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  1. Dancing Grandmommy, The VA is offering the COVID vaccine in Omaha NE also.
  2. I know we can't use the Carnival stock OBC for gratuties or the casino. Can we use it for the steakhouse or Chef's table if we wait until we're on board to book? TIA
  3. So you're telling me that I can pick up the golf balls and the clubs right there at the putt-putt golf course? I don't have to check them out somewhere else (like guest services etc.)?
  4. Can anyone tell me where I need to go to check out the golf balls and clubs? TIA
  5. Does anyone know which MDR is used for the early/late set dining? TIA
  6. I'm having a senior moment. Can we not enter our passport # and credit card info until our "30 days prior" check-in date? I know that we can't pick our check-in TIME until 30 days prior, but I thought there was a way to enter the other required info. Does anyone know if there's a way to get this done? TIA
  7. Ask the bartenders at the Alchemy Bar to make you a Key Lime drink. You can also ask for a drink that tastes like a chocolate covered cherry. I can't tell you what's in either one of them but they are delicious!
  8. We've always wanted to watch a Dive-In movie but never seemed to have the chance. This next cruise (Jan 2020) is a 14 day cruise and I WILL make time to see a movie under the stars. lol
  9. We drive from the Omaha NE area down to the OK - TX border and stay at a huge casino there. We drive down to Galveston from there and spend 2 nights before our cruise. Makes for a longer vacation!!
  10. I ordered 2 ea $500 cards on Mon, 3-25-19 and UPS.com My Choice shows delivery this afternoon, Thur 3-28-19.
  11. Does anyone know if you can use the Carnival Share OBC if you BUY the shares AFTER your cruise is already booked? TIA
  12. All of the interiors that we have had were nice and cool too.
  13. I've never surprised anyone with a cruise, but.... I think it's a fantastic idea. Your older kids are the perfect age to take on the cruise. Don't feel guilty about leaving the little ones with grandpa and grandma. You might want to look at the "don't forget to take" lists that people share on this forum and also on pinterest. OTC meds are expensive on the ship as well as other forgotten items. I hope you have a great cruise and good luck not spilling the beans.
  14. Try the Cucumber Sunrise at the Alchemy bar. It's not too sweet. You can also tell them what you like - ie. Key Lime Pie and they'll make something up that tastes like it. It was delicious!
  15. Gemduncan, If you get a chance you can email me and I'll give you some info on what a GREAT PVP can help you with. Cindy.Fink@cityofomaha.org
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