immediate. I just did that with WiFi for my cruise leaving Saturday. I got it at 25% off and it was 30% off when I popped in today just to look at other things.
  2. For my 8-night Beyond, it's 519.84 before any discounts. So I'd guess a 7-night would be a smidge less?
  3. So what is up with Edge-class sailings with plenty of availability in cabins relegating solo cruisers to only the Solo IV or Retreat?? Every Beyond sailing August 2025 has that restriction. But if you look for 2 guests there are plenty of staterooms available in all categories.
  4. That's fine. You do you. I came up cruising on Disney where the major officers are in the atrium nightly to speak with guests (obviously if the Captain is needed on the bridge they are not - and they are usually out the least amount of time as the others), so I'm much more used to approachable officers. That's something I appreciate.
  5. I was answering @KKB who asked. But I have sailed with Captain Kate before and she is very personable.I'm sure Captain Leo is fine too.
  6. Reportedly Captain Kate is back on the next sailing (yay!!) - her Insta indicates that too. It’s currently Captain Leo. (oh, and GenXer here too)
  7. I was looking at August next year and had the same. When I contacted them on FB that is what they told me - to call and maybe my planner could talk with revenue. No thanks. I’ll cruise another line.
  8. I said I admit I do not spend as much. I don’t gamble and I don’t shop on board. They might get an excursion or two out of me and maybe a drink package. So I am ok with paying some more. But as others have said, when it is MORE than 2 people in a stateroom would pay, I object. I already don’t do AI because it doesn’t adjust for only one person so I would end up paying for double WiFi and 2 beverage packages. Pretty sure I paid double gratuities on Summit last year when AQ required AI (and I booked before grats were removed) - not that I minded that part since my service in Blu was excellent and I gave them more anyway. (My cabin steward was just average so his “bonus” from me was just the double from AI.
  9. I’m not thrilled with 200%, but I think 150-175% is fair. I realize I am using a room designed for 2, but I also doubt that in all cases that extra person is spending that much extra onboard. Had I not been completely spoiled to Blu so that I am an Aqua Class “snob” now, I would have no issues with the solo IV. It was perfectly fine before I splurged on Aqua last year! 🤣🤣
  10. Not defending the “I want to eat by myself” part, but in terms of a solo being at a larger table, there have been times when the only seat I can find is at an empty larger table. I’m honestly more likely to just take my food to my cabin when that is the case to avoid having to sit with strangers, but… Just saying they might not have sat there had there been other options.
  11. Clearly get rid of the Boomers who work at the port, allow you to just drop your bags anywhere in the terminal and leave them unattended... And I've forgotten their other complaints. But start with those two.
  12. I've said multiple times, I do not mind paying the solo supplement. But I should have the right to book it and not be relegated to a solo cabin if I don't want that.
  13. As expected, nada. They just say "Oh, it appears that there are restrictions on some of the cabins. If you contact our specialists, they can check with Revenue to see if they may be able to override that." No thank you. I'll just change to a line that allows me to book what I want.
  14. They should do what Disney has done on their ships. They have the Sommelier's Bin where you don't know which you're getting, but you select Red, White, or Sparkling and there is a flat rate. You get whatever has been opened and has a glass or 2 left in it. If the value is actually less, you pay less, but if it's more, you pay the printed rate for the Bin. Sparkling almost always nets you a fabulous deal. Of course you can't be a picky wine snob with it, but I've never had a bad glass doing that.
  15. I've gotten some engagement on FB... They had a generic post about what is your favorite memory of cruising on Celebrity and I said "Being able to book something other than a Solo IV on Edge-class ships." And "they" seemed to not know what is happening but asked me to DM them. I've done that complete with screen shots for the cruise I was looking to book on board showing how putting in 1 passenger makes everything but Solo IVs show as "Sold Out" yet if I go and put 2 passengers everything shows. We'll see where this goes.
  16. When did Royal start using a wristband? I was on Anthem in February and there were no wristbands then.
  17. 🙂 Yeah, clearly the OP has never flown. Carry-ons in the airport go through screening too but you still can't leave them unattended.
  18. I’m willing to pay the solo supplement. I don’t think this is going to do what they think it’s going to do. It’ll just push more people - assuming they stay with X - into booking for 2 and person 2 being a no-show at the port.
  19. Actually, I may not even book the Sillhouette one. I do currently have Beyond that same week in Aqua booked - I was just going to change that to something else since I don't have OBC for it currently but would for booking on board.
  20. I'd like to know their reasoning. I had a cruise on Beyond next August I was going to book on board and I have a list of all but about 4 of the Aqua cabins with the bed next to the bathroom (and there were at least as many with the bed next to the IV) so there were A LOT of them available last week), and now the only thing that doesn't show "sold out" for 1 is the solo IVs. Like I said above, I didn't mind my solo IV on Edge in Feb 2020...but that was before my experience in Aqua Class. And I don't want to sail any other way now. And I don't want to do B2B on Reflection with shorter cruises, so... Yeah. If this absurdity continues, X will have lost me. Not that they'll care since I don't gamble and don't really do specialty restaurants, etc. There is one cruise I'll book for Feb 2026 on Sillhouette...and I'll politely tell the on board booking agent that there was at least one other cruise I was ready to book, but this relegating solo cruisers to the solo cabins only on Edge class is meaning I won't.
  21. Luggage given to the porters is not unattended. There are people who take it and load it onto pallets to be loaded onto the ship. Just like when you check a bag at the airport - it is taken from you and loaded into the pallets for loading onto the plane.If you just dropped it and didn't ensure that it was given to a porter then yes, I'd expect it to be removed and/or destroyed. I don't always agree with @zitsky but in this case absolutely. You do not leave luggage unattended. ANYWHERE. I'm guessing you don't live in a large city either - random bags just left around cause all kinds of law enforcement activity.
  22. This!! I am more than willing to pay for Aqua Class even as a solo. I’ve been spoiled to that and don’t want to cruise Celebrity outside of Aqua. So… I didn’t mind my solo cabin on Edge at all. I am just spoiled to Blu now.
  23. I'm guessing you don't fly much? A cruise terminal is like an airport in that you are not to leave your luggage unattended.
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