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  1. Let me shed a little light on this situation. When you fill out the form to leave specific tips to people anywhere on the ship....the Front desk people know two things....1) The person who is going to clear these "payments" after the fact is in the back office and has no time to divy up tips for individuals with crews of 900+. Usually depending on where you ate the most they just credit it to the Main dining room or Luminae Pool of tips etc. 2) IF they tell customers that customers may not credit their tips or may get angry with them or the cruiseline and why are they going to have to go through that aggravation? So some say yes we can do it...knowing they cannot(small fib here) or no we cannot.....What you are told and what is actually happening are two different things here. I would suggest the following: For individuals the only way to guarantee they are getting your tips is to give it directly in $. End of story. For your OBC, we leave our donations to the "Crew Welfare Fund". This fund buys extra microwaves for the crew mess, arranges discount excursions for crewmembers, throws parties for the crew or Barbecue's. The beauty of the crew welfare fund is that it is shared by ALL. The people who unstop your toilets, wash your sheets, work in the Engine rooms or Laundry and ensure you have a safe and wonderful cruise and yet rarely get recognized. The Crew Welfare Fund is the best way to do it. We have done this for years and signed it to our rooms most times. It is a great thing to do, as working at sea 9 months a contract away from home long hours is a hardship that needs to be recognized by more of us. Thats my 2 cents. Safe Sails to all!
  2. When you check in at suite class.....Check everyone in "As Booked" and then make it known when you visit Michaels club....Michaels club can do the switching of "Who's on first" without waiting in the day 1 crowds at guest relations o4 confusing the part time retiree who is checking you in and most probably wouldn't get it. Luminae will be interesting, depending how busy it is.....Some cruises its a madhouse and they don't allow guests, others they occasionally do at "off times".....remember they are doing you the favour......That said, you are ALWAYS welcome to dine with your kids in the Main dining room at any time. Michaels club can get you a reservation and usually some special treatment in the melee of 1000 people dining....Also, if they bend any rules for you, I suggest you TIP over and above what is included. With money you get honey.....regardless they will work with you, however if they are going out of their way....make it worth their while$. Enjoy.
  3. This is a tricky benefit. Yes, you can go any time to Michaels Club/Retreat lounge and if there is a line, the concierge will see you to the front of it. That is well and good, and you still get dirty looks from people. Of course you have paid 15K and they have paid 2K...So as in business/first class on a plane, you go to the front of the line, pay more? get a suite in the hotel or front row tickets at plays or concerts.....With Money you get Honey. These are our societies today, love it or hate it. I did have an older Aussie man go "nuts" when he said why are you going first and one said we are the suite group and he went crazy about how us Americans are so entitled blah blah blah....we just ignored him. As far as the "Red Carpet" boarding suite line.....This is a problem. It is ONLY for Suites and Zenith, not elites or Elite + or Aqua class.....and this pisses people off to no end. Ultimately Hotel Directors and senior management onboard are judged by all reviews.....so they don't like the red carpet to be out......There are far fewer suite guests to complain....this was explained to me by more then one HD. Celebrity is selling the big ship with the small ship experience, Luminae etc. IMHO if they are doing this right, that red carpet should be there all the time. In the case of Rain, bad weather, or all the buses coming back at the same time, suites should have a special line as they are promised this....lord knows that is what they have paid 4-10 times normal fares for. Yacht Club guests at MSC get this as do Haven guest on NCL (depending on ship). Yes, we have been scooped out of the line when the red carpet was not there....quietly and efficiently....but mostly we just wait.....And wish we had booked Seabourn 😉 My experience is that Red carpets in the Caribbean are indeed rarely used or needed. When you go to other places in the world which the ship only has ONE Gangway for 3000 passengers......Then the benefit of the red carpet is real and true. Celebrity needs to clarify this benefit. We were just on a B2B2B in suites and the red carpet to embark from ports never appeared once. Longest wait time 40 minutes......Not Caribbean. Safe Sails to all!
  4. Anything to fill that clunker......
  5. Such an interesting thread. The wine with your name on the label must stop, it's awful....The crew know it....The passengers know it and its a headache in a bottle. Personally we just like the flowers in the room. We are the odd man out in that we went to one or two captains dinners early on and then never again. It's a wildcard....too many crazy people in this world and we decided it was just not worth wasting a night sitting in the middle of the dining room smiling talking with people we had nothing in common with. When they changed this to the "officers tables", we tried that once at Tuscan. They also invited several Royal Suite and PH guests making our table 12 people. As such, we learned that "officer tables" have abbreviated menus in order to ensure faster delivery from the kitchen and not delay the paying passenger meals. We did this once, our favourites were not on the menu so we never did that again. Waste of time. 12 people one officer does not facilitate much....except I learned that the lady next to me couldn't eat the pasta because she had been to the medical center that day because she had been constipated for 4 days and "that can be dangerous"....PASS. The one meal we always do is the Zenith lunch with many officers.....This is interesting, usually at Blue during the day. You meet the entire "Management team" and the banter is about cruising and they all have great stories to tell. It is a set menu and usually quite good, however this we do not go for the food...we genuinely enjoy hearing about their "Sea lives". For us, this is our golden ticket. It must be so hard leaving family for months on end...... As far as Zenith perks.....They are less. The swing from many inexpensive cruisers long term.....to big spenders is indeed happening. Our last cruise had a Double Zenith+ with 26 cruises. We cruise in suite class and the suite guests achieving Zenith is always a topic in Michaels club or Luminae. Set the goal and people will come. I wouldn't be surprised if Zenith is further downgraded/spin......"improved" in the next year or two. Remember that cruising is all about perspective......The cruiselines want you to be their "guest" however you have paid for this experience so you are actually a passenger who has bought a ticket. Choose your cruiselines wisely..... Safe sails to all.
  6. Paul: Were you able to Match with Mlife over the phone or did you actually have to go to a Casino? I just got off the phone with Mlife and they will only match when I go to one of their casino desks? Thanks in advance. Cheers!
  7. On our last cruise the people sitting next to us in Luminae, the Suite restaurant were lamenting how damn expensive this cruise was, they had apparently paid $6500 per person. We just smiled and changed the conversation....we had booked after final payment for $2799 each....same cabins two doors down.....AFTER final payment. FYI. We are also changing our tactic and beginning to look after final payment......Many people make several refundable deposits and then cancel indiscriminately. We are learning how to book using miles so if we cancel, the air tickets are refundable for $200 to re deposit mileage.....IF the cruise we have our eyes on does not become available...... Live and learn.
  8. I am also onboard and it's been a fabulous cruise so far....I am in agreement. Hell Yeah! Enjoy!
  9. We are 7 suites traveling on the Reflection on Friday. 2 out of 7 have actually received luggage tags and multiple calls have been made......too late now. 1 of our 7 cabins, has been contacted by the shore side concierge to find out what is needed, special requests etc, NO other cabins have been contacted. Even our Zenith peoples have not been contacted? We are not on Edge.......but we do have the senior variety of "low salt, decaf coffee, orthopedic pillows" that dealing with before makes it much easier when we board. With twice the amount of suites, this puts the pressure on the onboard crew as they have no information on 6 of our 7 cabins. While I am sure they will get it right......We are usually excited to board a Celebrity cruise and not annoyed......not a great way to start off. Strictly my thoughts. Safe Sails to all!
  10. Curious if they have the new Ipad Air 10.5 inch or the wireless earbuds......Trying to figure out my OBC spend. Cheers! Safe Sails to all.
  11. Friends just off today in a Sky Suite reported the same issues with rotten egg smells, or sewage issue smells in several areas of the ship. This is my third group of friends who have said the same thing.....and they don't know each other??????
  12. We were on a July Equinox cruise 1 year + ago. We were in a skysuite for the 7 night cruise. We eat usually around 8-8:30PM. There was a Latin family who arrived every night between 8:15 and 9PM with 2 babies under 3 children between 2-5 and the parents and grandparents, Aunties uncle etc.....14 of them in total. They were all in larger suites and when the babies screamed and the parents did nothing, when the maitre'D approached, they told him they were Latin and in their country this is what time they eat, if not later....The Babies would fall asleep eventually, they told the Maitre'd. Needless to say, we never ate in Luminae for dinner again....we utilized the specialty restaurants and used the Michaels Club Concierge to ensure we would not encounter the family again. Celebrity ended up comping some of the meals off our account at the end. They paid for Luminae as did we.....we made it work. Not ideal...but everyone raises kids differently. Safe Sails!
  13. Just an Example: May 6th Reflection cruise from Dublin to Iceland (gonna be cold brrr)..... We were quoted 2 years ago for an onboard booking......$6989 per person. so lets say $14K USD for two in a skysuite. 4 perks included. We just saw this same cruise selling one month after final payment for $4200 for two in the same skysuite with no perks.....A drop of almost 10K USD.....For people who ponied up that $$ in advance and paid final payment.....I feel for them. On the upside, the top suites were not sold and the Royal suite was selling for 8K for two.....for the ten night cruise....perhaps some of them upgraded? Here's hoping. One would think if Celebrity priced their cruises more accurately, this would not happen? It breeds ill will amongst their loyal customers. Safe Sails.
  14. Also keep in mind that Cruise Companies are beholden to their Maritime Insurers......It is often the insurers who tell them what needs to be replaced in order to keep those ships sailing fully insured. They have charts which show them how much more risk they take on as ships get older and they dictate to the lines.....The last M-class drydocks they put in giant new Laundry machines (2 decks high) as the original machines were becoming a fire hazard and their insurer demanded replacement. Of course they sold it as a renovation.....which in a way it was......but it was as much for Celebrity as it was for the passengers.......
  15. MayDay is a most serious distress call where they are in a life and death situation. The one engine working.....They don't know for how long it will continue to work? The lost all electric, stabilizers, basically control of the entire ship.....Besides sinking, this is as bad as it gets.....If they lose that engine again the ship will be in danger of smashing into the rocks and depending on hull damage....could very well keel and sink......I feel for those passengers onboard.....just waiting and waiting and waiting.....and thinking and thinking......Mother nature is indeed a fickle beauty. Safe Sails to all!
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