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  1. Just in case anyone was wondering, I just learned that passengers 2 and under do not receive medallions. Not that my baby would be using his, but it would have been a neat souvenir. Oh well.
  2. Thank you! That picture is helpful. We have requested a pack n play from Princess, but we may have to bring ours for the hotels before and after (they’re saying they can’t guarantee a crib because it’s first come first serve!) so maybe I should just tell Princess we’ll use our own. Or maybe we’ll set it up in the grandparents room! I’m assuming they’ll babysit in our room though, since they have an interior. i was wondering about strollers. I was thinking I’d just take his car seat with it’s stroller frame so we have an easy way to get the car seat around. But then we won’t have a normal stroller. I’ll have the carrier though and would probably prefer that most of time time anyway. He won’t even be crawling yet.
  3. Just wanted to share that we will be going on a Princess cruise to Alaska this summer with our 6.5 month old, so I am finding this thread really helpful! Thank you! We are on the Royal with a deluxe (obstructed) balcony so it has a small couch, but he’ll be in a pack n play anyway. The couch will just be nice for my in-laws when they babysit! 😉
  4. Oh, how exciting! Thanks for the correction. Hopefully they will take our booking number soon then!
  5. I’m also on June 8th and can’t get it yet. Wondering if it’s more delayed since it’s not officially fully rolled out on the Royal yet? Hoping they let us in soon!
  6. We’re 58 days out and still can’t register on the app. The symbol hasn’t changed for us yet. Hopefully it’ll let us in soon!
  7. Thank you both! I just double checked our reservation and we are actually in a deluxe balcony, so we have the mini sofa/futon. Good point about needing a place for the in-laws to sit while they baby watch! 😉 They also just got an upsell for a balcony, but they're not interested in paying any more.
  8. We will be on the Royal in June to Alaska. We booked an obstructed balcony across the hall from my in-laws (interior), who will be on their first cruise. In our room it will be myself with DH and DS (6 months). We were offered an upsell for $250 pp to a mini suite. The plus side would mean more room for the crib, but the downside is we would be on a different deck from DH’s parents since there are no mini suites on deck 8. What would you do? We’ve never been on a Royal class ship, though we were in a mini suite on the Golden and it was nice. Does the per person upsell cost apply to the third person too?
  9. Oh no! Sorry, that worked for me. I agree with Colo Cruiser. Hopefully a phone call can fix it!
  10. I had the same problem. Somehow the cruise isn't associated with your email address. You can add your email under the Personalizer once you sign in through the Booked Guest link, and it should show up on your account next time you log in once they've processed the email addition.
  11. It’s not listed for my June cruise on the Royal either. Maybe the Royal doesn’t have it? I found a used copy for $4 on Amazon. I know it won’t have the map, but it’s better than nothing!
  12. Oh, I should mention that all of this is for medallion sailings. If you don’t have the medallion yet, then nothing has changed! No apps, just use Princess and Sea from a web browser on your phone on board (or don’t, and enjoy a tech free cruise!)
  13. These are the different apps you CAN download, though all of them are optional. The Ocean Ready one will allow you to check in on your phone ahead of time so boarding the ship is a little faster, but you won’t actually use it on board. Ocean Compass you can use on board (for free) to locate your cabin mates, send messages, or order drinks. The other two are for games - one for free little games for kids and adults and the other (casino) where you can actually spend money and gamble from your phone. You will need to create a new login and password for these, but once you've created one it’s the same for all four. It won’t hurt anything to connect your booking number to these. My understanding is you can do that starting 75 days before you sail. Earlier than that and it won’t recognize the booking yet. If you do it and then change your mind and end up not wanting to use them you can still just check in at the port the “old fashioned” way and then put your phone away for the duration of the cruise! Hope that helps! (Note I haven’t actually sailed yet, so all of this is based on what I’ve read, not my first hand experience. I’m pretty tech savvy though.)
  14. Yes! It works very well. We did it both directions for a cruise last February. We prefer Lyft. They often have discounts for first time riders or if you haven't used them in a while. Oh, and if you have an iphone you can use Apple Pay so you don't have to give them your credit card info. (That might be possible with Android, too. I don't know.)
  15. Good ideas! We did the Ultimate Ship Tour and loved it! You can also use it in the spa for massages, etc or access to the Enclave if your ship has one. I'd also recommend the Stammtisches at Vines and/or afternoon tea.
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