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  1. Thanks for the advice so that we could factor that into the budget.
  2. Am I right in seeing that some one was on the gangplank as it struck and an officer is reaching out an arm to catch them? Terrifying
  3. We are also interested in this cruise. Has anyone done independent tours or wandered around on your own, or is it logistically necessary to stick with the ship tours? Thanks.
  4. If it is broken and not going to be replaced or repaired, they should move that equipment into storage. Leaving it out serves no purpose.
  5. Has anyone tried making calls over the internet?
  6. Does this link help you? It took a couple of minutes to find https://www404.americanexpress.com/ctn/authreg/axtraweb/BookingInstructions.do?app=mapsasd&flag=bi&promotionid=16541 edit- I am not sure why the link is saying to phone Oceana. My path to the page was through a generic link. Perhaps some of the info on the process will be helpful?
  7. In Dubrovnik we made time for a small museum that is dedicated to photography of armed conflicts. It took at most an hour to go through but in my mind was well worth it, considering the city's history. http://www.warphotoltd.com/visit-us
  8. I am willing to bet that in the long run any kinks in the system will be worked out. It is unfortunate that some cruisers were disappointed. I do want to add another data point for those who are trying to evaluate whether or not to cruise on this ship. I have been on one cruise on each of the three ships. We were on the Pursuit in October. To me as a person with fewer experiences, all the ships were run about the same. I have had all very port intensive cruises - we did our sightseeing, ate some tasty food, had a little fun, and slept well. I wouldn't hesitate to book them again. The Den was a strong improvement over the casinos.
  9. judi666 - Which stateroom did you have? I would like to avoid it. thanks
  10. I can't be the only one who wished they would have honored the prices on the webpage. I was trying to book two cruises before coming to CC and finding out what was going on.
  11. Also having the same problem with the May Tall Sails cruise. Feeling frustrated. edited to add: And the LCV quarterly discount does not show.
  12. I am having the same problem with the August 17th Northern Europe cruise. The balcony is priced at $3099. I was ready to book! I went to book this morning because I thought that was a good price. No, once I have the cabin selected the price is $5399 for the first person, $2699 for the second. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I kept a screen shot of the prices as portrayed in the webpage. edited to add: there is no information about down for maintenance.
  13. Does anyone know if we will have port fees refunded for the two ports that we missed?
  14. My experiences from the Pursuit: The gluten free bread options are better than they were two years ago - more choices and better tasting. Labeling at the buffet can be hit or miss. There were things that were not labeled GF that clearly should have been. I had to find staff to double check. There is no notice anywhere that gluten free soy sauce is available. You will need to ask for it, they request it from somewhere, and it arrives for your sushi after about 10 minutes. GF hot dog and hamburger buns are available at the Patio. I saw the grill cook put tinfoil over a section of the grill to protect my patty from cross contamination. Large buffets (such as white night) make me nervous. Labels were not next to the correct desserts making me unsure as to what I could eat. Lots of cross contamination by utensils. One of the staff took it upon herself to go to the kitchen and request the chef to make more chocolate mousse and brought it straight to me. Pasta station has GF pasta. The cook grabbed an unused pan for making my sauce. However, he was about to plunge the pasta into the same water that had heated the regular pasta. I caught him just in time and he realized the cross contamination issue. I wish they could get some recipes for GF cookies and desserts. In Mosiac the coconut macaroons are the only GF choice. The GF dessert choices in Windows were underwhelming. I live in Hooterville and our local bakery makes a very nice flourless chocolate cake and scones that even the not gluten free crowd likes. Azamara can do better. Main dining room menus were well marked but pedantic. Caesar salad was not GF. I asked if it would be if there are no croutons. The answer is yes. Likewise the onion soup could become GF if the little toast gets replaced with GF bread. They did this with no problem for me but it could have been marked "GF available upon request". I never had room service so I cannot opine on that.
  15. I am onboard too. My sister in law happened to be videoing the storm at the time so we have footage of how the wind increased and then the line snapping. The captain just just announced that everything is under control.
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