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  1. So they are trying to entice people not to cancel with $200, that’s sad.
  2. Were they going to give on board credit before the Corona Virus outbreak and people started canceling or just since they noticed that people were canceling and the CDC recommends that no one should cruise at this time? I know I didn't hear about the $200 until last week.
  3. So Carnival offering $200 onboard credit to passengers is that supposed to change peoples mind if they want to cancel? Do they really think people would go on a ship with 5000 people and take a chance that someone has the virus and the ship would have to be quarantined. I was going to cruise on Carnival in May of this year but I canceled, no way I'm going to Italy even with $200 on board credit.This would have been my first cruise on Carnival now I know why I never sailed on Carnival.
  4. Bye bye Carnival Mardi Gras, hello Carnival Radiance. Doing a European cruise instead.
  5. Matymil thanks for the information about the ports, I guess we will just wing it maybe look for some private tours, the tours through the cruise line are usually more expensive but they are better in case you are late returning to the ship.
  6. My wife and I just booked this cruise, first time on Carnival, first time heading north. Any suggestions on things to do in Portland and St Johns?
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