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  1. As you would expect from my username and picture, I love this concept! We've got two cruises on Indy booked this year and it would be fantastic to come across some ducks on board.
  2. Just read the news about Jamie's reservations to Mr CruiseDuck. He pointed out that while Navigator gaining a Jamie's Italian is one possible explanation for this, the other possibility is an IT glitch. This is the RCI website we're talking about, after all!
  3. So no matter how you're entering the country, you will require your passport - but they recommend you leave it in the stateroom safe :rolleyes: On a more positive note, thank you again for all your updates - brilliant thread!
  4. I've yet to go (I'm on the 15 June sailing), but am planning on picking up a set of Matryoshka dolls in St Petersburg.
  5. Very true! Sorry that you won't be getting your nice photos!
  6. Well guys the photo session the photos are lovely, but the prices are enough to make your eyes water. from $700 to $2700 for an album with 20 pictures in. Gentle presumptive sales when you get down to the ones you like. :eek: Good grief! We might not be doing that after all then...! I assume there's no option of buying the odd individual photo, like you would with formal night pics? I imagine they'd get far more business if that's how it worked!
  7. Royal responded to my email by saying our transactions were zeroed out because of the package and not retained. This is impossible. They have to keep these records for safety concerns (i.e. over serving someone) and for profit/loss calculations. Where are you getting this information from? There are times when we've had the drinks package that our Seapass cards weren't even taken from us - they glanced at them, saw we had the package and went off to get our drinks. Presumably they did record the drinks somewhere, for stock purposes if nothing else, but there was certainly no record of the drinks being associated with us.
  8. Tonight we had a photo session in the portrait place on deck 3, the photographer is really good and took her time, will let you know the results when we see them tomorrow. These are different from the ones around the ship. Would love to know more about this, please! In what way are they different to the ones around the ship? Did you pre-book or just turn up?
  9. I'm also on the 15th June sailing. This is massively helpful - thank you! Particularly appreciate you posting cruse compasses... we're sailing with a baby and looking to utilise the night nursery a couple of times - knowing what's on when will hopefully allow us to book the evenings we want right from the beginning of the cruise. Thanks again!
  10. Just got back from Indy, following her dry dock. I tried to take photos of some of the changed things that I hadn't already seen on Cruise Critic.Enjoy! New library (where the cigar lounge used to be) Star lounge (formerly the Pyramid lounge) Boleros Fish and Ships Mini golf and new sunbathing area Will try to answer any questions!
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