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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Great video of my favourite P&O ship.
  2. Booked early, you might be surprised by the single KC rooms on QM2, which are big, have two round windows and a "proper" shower with glass front, and located on their own corridor, which gets very little foot fall - unless you specifically want Queens Grill, a balcony etc. But they do go very quickly.
  3. I agree with this. These are the only two P&O ships I would consider, and I never thought I would see the day that I "jumped" ship from my lovely Arcadia, but her cruises are mainly longer nowadays. Then I booked an outside double picture window single on a certain Cunard flagship, and have been smitten ever since.
  4. Xiamen. Gulangyu Island in Xiamen is also known to the locals as Piano Land.
  5. I replied on the other thread, but yes, it was definitely Piano Land (Oriana) you saw in Piraeus. She arrived there on the 23rd (since left and on the way to Colombo via Port Said).
  6. Yes, it would have been Piano Land (Oriana). She arrived in Piraeus on the 23rd August before heading to Port Said, where she was on the 29th. Now on her way again, and due to arrive in Colombo on the 9th September.
  7. Piano Land (Oriana) left Southampton this morning. Fitting that she was first passed by Aurora inbound to Mayflower then herself passed Ventura at Ocean. Showing a destination of Piraeus.
  8. Yes, can't recall why it happened. In the days before Ocean Terminal was a thing. Arcadia was at Mayflower and Aurora needed tugs at City. This was the first time I had been at the QE2 terminal. Everything about it shocked me .. not so much refit as rebuild needed.
  9. I did too. Was only embarkation though (Aurora), as we came back to Mayflower. City Terminal was fine. For what my opinion is worth, so are Mayflower and Ocean. Having had the misfortune to leave from the QE2 terminal a few weeks ago on Queen Mary 2, and that is one terminal that is not fit for anything. Awful experience.
  10. I've always taken my hairdryer on both P&O and Cunard. Mainly because I have long hair, and the dryer provided in the cabin is neither hot nor powerful enough. It would take ages.
  11. Distusting behaviour. I hope both P&O and the police take the necessary action on those involved. Can't understand how, if this was the black tie night, anyone thought dressing as a clown was even remotely appropriate.
  12. I'm on this one too. I'm not following you, honestly!
  13. I seem to recall someone on this forum said they had a problem with noise in the Deck 2 single cabins on the QM2, but there also seems to be others who had had no issue. That said, I've just been in a sheltered balcony, and there also seems to be reviews from people who would never book one of those either. I had no issues whatsoever. Sorry, OP - I haven't been in any of the QV / QE ones.
  14. I haven't been in the QM2 KB single cabins on Deck 2 where you have booked, but have in the Deck 3 KC ones .. I wouldn't swap out of one of those for anything (and I'm just back from the QM2 in a single occupancy balcony cabin).
  15. I was also on the short Southampton - Liverpool part. Sorry not to get the opportunity to meet anyone (Hattie, it appears your cabin was just along the corridor from mine), but I was using these few days as a battery re-charge. The weather was fantastic, especially the sail down the Solent and past the Isle of Wight. Embarkation was farcical. Everyone thought so, including the staff at the check in desks and the security staff. I work with cruise ships in the UK, and I have questioned with Cunard whether Queen Mary 2 is really suitable for the QE2 Terminal at Southampton. I hate to think of the chaos if this had been a full embarkation. I had a wonderful, quiet, relaxing time on board - the planetarium was mesmerising, and food was good in all locations I ate in. I still absolutely love this ship, and am now on countdown until the next time I'm on board (thankfully from Ocean Terminal this time!).
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