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  1. I believe the origin was originally ordered by Celebrity and they moved the order over to Silversea. Celebrity has the Flora....100 pasengers 5800 tons.....And Silversea will have Silver Origin 100 passengers 5800 tons....decked out in Silversea Style of course.....
  2. To answer your questions: We asked if RCL was going to "Buy" the last 1/3 of Silversea they do not own and nobody knows? Those investment decisions are kept close to the vest I would assume. Regarding Captains club and Silversea's Venetian society. The Ventian societies best benefit is free laundry after 100 nights and is cheap about their free cruises.....only offering a 7 night cruise after 350 nights sailing......Not sure how they would integrate but if they did I bet they would have many more "crossovers". When we brought up RCL buying Silversea, many of the long time Silversea passengers claimed they already see cuts? Not for us to say. Sometimes the whisper causes panic......We stopped talking about it as we didn't want to "rock the boat" Onboard sales was CLUELESS on anything Celebrity or Royal.....There is NO cross selling yet happening. This is strange to me as many of these passengers have grandkids and great grandkids and Royal is a Great line for Kids and family trips etc. Dress code: I squeaked in with a Jacket and Tie on formal nights. You do not necessarily need a "Suit" however most men were quite dressed up, actually more so then the Women on this cruise. Many many tuxedo's also in attendance. I hope this helps your packing. Lastly, I forgot something very nice to bring up. They had a few singles onboard well into their 80's and the butlers would wheel them into the dining room at night for dinner and then take them back to their cabins.....a Nice personal touch I thought. As far as Galapagos, I may be wrong but I think Celebrity sold the sister of Flora to Silversea to increase their footprint....adventure travel brings in BIG $$ for these cruiselines. Also, as you are in a national park, each cruiseline is only allowed a certain amount of "Medals" which allow the ships to sail there, so nobody has an unfair advantage and it controls pollution etc. So there are only so many ships that can go there.....FYI. Safe sails to all. Cheers!
  3. Silversea recently offered only a 10% single supplement on a series of cruises so we hopped onboard as Celebrity requires we pay for 2 PAX for single cabins and this was a far better deal for us, 42% less then Celebrity. Also the dates worked perfectly and we had done several Silversea Cruises years ago before we starting enjoying Celebrity. We were on the Silverspirit in Asia, just prior to the breaking of the Cornovirus. The ship had been recently "Stretched" to increase it's capacity to around 600+ passengers. We are usually sailing in a Sky Suite on Celebrity and we took a mid ship Veranda Suite on Silversea. Keep in mind that all rooms are suites onboard Silversea, the smallest of which is 300 square feet. Beautifully appointed, great beds, Huge soft puffy towels and a stand up shower as well as a bath. Single television, similar to Celeb Sky suite which pivots left and right. What is nice though is Silversea has a walk in closet. Every cabin onboard has full Butler and meal services included in your fare. All Alcohol was also included. Similar to a Celebrity 4 perk package. We LOVED our cabins. We did not love the smoking policy.....left side of the ship and outdoor public spaces....and yes, people smoked Cigars as well. Lots of pool chairs to be had and yes, same problem with chair hogs......One in the shade, one in the sun etc. There were several restaurants to chose from for included dining....Atlantide was like the "Main Dining room", then they had an Asian restaurant next door, A Buffet Restaurant that went alacarte Italian in the evenings and an out door grill with a pizza oven outside by the pool. There also was a jazz club spot which served food stuffs, but we did not try. Overall we found that the food was as good as Celebrity Luminae, Murano or even the main dining room some nights. They however offered more choice depending on our moods. We found the Celebrity Buffet to actually be better then what was offered on Silversea. Celebrity gives you vast options and the smaller ship really cannot compete. Where Silversea did compete is in the occasional high end ingredients. You could have Lobster every night if you wished, Sushi and Sashimi were standard everyday on the lunch Buffet. First lunch they had a Seafood extravaganza with snow crab claws and Giant King Crab legs that were delightfully sweet. That all said, the hot dishes were sitting around, the flavours were bland and the buffet overall was boring. Size wins with Celebrity on this one. Also, the sushi onboard was meh and we found Sushi on 5 a far nicer "option" on Celebrity. Clientele onboard was quite old, much older then Celebrity. Average age was probably upper 70's. 60% of our cruise were British Passengers, followed by Americans, Aussies and Canadians Germans etc. LOTS of plastic surgery was in evidence and several people had a variety of mobility issues, perhaps more evident then Celebrity as less guests? On Silversea buffet, they carried your plates back to your table for you and this was needed for large amounts of older SS passengers. Also, the night of the Brexit document signing, many of the British people marched around the ship with flags, requesting British songs to be played in the lounges to sing along to....it was quite a spectacle. It upset some other European cruisers visibly and was uncomfortable for many as it was like taking your politics on the road.....Never a good Idea. The dress code on Silversea nearly killed me. in 14 nights we had 2 formal (Jacket and tie)....no tie=NO ENTRY, fully enforced. 9 Informal nights, jacket required, no tie, fully enforced. 3 casual nights....long pants and button down shirts etc. I found the temperature of the ship to be warm in all public areas.....I complained but Silversea explained that as they have an older clientele, they like the ship kept warmer (hospital ship anyone?). This was Terrible for me sweating it out in my jacket and tie. I realized that here Celebrity wins out hands down over Silversea....the Chic nights are something for everyone.....Silversea's formailty is not for me anymore. IMHO. Every night in the hot jacket I kept thinking "I can't wait to get back to celebrity".... Internet is included in Everyone's fare. I will NEVER complain about Celebrity's internet again. Silversea's internet was an Abomination...... it took sometimes 5-7 minutes to pull up my gmail account, let alone answer emails. I was unable to work and had to get off in two ports schlepping my laptop to a local hotel to engage in simple emails. We were on an Asian Celebrity cruise to most of the same ports 1 year prior and had NO Problems.. Yet Silversea told us it was the "Area", I don't know what was going on, but this "Area" on Celebrity worked just fine last year? Very disappointing for this newly renovated ship. You could pay to "Upgrade" your email $30 per day, however it was just as slow...really ridiculous in this day and age. Bars and lounges were busy from 6PM on and dead after 9:30PM.....It's like the whole ship just goes to bed. There are small entertainers who come onboard but no "broadway style" shows. That said, this was quite a well heeled crowd and we felt that if this crowd wanted broadway, they would just go there and do a week in NYC. Lastly, we find Celebrity staff to be wonderful, friendly, warm and helpful on all the ships we have been on. We feel Celebrity Cruises staff is the best asset Celebrity Cruises has! The service was similar on Silversea however far more "Reserved". We never felt warmth or real caring from the Silversea staff onboard (except our most excellent butler) we rarely saw officers.......The whole Silversea experience was far "Cooler" to us then the Celebrity experience. Again, strictly our opinion. When this cruise was ending, we were happy to go on our way having once again experienced Silversea Cruises. We would return if the itinerary, date or price was right..... Overall, we enjoyed the positives that Silversea offers. That said, we missed the interesting people watching, the chic dress codes, several bars to drink in, so many public rooms to choose from, we missed Celebrity!!!! The Celebrity suite experience or even Aqua class gives us the "Small ship" in a big ship feeling and that is really the best of both worlds. Our next 4 cruises are all on Celebrity and we very much look forward to returning. Hope this is helpful! Safe Sails to all!
  4. I know LOTS of seasoned Celebrity staff who have jumped ship over to Virgin. Some wonderful people, quite sad that Celebrity let them go. That said, we all follow the paths best for us..... I wish everyone well.
  5. Le petit chef has been around in Dubai and Asia and Vegas for years.....This is nothing new or visionary.....Celebrity does a poor job of carrying it off IMHO. As a whole, we found the experience week in all venues over the years.....That said, we tried always expecting better and always found it all meh.......Use your $$ elsewhere IMHO. Safe Sails!
  6. Did this on Millennium and two of our three had food poisoning........Not sure what did us in. We also received conflicting information.......F&B Director, Italian chap, told us that no local seafood was taken onboard due to health concerns, he claimed all major cruiselines follow this protocol.........OK. Then Tuscan manager told us this was fresh Alaskan King Crab legs they took onboard 1 day ago?? We were on a Princess cruise 1 month prior and on our last formal night they offered unlimited crabs legs in lieu of Lobster if that was your order......They were fantastic, fresh and sweet! Celebrity's crab legs were ok, not great....and we were sick for 24 hours...... Not sure what the "correct" information is as so many people invent truth to maximize profits.....imagine that? Safe Sails to all!
  7. Hello All: We have cruised extensively with Celebrity over the years. About 1 or 2 years ago we were onboard and the Transatlantics were not yet bookable. The onboard sales team allowed us to purchase a $200 deposit per cabin which would give us the same benefits as booking onboard when the transatlantics were being released the following month. Next month we booked using these future cruise credits of $200 per cabin for our deposits. Jump forward a year and we have received a $800 FCC for a maintenance issue on one of our recent cruises. Historically we advise our travel agent to apply the FCC on the next cruise and this has always worked. This time, our travel agent came back to us saying that because we used the FCC of $200 you can no longer combine FCC's on one cruise. We would have to push our FCC to use on another cruise? This does not sound correct? I know you cannot stack "promotions" like shareholder etc but I always thought FCC's act as a cash alternative regardless? When did this policy change? Any insight you can shed on this change in policy is much appreciated. This is not how FCC's have ever worked for us? Safe Sails to all!
  8. IMHO Canyon Ranch massages are terrible....tend to be weak and always seem to short me about 5 minutes, which is a rub....no pun intended. I tried maybe 10-15 times and then just gave up. I would rather pay for an expert then a "cruise" massage and there is a huge difference. People go on vacation and go "All out" with the Canyon Ranch brand......Its all advertising, mediocre product... We take some time out at home and get some excellent massages.....far better use of our time. Safe Sails.
  9. My concern would not be the ship itself. My concern would be that they would be using up foods to empty the ship before the drydock and Employee thoughts would be elsewhere. We once did a Princess cruise two cruises prior to drydock and it was a horror, They had transferred the best staff to other ships. Terrible food, Construction workers and engineers onboard getting ready for the big re-do.....We would not do this again and think your concern is genuine and should be. Learn from our mistake....book something else. We lived it.
  10. We were on the Millie crossing from Vancouver to Tokyo. Beautiful renovations! Great Staff. We found food to be not good in both MDR and Luminae. Surprisingly the Buffet had better food then both. Also Millenniums wines on offer were terrible....really bad. That said, crews/chefs change and sometimes you just need to go with it. Every ship has it's own Rhythm which is why we never say we have a Favourite ship....because ships are always "In Motion"......we have great memories fro all our journeys Safe Sails to all!
  11. Thank you for the Feedback guys. I am one who always says food is subjective however on this cruise we had so many clunkers that in the end we just laughed, because what are you to do? The cruise experience was excellent and the crossing of the pacific magical and of course Japan is fantastic. The way we look at it is that the next Celebrity cruise dining experience can only get better from here! Safe sails to all! Cheers!
  12. My friends and I were lucky enough to sail on the Transpacific cruise from Vancouver to Tokyo! It was a great trip however not without it's faults. The Millennium recently was modernized and more cabins added etc. While the ship is definitely older, she looks Great. Grey and Blue used throughout. Aquaclass rooms were beautifully decorated and quite functional. We were in Suites and they were very "Grey and cool".....I only wish I had a phone by my bed and not on a desk requiring a jump out of bed to answer calls. Overall though we enjoyed the renovation and all the Water views the Millennium affords. IMHO the Millennium class ships really let the "Water in" with ocean views throughout the decks....very little retail blocking etc. The Newly renovated Ocean View Cafe is a wow! Beautiful space and food was surprisingly good there. I think they must have gotten kitchen renovations as well. Celebrity Staff was as friendly and helpful as they could be.....They were GREAT! Tada at the Martini bar, Paolo and Foilin in Luminae are just a few of the ones who exceeded our expectations. Vanessa in the new "Retreat lounge" could not have been nicer or more helpful as well. Celebrity staff really made us feel that we were returning "Home".....which is a most excellent feeling. Many new faces on the Millennium. The one negative about our Millennium cruise was the food. In Luminae and in the main dining room it was just Ehhh and sometimes awful. Onion soup sickeningly sweet with sugar, beef was all over or under cooked, soups very salty, new menu items were executed poorly throughout the cruise, some inedible. Timing was off, sometimes appetizers took 40 minutes and mains longer...... Pastas were sticky and heavy and Fish was ok but repetitive, often showing up again day after day. Never on a Celebrity cruise (47) have we ever complained about food, especially in Luminae. We usually love love love the food there and this food was mediocre at best. This was the last cruise for the F&B manager before his vacation, perhaps that was the problem. We complained and he said he would "look into it".....never heard back and the food continued to be bad. Food is a strong component of cruising and Celebrity needs to correct this. Again, Staff was wonderful and they tried with bringing new dishes etc, but towards the end we were all just fed up. So those were our positives and negatives. We did not let the food spoil our experience, still enjoying our days at sea and of course Japan. We met Paul and Edward on several occasions and they were even nicer in person then they are on their cruisecritic posts. Real gentleman. Overall, we hope the food is better on our next Celebrity cruise and to all I say, Safe Sailing! Cheers!
  13. We bring with us a battery operated clock with an automatic light up face when the lights go out. We go down one day before usually an buy shampoo, a pillow and TJ Max pillowcases.....and when we leave we leave the pillow and cases onboard. We also buy one of those room Diffusers just in case there are random smells.....ahem.
  14. Hello All: Soon to sail the Beautiful Edgeified Celebrity Millennium. Cannot find any information on the Captain, Hotel Director, F&B Manager etc. Does anybody have a copy of a current daily or happen to know who is currently onboard? Thanks in advance,
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