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  1. Finally received the hotel reimbursement. Still waiting for promised FCC. Customer service not of any help.
  2. I received my refundable OBC today as well. Hopefully the FCC and hotel reimbursement will come soon despite being told they would come by Feb 14 at 6pm.
  3. I did not receive one either, also waiting for my FCC and hotel reimbursement.
  4. Just got off the phone with RCCL. They are "backed up" and are processing refunds, FCC 'as fast as they can". No ETA available.
  5. The email stated it was issued to credit card that day, about 1 week ago.
  6. Emailed receipt to RCCL. Received email back 2-3 days later stating credit issued.
  7. Hello, I was on the recent Anthem delayed sailing, I have not yet received reimbursement for hotel expenses. I did receive an email stating the expenses were being paid. Has anyone received their reimbursement yet? I also have not received my future cruise credit yet, anyone received that as well? Thanks.
  8. We just got off of this cruise as well. Very enjoyable, fantastic crew! I believe Royal did the best they could under the circumstances. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. We were notified by RCCL while we were parked in our bus at the port (approx 11:30). In hotel now (our expense for now but told to bring receipt onto ship). Hopefully sail tomorrow.
  10. In a hotel near the port. Hopefully sail tomorrow. Looks like a shortened day in PC
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