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  1. I only used that title because that is what one of the posters in the thread I read said. OMG, I cannot believe that something I found so silly is now causing me to get questioned. I have always found these boards helpful when I am searching for info on cruises. Sometimes I roll my eyes at long threads about chairs hogs and jeans in the MDR, but overall it's all in good fun and informative. Apparently, I made a major faux pas in even attempting to be humorous. I'm done. If you are happy with a small group of posters dominating the boards, then so be it, but if you want to encourage more people to post this isn't the way to do it.
  2. Hello, I don't post much, because I'm busy and I work full time and don't have time to make thousands of posts on a forum. I only visit these forums if I'm planning for a cruise. I sincerely laughed when I stumbled across the thread on HAL about lanyards being declasse. I didn't realize my motive and profile would be questioned by posting something that I thought was humorous for it's ridiculousness. Sorry I even brought it up. Jeez.
  3. We are loyal X cruisers, but we are looking at other options (Princess, NCL, HAL, RCI) for our Alaska cruise next summer. Whilst perusing the boards looking for information, I happened upon a few threads, mainly from HAL and Princess cruisers, discussing the abomination that is known as lanyard wearing. Apparently for some, lanyards are tacky and distasteful and scream newbie. Apparently one should keep their seapass (or whatever they call it) hidden away on one's pocket or wallet or bag. I was LOL reading the comments. Is this really a thing? I have never given a thought to lanyard vs non-lanyard as something that should be the subject of debate, but I guess it is. I see people on X with lanyards and without, I never give it second thought.
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