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  1. Diamond Club level of the Cunard World Club. It means the passenger has completed 15 voyages or 150 nights. The top tier. Advantages include priority disembarkation, internet time, a meal in one of the specialty restaurants and presumably the ability to notify preferences on future cruises, in addition to the benefits received by Silver, Gold and Platinum Club members. Yes, a good thing to be (I'm not there yet!)
  2. You'll hopefully find the 2022 launch prices a bit better. The 2021 cruise prices have gone crazy in recent months with people transferring from cancelled 2020 cruises and using future cruise credit.
  3. Arcadia. Larger balcony cabins. Good promenade deck. Great theatre. I do like Aurora too, but faced with the choice between them, Arcadia would win hands down.
  4. Black Watch sails from Rosyth on Wednesday 21st October at 3pm.
  5. I've worked on board all of the Azamara fleet, Seven Seas Navigator and Seven Seas Voyager. However, my favourite is Seven Seas Explorer. A truly breathtakingly beautiful ship. As a passenger, my heart lies with Queen Mary 2.
  6. Cranpina mocktail. Although I have been re-creating them at home along with P&O's Saintly Sea Breeze.
  7. I've never worked on Boudicca, just Black Watch and Braemar, but I don't recall Black Watch's being exceptionally low. I'm sure I was on Deck 10 or thereabouts on Albatros (wherever the reception / shop area is). I was supposed to work on her this year again, but that, of course, hasn't happened. Phoenix Reisen historically do a lot of alterations to their newly acquired ships - the former P&O Artemis had extensive modifications before she was reincarnated as Artania. Neither she nor her sister Amadea have low ceilings though.
  8. Albatros - lowest public room ceilings I have ever seen on a cruise ship. I could reach up and touch one of them, and I'm only 5'4" ! Her future was always likely in the balance, even before CV19, as Phoenix Reisen bought the former Holland America ship Prinsendam, now called Amera.
  9. It is. Have a look online at her sister Europa 2, she's equally beautiful and pricey. I've had the privilege of working around a dozen days onboard both when they've visited Edinburgh. Europa, in particular, is an annual visitor.
  10. Yes, definitely Europa (stunning ship inside).
  11. Taking the glass lift to the top floor in John Lewis in Southampton. Seeing Adonia (Sea Princess) at Mayflower Terminal and screaming excitedly - quite audibly. That got everyone's attention, especially as I was old enough to know better!
  12. I echo the others above. The remaining Fred ships are in the Babcock naval dockyard at Rosyth. Access around the entire port is restricted and security controlled, which is even tighter around the naval part of the dock. It is possible to get photos from the Limekilns road or from Port Edgar on the Lothian side of the river, but it would take a very decent camera and lens. Ordinarily, as I work with the cruise ships in the Firth of Forth I would have very close up, privileged access to all cruise ships that arrive at the dockside, but these are very different times. Definitely not Texas weather here, and the forecast is rubbish.
  13. Missing it here too. Had three cruises cancelled this year - two on QM2 and one on Iona. Probably the worst bits have been how much working at the local port on board the ships and on shore helping passengers has been a massive part of life and the worry for the crews we have got to know over the last few years.
  14. She's on her way. A little late thanks to an outbound VLCC from Hound Point and an inbound container ship to Grangemouth.
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