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  1. Anyone trying that with me will very quickly regret that decision. 😈
  2. You're getting a DEAL!! This suite probably costs in excess of $1800 PER NIGHT! 😆
  3. I was going to say - that's some really cold beer. I thought Guinness was supposed to be served room temp. 😋
  4. I'm so glad you're doing this live "review". My wife and I will be doing this same itinerary in April 2021 on Harmony.
  5. Agree! Bad reviews often tend to exaggerate and overshadow the good reviews.
  6. Mr. Grumpypants (on the right) seems very determined to NOT have a good time. 😠😋
  7. I was watching you sail into SXM on the live webcam on top of the Holland House. 😋
  8. If you're traveling with kids - this is NOT a silly question at all!! 😉😆
  9. OH ... WHEW! We're on the TA sailing that takes it to dry dock. I'll be able to get in some last minute Sabor meals. 😁
  10. Since I'm "only" 58 I have to do the same. 297 days until our first Carnival experience, and 424 days until our first TA sounds a whole lot better than ....... UGH!! ........ 2,741 days until retirement. 😲🙄😭
  11. I can't wait to see how they're going to pull that off for SB LVII in Glendale, AZ. 😋😁
  12. No - generally, the selections tend to be geared towards being healthier.
  13. Looking forward to your review. Now that I have a booking on Harmony, I want to read (and see) as much about her as possible. Never mind that my sailing is 432 days away .... 🙄
  14. Did they stop serving alcohol in the MDR and I wasn't aware of it???
  15. We were on Anthem 4 weeks ago and the inputs were blocked by a metal bar. HOWEVER ... we discovered that we could change the input with our universal remote to "Screen Mirroring" and connected to the tv from our phone using a screen mirroring app and stream Netflix from our phone to the tv. Worked like a charm! Just make sure your remote is pre-programmed for Samsung tv's to save the bother of having to program it. I got mine at Walmart for about $14.
  16. Quick question - asking here since I'm also a Royal Carib veteran - does the Cheers package ever go on sale for a better price than the $52/day I'm currently seeing on my booking?
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