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  1. That stinks that it is closed. I am sure you will still have an awesome day with Pedro. We didn't get to snorkel with him. Our kids didn't want to after getting stung in grand cayman a day earlier. So we did the fishing and el cielo. Hopefully you hit some good spots. 🙂
  2. many years ago we used Ionie McBeam and did an island tour. She was great.
  3. I just saw this post about el cielo 😞
  4. I would do a mayan ruin tour from Progreso. There wasn't anything else that interested us there and Cozumel has more options for other things to do (unless you really want to go Tulum than that would be a Cozumel excursion). We went to Chichen Itza on our stop at Progreso. When you most pictures of Mayan ruins they are usually with the pyramid at chichen itza. We went many years ago when you could still climb the pyramid and we inside it on the side. Now you can't. If you want to climb one I would choose a different place. Uxmal looks really nice. I have been wanting to go there but we haven't been back to progreso. Coba also looks nice.
  5. It wasn't bad at all as long as we were moving. We trolled for fish on the way but weren't having much luck. So Pedro stopped in a spot for a bit. When the boat wasn't moving it really rocked in the water. My husband felt a little sick then but as soon as we moved again he was fine. I have a review if you click on my name and find my posts about our carnival magic trip.
  6. Our social media internet was just ok. We rented an atv on our own at grand Turk Thru Omar I think. We got a map and drive around ourselves to the light house and some beaches.
  7. Look up El Cielo. Its too far to get by taxi but several companies go there by boat. We used Fishing with Pedro. It was the best day. He will take you deep sea fishing, snorkeling and then to chill at el cielo. it was beautiful there. He also made us some fresh ceviche with the fish we caught. He was so friendly. We rented a small boat for our family so it was a nice private tour.
  8. brookeq


    We have never made reservations to go there. Just show up.
  9. We went to cemetery beach in march. It wasn't crowded. But there are no facilities. or chair rental places.
  10. We did bananarama on our own a few years ago. Its just a lounge chair on a small strip of beach. They have some facilities and a restaurant. You can walk to the snorkel area. We didn't get to because huge storms rolled in. This last trip we used ronys and we did a sloth and monkey tour first. It was a crowded ship day and by the time we drove to west bay bananarama was full. so was infinity. Our driver got us some spots at henry morgan. It had more space then bananarma. It was also nice to have a pool. We were too far from the snorkeling to walk. We paid some locals to take us out on their boat. It was worth it because we were away from the crowds. The snorkeling was awesome. I think it depends what your plans are. Do you want easy access to shallow water snorkeling. then infinity or bananarama are the closest. Do you want a pool and more amenities. Then infinity or mayan princess or other clubs would be better. I wouldn't do free beach access in roatan. From our experience at banarama if you dont' have a lounger the locals are free to come up to you. Anytime we left our lounger we were swarmed by vendors. More than other beaches. If you are at the beach clubs they are not allowed to come up on their property.
  11. sorry wasn't on here. I will answer in case anyone else may have the question. It included beer, soda, and waters. They had snacks below. But we brought our own so not sure. It also included the chips and the fresh ceviche.
  12. Sorry I haven't been on here recently. The people at the cab stand speak English and so do most of the drivers. The guy at the stand will tell the cab driver where to take you. there is a board with prices. You can pay in US dollars. I would also have it written out. There will be taxis waiting for people at paradise beach. and if there aren't they will call you one. Just make sure you know what pier you are at. I would probably have the written down also. If you look in my signature I have some links to reviews and it has pictures of paradise beach. probably the Disney cruise one and the carnival dream review.
  13. That stinks. I hope you have a great anniversary cruise. Next year is our 20 year anniversary. I told husband. We are definitely planning a trip that we want.
  14. We went to Little Divi Bay Resort (before the hurricane). You can see my review in my signature (carnival breeze link). It is a time share place but lets cruise ship guests visit. No cost to get in. You pay for chairs and umbrellas. And have access to nice clean bathrooms, a small store, and a few food choices. (you cant use the pool ). There is also a rental stand with snorkel stuff, jet skis etc. We did some snorkeling there and had a good time. Just find the taxi stand for Little Divi.
  15. brookeq

    NCL Carnival

    Cabs aren't regulated on Roatan and aren't the most reliable. Your best bet is to use a tour company. They have transportation to Bananarama. Our first trip we used Island marketing. We ended up with our own driver. So that was nice. Last month when we went we hired a private driver thru Rony's and did a few things and then hit the beach. i think he may also have a regular tour that goes to Bananarama.
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