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  1. My DH and I have been joking for years that we are steerage class, but honestly it never bothered me. We did get Vibe passes to have some quiet deck space and a hot tub. I hate the idea that they are taking away deck space for the Vibe. They could just up the number of passes they sell to the Vibe instead of taking space away from the rest of the ship. That place was a ghost town the few times I used it. Also the hours were limited for the Vibe as it didn’t open until 9 AM and then closed at 9 PM. That’s a lot of wasted time and space.
  2. I guess the ice got too expensive. 😂
  3. Shotty= Sh!tty + Shoddy. 🤣
  4. I agree, I was disappointed with the club. In the marketing ads there was a science lab on the Oasis for experiments and such, but we were told there were too many kids to use the labs. So it didn’t get used all week. the only positive thing about the experience was that check in was easier than on NCL.
  5. We weren’t happy with The kids club last fall on the Oasis. It was maxed out each day and the counselors also seemed liked they were bothered to do their jobs. Each time we came by one of the counselors was sitting on the couch with a microphone barking orders and not interacting. I was thinking this was just because it was busy, interesting to hear it was similar on the Allure. On NCL it was a completely different experience where the counselors always had smiles and seemed to love their jobs and all the kids.
  6. On our last Breakaway cruise, it was fall break and very crowded and the clubs maxed out each day. We just decided that we would go up 20-25 mins early each time, because with the lines you are going to wait either way, so we figured we might as well wait for the doors to open and ensure our son got in. It was a pain, but imagine how mad you would be if you waited 20 mins but didn’t get in.
  7. Did you try them. Were they any good? The ones on NCL are not good at all.
  8. I’ve had the Vibe on 2 former trips. On one trip it was so windy no one could use it. The other occasion was great, so I’m 1/2 on the Vibe. It’s not worth it to me if it’s unusable part of the time. Back to steerage for me! 🤣
  9. The sort of free Drink package! It’s probably the one thing that keeps us coming back.
  10. That’s kind of cool. I like the idea of having an assigned attendant. Unfortunately if that was today, I can imagine a mad dash to the pool deck to reserve loungers. It would be chaos.
  11. Ensenada and Roatan were both really bad.
  12. No we didn’t have FTTF. It wasn’t needed for this cruise. Our check in window was 1:30 PM, but I think but we were on board by 11:15 AM. It was honestly the easiest embark we have had in 5 cruises. We got to the port around 10:30 with the intention of finding a place nearby to watch the big game. Since we had no idea where we were we ended up at port, and I asked where we could find a tv nearby and they said, on board (it was 10:30) and they said they were ready to board! So we just stayed there. Out friends arrived around 2 and said there were long lines though. Our tender port to Catalina got canceled too, so you wouldn’t have needed it for this particular cruise.
  13. A couple weeks ago on the Imagination out of CA, we sat next to a senior woman smoking pot in the Serenity area. Since it was coool out, the Serenity was fairly empty and she was a pleasant woman. Noe one bothered her about it as she was fairly discreet.
  14. We were on that cruise with you. I did see a few kids roaming the ship but not many. After your review I’m glad we left out DS10 home. I would have been pissed if they kicked the kids out early.
  15. Well I am home now and will share a few thoughts on this trip.it rained most of the whole 4 days, so we were all relegated mostly to the interior of the ship. We happily found plenty to do though. Things we liked: This was our first Carnival cruise and we were flabbergasted at how easy embarkation was! We did get there early around 10:30 so we could get on and watch the game though, so that may be part of why it went so smooth. I think we waited no more than 15 minutes. Also, this was the first time we have driven To port, so no stress there either. We were surprised there was only 2 places to watch the game but we had no problem bellying upmto the Lido bar. Pats won, by the way! I really liked the staff, Michelle and Francisco were great! I couldn’t tell you what the CD’s on NCL looked like or their names, but on Carnival they are really fun. I would say the Fun Ship lives up to its name. It was the little things like bingo, on NCL it was just bingo, but on Carnival they tried to make it more fun. We also had a blast playing Name That tune trivia. DJ Mikey who ran it made is so much fun. The casino seems to be a little looser than on RCCL or NCL, so that’s always good. We kept running into Jue a Korean girl who worked at the casino and she was so nice and got so happy each time we would win. She truly seemed to love her job. You don’t find that on NCL. The last stand out thing that we really loved was the Piano Bar with Kathryn Krull. She was such a blast we ended up there 3 out of 4 nights of our trip. She had an amazing voice and really got the crowd roaring. Things that were meh: Food was all ok, nothing that stood out as great or bad. The dining rooms were fine, even without a table cloth. We had your time dining which worked out ok for us. i don’t know if it was because of the bad weather or not, but you would have needed a shoe horn to get another person into the hot tubs at Serenity. We missed Catalina due to weather, which is no surprise, In 5 cruises I’ve never been lucky enough to actually make a tender port. We did make Ensenada, holy moly this is by far the WORST port I have ever visited. It was cool and rainy so if there were nice beaches or something we didn’t get to see them. Decor or on this ship is very old and ugly, but I do have to say I loved all the window seats. Since it was crappy weather we went to the shop to buy cards and they had all our, so they tracked some down for us elsewhere on the ship. Those window seats with tables were great for card playing and people watching. This was our first time without a balcony and it didn’t kill me. I think the fact that it was cool and rainy helped with that. Overall the trip was great and exceeded my expectations. I had heard such negativity around this cruise and Carnival in general that I was really happy it was so much fun. We will book this again sometime!
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