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  1. That sounds so much fun! Could you share the excursion info with us?
  2. We are looking for excursions for Ocho Rios in December, do you have any suggestions? Originally thinking about Dunn river fall and blue hole, do they worth to go? I see most excursions do not include the admission ($23 pp for Dunn and $20 pp for blue hole). Is it better to book in advance or take a taxi when we arrive? Also saw the river tubing. We have two kids (6 and 8 ), they are good swimmers, will these two spots suit them? Or if there’s other ones? Any recommendation is appreciated! TIA!
  3. Thank you! We chose Eco tour. Hope DS can have some fun! PS. We are from PA too!
  4. Thank you Paul. We will definitely avoid the guys with baby monkeys. Always hate the people who took the poor wile animals away from their home. I understand those people need a way to make their living, but by ruining other's life? I cannot agree.
  5. Oh great, thanks Paul! I'll stick with the land tour then. The catamaran looks so cool. They said they like both! They want to see monkeys and also want to ride on a Catamaran! Maybe next time!
  6. We are a family of four, kids are 7 and 5. We are trying to decide between 1. The Grand Tour of St. Kitts or 2. CATAMARAN FANTA-SEA TO NEVIS & BEACH BREAK The pro of the first one is kids may have chance to see monkeys. The pro of the second one is it sounds very relaxing and kids have never done catamaran before. Please help to choose. Thank you!
  7. It's so hard to decided. Our cruise will arrive St. Johns, Antigua before Christmas. We are a family of four: DH, me, DD(almost 😎 and DS(5.5). We are debating what to do in St Johns, Antigua. Option 1: Eco tour. It looks fun, but we are not sure if those rock climbing would be suitable for them. They are very much looking forward for snorkeling though. The Eco tour seems the only Eco tour in the area. Option 2: Catamaran with lobster lunch. There is some swimming but not snorkel. Option 2 is slightly cheaper. It's organized by the cruise ship, I think will be very relaxing. Which one shall we choose? Please give some suggestions. Thank you!!!
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