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  1. Go Bucks, I am sorry but if you posted your house preparation list once you returned home I must have missed it. I know it was like post 1138 where you told me to remind you after you returned home. Well, I have been on 4-5 cruise since then and it much have slipped thru the crack as I missed it. Thanks.. If it is easier you can just send it to my e-mail tvlbum@aol.com. I am so glad that you guys are still following this post so you can answer questions for the newbies.
  2. Thanks Go-Bucks, I understood what you posted and you answered my question thoroughly. Sorry if I hit a sore spot with others or they did not understand my question.
  3. How did everyone find their homes when they returned after 6mos or longer for some?
  4. How did you handle cash? Was easy enough to find ATM machines located n each ports? How much on hand cash would be a fair amount to carry from home?
  5. Did your cruise go to Dubai? If so can you tell me the best time to get tickets and the best type of tickets to buy for Dubai Burj Khalifa tickets.
  6. We did it. Booked the 2021 World Cruise while on our cruise to Bermuda. Lots of planning, still working on our 2020 World Cruise, just returned from Greenland - beautiful. Made all three ports in Greenland plus St. John, Newfoundland. Missed this port due to seas and wind on several past cruises.
  7. Just following up for your home prep list for those of us that our newbies. Now that we have two world cruises booked. We booked 2021 on our cruise to Bermuda on the Insignia. Any help will be appreciated. What to pack and what NOT to pack. Got an e-mail yesterday that was scary said only 140+ days to you big cruise.. Thanks.
  8. So you are getting off the Insignia in NY on Aug 11? Any RTW cruisers left on board? We are getting on board Aug 11 to Bermuda. Would have been nice to meet some of you.
  9. Are you planning to do a blog or a review of your cruise?
  10. Are you planning to do a blog or a review of your cruise?
  11. That is great. What were / are the additional cruises. We are thinking about cancelling Athens to Dubai and Dubai to Cape Town and doing the 2021 World cruise.
  12. Go-Bucks, This is from post 1138 several months ago. Now that you have re-cooped at home do you feel like posting you home prep list for those of us that are newbies on the long cruises. Thanks. Pat
  13. I am jealous of you guys. How does Oceania treat shareholder credit. One for the entire cruise or one per segment? Should I have booked by segments?
  14. Can some of you tell us about what you needed on the cruise that you did not pack and what you did pack for the cruise that you never used. Maybe those of us on the 2020 can learn from each of you.
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