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  1. Just to add to this thread. We had two cabins and both had the evening room service every night including the first. Our cabin had three of us, so one of the bunks had to be made up each evening, but our teens cabin was also made up every evening too. Nice coming back to a cosy, ready for bed cabin each evening (and the little chocolates).
  2. We didn’t even look at our tea supplies, so have no idea what was there 😆
  3. Wow! I had no idea that kids places were restricted to club spaces. My kids have never been to a kids club on land or at sea - they would balk at the idea. So we have no idea what they involve, but also had no idea that places on a cruise were restricted as such 😳
  4. Early sitting is 6.30 and late sitting is 8.30. When our kids were younger, 6.30 was a good time. Now they’re all older, we find freedom works best as it’s more flexible.
  5. With regards to Freedom dining , we chose this as we liked the idea of not being restricted to a set time. We didn’t mind having to wait for a table, but the service was poor 😕
  6. Haha no! He ordered a fish dish, but ended up with salmon which he didn’t order. No big deal as we both are pescatarian so love fish. Our daughter also got a wrong order, but she spoke up straight away and they changed it.
  7. I’d forgotten the instances that my kids weren’t given steak knives and they had streak most nights (hubby and I are pescatarian so don’t cook meat often), so they made up for it. Also, twice hubby was given the wrong meal. He just ate it, but really should have mentioned it. We were also asked each evening if we wanted to share. No, our family time is precious to us and we wanted to enjoy our time together without having to try to engage with strangers.
  8. The entertainment and food/drinks are all aimed at Brits - so it felt a little too much like being at home. When we’re on holiday we like to experience different things and be around all nationalities. Of course, lots of Brits like familiarity (like all the British pubs and ‘egg and chip’ cafes in the Costas. But, we’re not keen when on holiday tbh. RC being American, gave a bit of a different experience and my kids much preferred all of that (they like the US). Plus, more varied nationalities. I’m sure we’ll try P&O again at some stage, as I think we were just unlucky with the service. But, our kids won’t go, so it’ll be sometime in the future 🙂
  9. I am by no means biased for or against any cruise line. We’ve only cruised with RC previously and just last week was our first time on P&O. I really wanted to have a great time and we did make the best of it. Loved our time in the ports (even IJmuiden), and Ventura is a lovely, well kept ship. Our cabins were fine, as was our attendant. The big thing that let us down, was the service, both in the MDR, the buffet on the one occasion we ventured in there (kids went more often than us - hungry teens), and the reception staff when two of us had a problem with the WiFi. Breakfast was the worst. Apart from the first day, when we had a great experience with a lovely server, the rest of the week was quite frustrating. Being seated and then left for ages, others coming in and being seated and waited on quickly. No drinks offered, had to keep asking, no toast brought etc, etc. Now, these things are nothing major, but we had to ask all the time. Lunch times in the MDR were much different and we had some lovely lunches. Dinner was hit and miss depending on where we were seated. First formal night we were given a buzzer and ended up waiting 2 hours for a table. We only got a table then because I went and asked if our buzzer was working. We don’t believe we got the service that most on here seem to tbh, and that has put us off P&O. We are polite and never got impatient or demanding, so not sure why our service wasn’t up to scratch. We never say never, but P&O are unlikely to be our first choice for future cruises. Our kids didn’t enjoy the experience, they were comparing to RC and for them P&O just didn’t compare. Also, and we know they are a British company etc, but they are just too British for us. The entertainment wasn’t our cup of tea at all - sorry but bingo? No thanks. I know we are in the minority, but this is just our experience. I know lots of people love P&O cruises and that’s great. They have lovely ships and are great value for money and as most have said, they sail from Southampton. Maybe we’ll try them again in the future, as I said, never say never.
  10. Thanks for the MSC suggestions - I’m just having a look at them too. Any good for teens? Mine didn’t like P&O at all, they’ve all said never again 😕
  11. Class is about how people conduct themselves imo. Are you rude and ignorant? No? Then that would not be you 🙂 Manners cost nothing. I don’t care what someone earns or their so called status in life. A rude person is rude however much money they do or don’t have in the bank, or whether they are a doctor or a supermarket checkout operator. Give me fellow passengers who are respectful of others and I’m happy.
  12. The buffet is somewhere we tend to avoid. We ventured in one day last week to see what was on offer. Walked out with nothing and almost injured after a very rude ‘lady’ decided she was too important to wait in line, so decided to put her arm in between us to grab some gravy, just missing my arm when she spilt some. We walked out and never went back 😕 I don’t mind formal nights, but it would be nice to have one of the restaurants left as smart casual on those nights for those who don’t want to dress up. The buffet is not an alternative imo.
  13. My hubby wore collared shirts with black/dark jeans for smart casual nights. I think you’re worrying too much about this - there were people wearing normal T-shirts and blue jeans some nights. I thought they looked a little too casual personally, but each to their own.
  14. Not at all unreasonable. We wouldn’t have been happy with those issues in our normal outside cabin - nobody would be, surely? We had no issues at all with our cabin or our cabin attendant. Unfortunately, service let us down over and over again.
  15. Surely that’s just down to families of school age children or not, rather than clientele as in (at the risk of sounding snobby) class? We’ve only cruised with RC and P&O both in school holiday time. Totally different clientele on each. Maybe that’s down to itinerary? But the Fjords aren’t that different a destination as Netherlands/Bruges (or so we thought). The price difference may have had an impact though 🤔
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