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  1. I recall a man estimated 60 years old exiting Spice H2O on Escape recently, around 11 am. He was in the hallway obviously confused and looking for a bathroom, apparently drunk. He wore swim shorts and feces were all over the back of his legs. I have no clue how soneone can lose control like that, and I wondered where he had smeared his excrement already... for sure I understand how norovirus spreads.
  2. We flew in to EWR early on a Sunday and were in line at Manhattan cruise terminal by 9:45. Took airtrain from terminal, then NJTransit to Penn Station, then cab to the pier. Train was $13 per person each way and cab was around 8-10 bucks per trip. Highly recommended and likely faster than a car, and way cheaper. Only downside is carrying bags on the train, but we pack pretty light nowadays.
  3. Beagles at airports I have seen are busting people for apples and sausages you brought back from Germany. Drug and bomb dogs exist but seem to be deployed to where the threats are. One point to mention are edibles... all the effect, zero smell, and nobody will be able to tell if your gummy bear is just candy by looking at it. Just don't allow any kids near it. Anybody who has been to California, Denver, or Vegas and taking advantage of the new legalities there will know what I mean.
  4. For us it was 250 minutes per cabin, any number of devices can use those minutes, but maybe just one at a time. I agree, sounds like no deal to me.
  5. If you like to drink, it is WAY less expensive for drink packages on MSC. There is more variety of packages too.
  6. I have smelled the sticky icky on many cruises but not on the last one to Bermuda. That port has a reputation for bringing dogs on board and they can find it even when locked in the room safe. Don't bring it there for sure. With the Unlimited Beverages it would be a waste, IMHO, and many people don't like the smell. Don't smoke in the room either, even smoking tobacco in your room can get you a $250 cleaning fee.
  7. This is a popular question here, and I agree with this answer. I would add the a la carte prices can sometimes seem "not worth it" so you may want to factor that into the decision.
  8. The order you use it matters. I was told that non-refundable is used up first and then the refundable starts to be used. I found out the hard way that is not always true. Taxes charged in ports come out of the refundable pool only. Ditto for extra tips you extend after using the SDP (I know you already paid 20% tip up front.)
  9. The way I see it, if your cruise was booked before the "family event" you should be good to go if you decide to skip the family stuff and just cruise to the end. In general if you will disembark outside the USA and fly back home, there would be no issue. Just do not plan to end your cruise in USA.
  10. The OP mentioned following up MDR with buffet but I actually did it the other way. Heard there was sushi one night at buffet only, and went there for a little appetizer which was not available in MDR.
  11. Times are not enforced. Get there when you can. No way anyone will embark at 10:30... people will have just finished leaving and security sweep needs to be done.
  12. Ordering coffee for breakfast from room service is WAY easier than packing a coffee maker, and it is pretty good. Much better than the sludge served on deck.
  13. I agree with those who say to not stress over lobster. There is so much else to eat, and it's really nothing special. We beat the upcharge recently and ordered the Surf and Turf from the package. The lobster was better than the filet, I will admit, but it was not the best I have had.
  14. Escape sailed recently nonstop from NYC Oct 27 to Port Canaveral Oct 29, loaded with passengers so that clearly is not true.
  15. I really doubt the staff cares about that. They just do not want to deal with people who want to order a meal to go, because it would be too popular and they could not control it.
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