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  1. We just got back last Sunday and we loved the Edge! We traveled with our daughter, her hubby and two kids, 4 and 6 (was their very first cruise, too) who decided to join us last minute. Naturally, with the newest innovative ship and without having another cruise/ship experience to compare it to, they enjoyed every minute of it. We've been on Solstice, Equinox and Reflection and the Edge delivered our expectations--modern and "edgy" maybe for others, but still impeccable and awesome service from the Captain (Kate) down to the crew members. We were on an IV with bed by the window which at first, I thought would not work for us as my husband gets up middle of night (sorry, at least 2x) but we both ended up liking the configuration as it made the room very spacious when you go in. Personally, we loved the open window and extra enclosed space rather than the traditional balcony. Loved all four dining rooms (we're not fussy eaters) and the kids however always ended up with pizza, fish sticks, mac and cheese altho they have filet mignon on kids' menu! We did Le Petit Chef and it was entertaining, esp for the little ones, but food was just so-so. The steak was a little off and tough. Embarkation was a breeze and disembarkation as well. We did self assist as we had a 10am flight to catch and were off the ship by 7:45. I hope you will enjoy the Edge as we did. Our four yr old granddaughter commented on the last day "Momma, I would like to live on this ship and go to other places!!!" The 6 yr old seconded the motion...
  2. Thank you! Can't wait to hear more. VtCruiser, I'm sure, is smiling down on you. 😊
  3. Will be on Edge this Sunday (15th), too and so looking forward to your (Cdresser) "live" blogging. Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness. Do enjoy your cruise!!!
  4. Thank you all for sharing. Will be on the Edge on the 15th (party of four adults and two kids) and was wondering about the disembarkation process. We have a flight out of Fort Lauderdale at 10:00am and getting anxious if we will have enough time to make it to the airport.
  5. I am shocked, I cant believe this! With a heavy heart indeed to hear this news. Sincerest condolences to her family. I have been following her (and Hcat) when we booked the Edge last month and I thought I just read a posting of hers the other day. She is one of the most selfless cruiser you ever get to read/hear from and was always very gracious in sharing thoughts and experiences to everyone without a tinge of haughtiness and snobbery. Truly an amazing person.
  6. slei15. fragilek and hcat----- after several attempts of toggling from one screen to another, got to where it displayed all cruise nights open for reservations (woohoo! and dont ask me how as i dont know what i did, sorry) and was able to reserve all nights. Just as I was about to do a happy dance, only six of the seven nights showed up! aargh. I'm giving up now, at least i have six nights confirmed. I couldn't even add my daughter and family as it tells me they have to be booked separately (what is the point of asking for added guests on another booking number if it is not possible?) this was way more exhausting than purchasing the trip. but thank you all for your input and thoughts---y'all are awesome!
  7. Thank you so much for that quick response. I actually did what you outlined here, made sure that the dates are correct and for some reason, it still won't go thru. I was getting a little frustrated with their website so I resorted to the call but then was on hold for the longest time too! I will try later this evening. Appreciate your time and help!!!!!!!!!
  8. I have reserved for four nights on each of the four MDRs but somehow, i can't double up for the other three nights. Will only give me an option to either "cancel" or "modify" the ones that i have booked. Am I missing something or am I doing it wrong? Have been on hold with Celebrity for almost an hour now. Plus I just booked Sunday for my daughter (family of four) and was put on an IV guarantee (We're on the Dec 15th sailing). Would like to add them to our dining reservations. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!!!
  9. Thank you so much for this update. We have friends (two sisters in their 80s) who are on board with you and it is such a relief to hear from your end. My husband and I were supposed to be on this sailing with them but due to serious medical emergency, had to cancel. Upon hearing of the typhoon, I resorted to this board to see if there were any news. With your posting, I was able to pass it on to their family. My appreciation again for your time and kind thoughts in sharing and I hope you will continue to keep us posted (whenever you are able and have the means of communication, if any as it may be limited). Thank you and I pray that you all have safe travels back to home.
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