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  1. Just snagged a 6 day couples pass for the Horizon in September. The 20% off code brought it down to 135.20. Even if we only go a few times, it's still WAY more affordable than a couples massage. Between that and our Havana interior cabin, we are REALLY going to pamper ourselves for our 30th anniversary! Now I just need those 140 plus days to go by faster.
  2. We booked the afternoon tea at Greycliff. I can't wait! Visited the chocolate factory on our last stop in Nassau...very good!
  3. You are still making the assumption that your ship will dock as scheduled, be cleared by customs, and have no other complications. You have absolutely NO CONTROL over any of those things. While this is probably true more than not, what if your sailing has these issues? You will be stuck. I still maintain it is better to have a later flight than risk missing something early in the day.
  4. Personally, I wouldn't chance it. There are too many unknown variables in the scenario. If you don't get the airport in time for your flight, you may have to wait hours for another flight to have available seating. And you'll be standby on anything no matter what, so you've got no guarantees there. You could potentially end up at your final destination significantly later then just scheduling a later original flight. And taking Carnival's transfers has literally nothing to do with you getting to the airport any faster.
  5. I cruised solo on the Victory with early seating. I was at a table with 6 solo cruisers, but 3 never came to dinner. My tablemates were lovely and we had a great time. A family joined us on our last night and it was so much fun! I am a pretty social person, so it's fine for me.
  6. You have to remember that reviews are TOTALLY subjective. One person may love everything while another does nothing but complain...even on the same cruise! You will just have to go and experience it for yourself. Me...I take reviews with a grain of salt. Never had a terrible experience.
  7. You stated that they charge you $9.50 for your room service. The charge itself is $7.95. The gratuity is 18% ($1.43) so your charge is $9.38.
  8. Mr. Lawn...you are HILARIOUS! I enjoyed this review immensely. I want to party with you dude!
  9. Sorry, but I don't buy this story at all. Since you need a personal pin to both lock and unlock the safe, there is no reasonable way anyone but the OP could have accessed the safe in their cabin. Let's say a thief randomly hit upon just the right number combination...highly unlikely from a statistical standpoint. The jewelry may have indeed been in the safe at some point, but the OP removed it and then for whatever reason, it didn't get back into the safe.
  10. We'll be doing the same in September. Cannot wait for those two sea days by the Havana pool! Enjoy!
  11. Thank you schazzy. Some people feel the need to slap others on the wrist for the slightest little thing. I am quite tired of the tenor of some of their posts.
  12. Well that was unnecessarily judgy. No, it's not the server's job, but how nice for him to go above and beyond to give good service.
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