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  1. My favourite P&O ship by some way. Have only stayed in a mini-suite (same one) but you will love the size of Arcadia's cabins. If you do a simple video search on a certain site, you will find that there is a clip of your exact room B84. Also, as a fellow pescatarian who also thinks that mushrooms are the product of the devil, Ocean Grill has never disappointed. I have never found anything too spicy and the one time I asked something to be omitted from a dish, they were more than obliging. Arcadia is a very easy ship to get round (no complicated split decks or stairways) and the added bonus of the glass lifts for anyone not keen on the traditional enclosed ones.
  2. Already booked QM2 for Europe for 2021. Still to decide about this year's booking. But will also be helping our team of port volunteers in Scotland give a warm and happy welcome to all ships, their crews and their passengers that make it through this crisis and cruising resumes, whenever that may be.
  3. For the captain, crew and remaining passengers - and for the wonderful ship herself - my relief at the news she's on her way home is palpable. Safe journey back.
  4. Will be grey water. The 3 Fred Olsen ships at anchor in the Firth of Forth are regularly going out into the North Sea for the same reason.
  5. I don't sorry. I work as a cruise port volunteer guide, and would ordinarily be in the final preparations for our cruise season, so know the ship movements. Hopefully they are all well now.
  6. Braemar will be joining her three sisters in the Firth of Forth once she has returned to the UK.
  7. Live on the shore of the Firth of Forth. I have three Fred Olsen ships in the river in lay up at the East Lothian anchorage - Boudicca, Balmoral and Black Watch. I work in the NHS as an administrator in emergency medicine. Things, as can be imagined, are strained and fearful, but like all my colleagues, we will carry on. My other "job" is as a voluntary cruise port guide, which of course isn't happening any time soon. Shops aren't too bad (the out of town giant superstores worse than others). No pasta or loo roll by mid-morning. Social distancing, by and large, is evident. Watching public transport at various times of day, is deserted, and rightly being cut back from Monday. Like a lot of other people, struggling with the psychological implications, but thankfully aware of the love and support around.
  8. Black Watch, Boudicca and Balmoral are now at anchorage in the Firth of Forth. Other than the skeleton crew who will remain all board, all other crew are being transferred to Edinburgh Airport and the ships will receive support from local services.
  9. Currently due to depart Southampton at 08:45 on Thursday
  10. She went to Berth 101 on Monday evening once Fred Olsen's Balmoral left (she's on her way to Fife for her lay up). Must be horrible uncertainty for all cruise ship crew at the moment, and I'm sure everyone on this forum, despite facing difficult times ahead themselves, will have them in their thoughts. That's the problem with building bigger and bigger cruise ships. No-one could have foreseen the current situation, but there are only certain UK ports that will be able to accommodate these ships.
  11. You can put in a search for an individual ship or port .. or as a rule, all cruise ships (and ferries) show up in a royal blue colour (opposed to tugs which are pale blue, tankers which are red and general cargo ships which are green)
  12. Aurora currently due to disembark passengers at Ocean Terminal (46) on Monday morning, then has a planned movement to City (101) in the afternoon
  13. Aurora currently due back in Southampton 04:15 on the 16th March.
  14. Not currently showing on the list of Aberdeen Harbour arrivals. However, of note is that Aurora's draught is 7.9m and Aberdeen Harbour's is 7.5m
  15. You can give children over 5 half a tablet of Sturgeron. As for the other person on medication, a GP or pharmacist would confirm if they were being prescribed anything that would interact with the active ingredient in it.
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