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  1. I am also onboard and it's been a fabulous cruise so far....I am in agreement. Hell Yeah! Enjoy!
  2. We are 7 suites traveling on the Reflection on Friday. 2 out of 7 have actually received luggage tags and multiple calls have been made......too late now. 1 of our 7 cabins, has been contacted by the shore side concierge to find out what is needed, special requests etc, NO other cabins have been contacted. Even our Zenith peoples have not been contacted? We are not on Edge.......but we do have the senior variety of "low salt, decaf coffee, orthopedic pillows" that dealing with before makes it much easier when we board. With twice the amount of suites, this puts the pressure on the onboard crew as they have no information on 6 of our 7 cabins. While I am sure they will get it right......We are usually excited to board a Celebrity cruise and not annoyed......not a great way to start off. Strictly my thoughts. Safe Sails to all!
  3. Curious if they have the new Ipad Air 10.5 inch or the wireless earbuds......Trying to figure out my OBC spend. Cheers! Safe Sails to all.
  4. Friends just off today in a Sky Suite reported the same issues with rotten egg smells, or sewage issue smells in several areas of the ship. This is my third group of friends who have said the same thing.....and they don't know each other??????
  5. We were on a July Equinox cruise 1 year + ago. We were in a skysuite for the 7 night cruise. We eat usually around 8-8:30PM. There was a Latin family who arrived every night between 8:15 and 9PM with 2 babies under 3 children between 2-5 and the parents and grandparents, Aunties uncle etc.....14 of them in total. They were all in larger suites and when the babies screamed and the parents did nothing, when the maitre'D approached, they told him they were Latin and in their country this is what time they eat, if not later....The Babies would fall asleep eventually, they told the Maitre'd. Needless to say, we never ate in Luminae for dinner again....we utilized the specialty restaurants and used the Michaels Club Concierge to ensure we would not encounter the family again. Celebrity ended up comping some of the meals off our account at the end. They paid for Luminae as did we.....we made it work. Not ideal...but everyone raises kids differently. Safe Sails!
  6. Just an Example: May 6th Reflection cruise from Dublin to Iceland (gonna be cold brrr)..... We were quoted 2 years ago for an onboard booking......$6989 per person. so lets say $14K USD for two in a skysuite. 4 perks included. We just saw this same cruise selling one month after final payment for $4200 for two in the same skysuite with no perks.....A drop of almost 10K USD.....For people who ponied up that $$ in advance and paid final payment.....I feel for them. On the upside, the top suites were not sold and the Royal suite was selling for 8K for two.....for the ten night cruise....perhaps some of them upgraded? Here's hoping. One would think if Celebrity priced their cruises more accurately, this would not happen? It breeds ill will amongst their loyal customers. Safe Sails.
  7. Also keep in mind that Cruise Companies are beholden to their Maritime Insurers......It is often the insurers who tell them what needs to be replaced in order to keep those ships sailing fully insured. They have charts which show them how much more risk they take on as ships get older and they dictate to the lines.....The last M-class drydocks they put in giant new Laundry machines (2 decks high) as the original machines were becoming a fire hazard and their insurer demanded replacement. Of course they sold it as a renovation.....which in a way it was......but it was as much for Celebrity as it was for the passengers.......
  8. MayDay is a most serious distress call where they are in a life and death situation. The one engine working.....They don't know for how long it will continue to work? The lost all electric, stabilizers, basically control of the entire ship.....Besides sinking, this is as bad as it gets.....If they lose that engine again the ship will be in danger of smashing into the rocks and depending on hull damage....could very well keel and sink......I feel for those passengers onboard.....just waiting and waiting and waiting.....and thinking and thinking......Mother nature is indeed a fickle beauty. Safe Sails to all!
  9. I still have my pictures from the Meridien........That was elegant.....our waiter was from Macedonia.....Best ever.
  10. Celebrity Cruises "500M Revolution" is surely starting off with a bang!
  11. It happened to be a 10 day cruise and YES, people place lots of trust in their travel professionals.....who book and often don't check for price drops, or just book themselves and they don't know to check.... etc. We have often met people onboard ships who, after a meal or two together, divulge what they spent and it has often been 2X+ what we have. To quote Marci Syms......An Educated consumer is our best customer.......And many consumers are not.......Which is why we have billions of dollars of fraud each year in the USA etc......Not everyone is on cruisecritic........cheers.
  12. Beautifully said......Just had this happen for one of our cruises......Two years out booking price for Sky suite $7989 PER PERSON......7 weeks before departure, it was down to $2049 PER PERSON. It was full...it wasn't full.....it was full.....And like you I question.....Who does this benefit? The original pricing was so much...most of our group made alternate plans on other lines.....Your line "Celebrity should focus on the cake instead of the frosting".....Truer words have never been spoken! Greatpost!
  13. I know this is a pedantic topic but we are all getting more and more onboard credit recently and trying to buy makeup at the onboard Cosmetic outlets is really take what you can get. We were on a cruise last year for 3 weeks and the first night we asked if we could use our onboard credit on XYZ, they had none of it. We asked if they could order it for the next cruise or the cruise after that???? They replied that their orders come little at a time with no rhyme or reason and they never know what is coming when? When they are told by head office that something is coming on date "X" they said there is never any sure things. On this cruise they were down to a handful of lipsticks, and it seemed most of the Dior, Chanel and Lauder products we wanted to spend on were out???? Same thing with our last cruise, but I just remembered the other day as we are cruising again soon. This should be a profit center for Celebrity? Even people without credit would shop there......No tax and nothing else to do on sea days?? Yet again and again we hear the same story from the staff......Bad supply chain management. Thoughts? or is it only us? Cheers all!
  14. First off just because a cruiseship can hold "X" amount of staff, does not mean the cruiseline fills to full compliment. $$ is a major factor here. Obviously cruise lines want to make more with less. That said, recently there was a thread where people commented that they notice fewer staff on Celebrity cruises and longer wait times. I find this interesting because I always assumed that Celebrity knows their ships, their ratings and how many staff they must have onboard? For example....Extra kids club staff on holiday sailings and probably now that kids are sailing free. For Transatlantics, they usually bring on 2 extra staff in the future cruise sales departments. One point I don't think people are taking into account with the "lack of staff" comments is that Celebrity has brought on Edge which needs almost 1300 staff + in rotation and threw all their best staff on it. For the prices they are charging, and the $$ they have spent advertising (and not on food...ahem) they need a superlative product there....And while reviews of Edge are Good/Verygood/Meh, staff reviews are excellent. So perhaps what people are experiencing is the influx of many new staff who are not yet up to performing their jobs efficiently? or are used to working on a ship? Not to mention a large amount of attrition in the cruise industry...Its a long time to be away from family year after year...How many new Hotel and Food and Beverage directors are there??? And competition is fierce between RCL and Carnival and, Norweigian and MSC...all bringing out 5+ ships in the coming years......Staffing is the cruise industries biggest problem. Specific to Celebrity they are now training on Edge to move people over to Apex....and trying their hardest to not show it on the other ships....which is not working for your seasoned Celebrity sailors....IMHO Our last transatlantic had 1800 Captains club members, compared with 310 when we sailed from Australia recently. Captains club members know their product, love their perks and are somewhat loyal to Celebrity. Therefore there are a Huge amount of bookings made onboard those transatlantics.....I too am guilty of this. Thus extra staff.....If it brings in $$ they will staff it. The growth staffing....remains to be seen it appears...... Thats my practical two cents. Safe Sails to all!
  15. So rich Spacey has moved along......I can imagine that job, smiling all the time and talking to so many people must be exhausting...Good luck wished to Rich!!!..Does anyone know where Maarten Breuls has gone to? He was always funny to watch and somewhat innovative and creative....He was all in on Edge and then he went off radar? It was nice to have some younger blood onboard.........
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