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  1. On Symphony in November, I put a 12-pack of Coke, a 12-pack case of water, and 2 bottles of Prosecco in the same duffle bag and carried it on. No one stopped me. I actually had 2 rooms booked for my family so I wasn’t breaking any rules, but the security people didn’t know I had 2 rooms. I really don’t think they care about non-alcoholic beverages.
  2. I’ve only seen them in Galveston. I’ve been on 3 Galveston cruises and I’ve seen them every time. But, I’ve never seen them anywhere else.
  3. Did you stop to eat lunch? I’m thinking about this tour too, but I am wondering if we should try to schedule a lunch or just bring some snacks
  4. If you have reservations with My Time Dining, they will have your table ready for you with no wait. If you make reservations for all or most of the nights, you will have the same table. I would switch to MTD and then make reservations in your cruise planner for earlier times.
  5. I usually put them in my checked luggage. I’ve never had a problem with the ship, BUT lately, every time I fly, my bag gets inspected by TSA. Nothing is really moved, but when I open my luggage, there is a note inside that says my bag was inspected. It could just be random. But, on the last flight home, I put them in my carry on and my luggage was not inspected. So, the magnets might flag the TSA somehow.
  6. Starbucks is not included. There are specialty coffees at Cafe Promenade that are included, but my husband said they weren’t as good as Starbucks. Plus, there was always a long line in the morning.
  7. For the lockers, you are given a lock and key and then you pick your locker and put your lock on it. Then, you keep the key with you. The pictures they take are good, but pricey. It cost $25 for one picture and $100 for all the pictures. So, you might as well bring $100 and just buy them all. I personally did not like the food at the buffet, but that’s subjective. I have 3 kids who didn’t like it either. Luckily, I had packed some snacks for them so they ate those instead. Overall, we enjoyed the caves. It was my husbands favorite day of the cruise.
  8. We were on this cruise too and I agree the ship is amazing! My favorite show was Hiro. I was amazed with dancing in the water and I enjoyed the music. I also loved El Loco Fresh. Chips and guacamole is my favorite snack! This was my first experience with with using the WOW bands. I liked wearing it and leaving my seapass in the room, but I thought it was odd that you had to have your seapass to check your kids out of the kids club. I dropped my daughter off and gave her check-out privileges because she is 11. Then when I went to pick her up, they said the bands don’t work there and I needed my actual seapass card. Even though she had check-out privileges, they wouldn’t let her leave because she didn’t have her seapass either. So, I had to go back to the room to get it and she had to carry it with her whenever she went into Adventure Ocean. It wasn’t really a big deal, but I thought other parents might want to know that. I agree with you that the ship never seemed over-crowded. We didn’t even have trouble finding chairs on the pool deck on a sea day. Since I am a Texas girl, I can’t wait for Galveston to get an Oasis class ship. This is definitely my new favorite class.
  9. We just got off Symphony. We boarded on Deck 5 around 11:30am and I went to the MDR right there on Deck 5 where there was no line at all. He quickly made my reservation and we got all the restaurants/times we wanted. The line that was super-long was the line for show reservations. I was glad we already had our reservations for all the shows.
  10. Well, I’m on Symphony right now and you can’t reserve it on the app. So, I’ve been standing in line for about 45 minutes just to book laser tag. The problem is that it’s the same line for entertainment. Each person is taking at least 10 minutes because it takes awhile to book all the shows. I asked if there was another line for just laser tag, but they said no. So, here I wait. I’ve only moved about 3 places since I started waiting. The good news is that they just made the announcements about rooms being ready so I can go straight to my room after this 🙂
  11. I just look back at my records for our upcoming Symphony cruise to see when I booked our shows. It was also 104 days before.
  12. I am SO excited about your review! We sail on Symphony next week. So, it will be fun reading along knowing that we can see it all for ourselves soon. We also have a Chill Island Cabana, so I’ll be interested to see what you think about those. Have fun!
  13. I have never linked 8 cabins together, but I link 3 together all the time. Make one person in charge of booking everything. That one person needs everyone’s reservation number. When you go to book dinner/excursions, there is a link to ‘book members on a different reservation’. Just click that and add them. Then, you will have to pay for everyone at once, but you can split payments between credit cards. Like I said, I’ve only done it for 7people total in 3 separate cabins. So, I don’t know if there is a limit.
  14. Hi, you mentioned tipping the tour guides at the sloth and money habitat. How much tip do you think they expected? I just want to be prepared when we go there in a few months.
  15. I have 3 kids, ages 15, 13, and 11. Luckily, they agree with me that it’s crazy to go to a water park when there is a beach right there. We can go to a water park anytime. But, we don’t live close to a beach and only get to see the ocean once or twice a year, so a water park is a waist of time.
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