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  1. Check your credit card statement, because I just today received a full refund for our Crown Princess cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to Rome!! I'm so happy, and can't wait to start sailing the seas with Princess again!
  2. This is most wonderful news! I’m still waiting on our Crown Princess March 26 cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to Rome, But this gives me great hope!
  3. Thanks, npcl. I spoke with the disputes Department for Chase today, and they said that they have a record of the dispute that I filed two weeks ago, but that they had not gotten to it yet to process it. I guess Chase is so back logged, that I’m only somewhere in line to have it processed. Kudos to those who jumped on the dispute path earlier.
  4. I called into Chase with a dispute two weeks ago, and have not heard anything back. Today, I called to check on it, and was told that a provisional credit had not been posted to my account because they had not heard back from Princess. This leads me to wonder if Chase is going to stop giving people provisional credits because they are ending up getting stuck with the charge. The Chase representative suggested that I check with the disputes department, which is open Monday through Friday, so I will call back tomorrow to get some clarity. Has anyone else had this type of communication with their credit card company? Thanks!
  5. If I may ask, how long did it take for Chase to act on your dispute? I called a dispute in with them last week, but haven’t heard anything back. Thanks!
  6. Call Chase directly, and when they ask what option you want, punch zero (for the operator), or sometimes it's double click zero's. When I did this, I was connected with a service representative, who in turn put me in touch with the disputes department. I had the same problem when I tried to do this online. The transaction was in pdf format, so there was no way to click on it. That's why I called instead, and it worked.
  7. Thanks, MrsBillyP. I've called Chase and have disputed the charge. I really appreciate how you have given your time to let us know about this option.
  8. Hi MrsBillyP, has Chase given you a credit for your cruise? Thanks!
  9. Yes, and what's most discouraging is that it's been almost two months since the mass cancellations of cruises, and nothing has really changed. The virus is still with us, cruises still aren't sailing, and there's no indication of when that will change. Hopefully, these states that are beginning to open up will be successful, and we will finally be able to leave our homes and ease up on social distancing.
  10. Thank you, Mrs. BillyP. I most appreciate your letting us know what you experienced with Chase.
  11. Thanks, LD. I charged this cruise on my United Miles Chase Credit card, and when I called them, they said that because of the volume of calls, they were only accepting calls for emergency services such as a lost or stolen credit cards, and for any other reasons, to use my online account. My concern is that Princess has calculated what I will receive in reimbursement, but added that it could be until June 2020 (or earlier) that I would receive the refund. That is 90 days after the cancellation date. I'm concerned that Princess could be pushing the the goal post out until we are past the time when we could file disputes. I'm inclined to consider filing a dispute around May 12 to cover myself, but don't know what position MasterCard will take as to any dispute since I paid in December 2019.
  12. I've read that Discover and American Express are two card companies that allow disputes that are beyond 60 days from payment. I'm not sure if any other credit card companies follow this policy, and instead, only allow disputes within the 60 days of payment. Does anyone know if other cards allow disputes over payments made that are older then 60 days from payment? Thanks!
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