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  1. We are staying four nights pre cruise in Moorea. We will have a car. we plan to go to the Lagoonarium, Belvedere lookout, maybe jet ski. Do you have a suggestion. Last time we were there we did the photography expedition with the cruise line. i was thinking when the ship is there we would stay on the ship and use the swim platform and all its goodies.
  2. We are planning to book the drift snorkel through Windstar. (I did it February 2019 with Oceania and loved it.) Tried to book today but Windstar took the excursions dow. Will try calling them tomorrow. I hope this is not a sign of cancelled cruise.
  3. Looking for information about this island. We plan to book a morning snorkeling excursion. Would we then go to the private island? Do they food and drinks there? Are there bathrooms? Do they bring the water toys there? Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Which Princess date were you on for FP. We rebooked a seven night on Windstar with four nights pre cruise in Moorea and three nights post cruise in Tahiti.
  5. When I booked our Windstar Wind Spirit October 15, 2020 cruise I made the statement that I would not book any other pre or post cruise lodging before final payment. Maybe not even until September. (Already had 10/13-15 and 10/22-25) I also put a bunch of VRBO (22) as favorites for 10/11-13. When I sent the list to our traveling companions and we went to discuss, there were only nine lift that fit our criteria. Yep, I booked our last lodging. Hoping that this is a viable vacation.
  6. Thanks Petoonya - H2O Bora Bora only takes six. They are very happy to take only four. They charge the same $110 pp whether there are four, five, or six. We loved our excursion with them February 2019. We are retired and usually take four big trips a year. I follow lots of the cruise lines on Cruise Critic for preliminary information. With all these cancelations I have seen more complaints about CCL Holdings (Carnival, Princess, and Holland America) not following through with promised refunds or FCC. I am about only about two weeks into my wait for our deposit ($1300) and an excursion and two wifi packages. This is the first time that we had used a travel agent since 2014. Even though our agent had been with the company for 15+ years, she is now not answering her phone or emails. When I emailed her I got a reply from another agent (she may no longer be employed) which basically said to contact Princess. This does not make me feel warm and fuzzy or very happy about the February 2021 cruise booked with them. Our June Viking River Cruise was canceled and Viking had our money back in our account and credit card in about 30 days. Windstar's main compounding financial problem would be the three remodels with the very expensive stretch adding about 100 passengers each. From what I have been reading, they are going ahead with the project. I will be looking for news about international travel in general and FP in particular.
  7. When we booked last week, the travel agent went over which cabins were still available. We actually got pricing before the price drop. The TA went over what cabins were still available and most of the B cabins were already booked at the $2799pp. We were deciding if we would pursue this itinerary and on Mother's Days morning I saw that the prices had dropped and we decided to go for it. I was at the doctor's this morning for follow up of medical issues from January (kidney stone surgery) and April (pulmonary blood clots) and discussed with him our continuing to travel like we do. He said October on a small ship should be ok. The main issue is the flights. And the really main issue is a four or five hour layover at LAX each way. He stressed being vigilant with what we touch. Duh. When are you doing the Wind Spirit?
  8. We have reserved Bora Bora H2O for the second day in Bora Bora. We have not reserved any other yet. We will probably reserve the Coral Garden Drift Snorkel and a jet ski excursion soon and the rest by final payment. "I" think that the excursions will have fewer people in an attempt to be overly cautious. We will probably just book our excursions through Windstar. I am reluctant to put any more money into this trip until the first cruise sails on September 3. If you have any suggestions for private excursions let me know. Also, we will be in Moorea for four night pre cruise and Tahiti 3 nights post cruise. Any suggestions for things to do there? I am also looking forward to buying some etched/carved pearls in Raitea and some lariat of pearls in Tahiti.
  9. On the Oceania cruise the Coral Gardens drift snorkel was from Raiatea and we did four passes and also had time to snorkel around the boat. On the Widstar cruise it is from Motu Mahaea. I do not know how many passes we will get (hopefully two or more) but I am looking forward to it. I am looking forward to our traveling companions having the opportunity to do this also.
  10. We want to book the Drift Snorkel in Raiatea. I too am weighting the pros and cons of booking this now. (Still waiting for Princess to return my money for the same excursion - now canceled.) The Windstar cruise is actually $10 less than Princess. It was our favorite excursion when we were on Oceania Marina.
  11. Windstar lowered their prices for the October 15, 2020. We (and our friends) booked today. Hopefully this is a go and we are welcomed with open arms.
  12. Not all cruise lines are dragging their feet on returning canceled cruise monies back to their faithful patrons. Viking River Cruises returned my $13,472 in 32 days. Delta on the other hand has owned me $6,500 for the same amount of time. They have issued case numbers but have not actually initiated my refund (for canceled flights). Princess only owes me $1,320 deposit, 279.98 Internet package x 2, and $279.90 Excursion x 2. The real kicker is that they processed the wifi package 24 hours before canceling our cruise. After reading these 73 pages, I do not hold out much hope of seeing my Princess dollars.
  13. Air France is a code share with Delta. We booked last year (February 2019) and this year's flights on the Delta website.
  14. In case you do not speak French. Suva, Fiji AFP Friday 07/05/2020 - By closing their borders, the South Pacific Nations have managed to avoid the coronavirus outbreak, but their economies are ashore. Hence a choice: should we continue to barricade ourselves, or bring back tourists, with the health threat they represent? Governments around the world are considering deconfining and lifting catastrophic restrictions on jobs and growth. But it is probably in the South Pacific that the debate between health imperatives and economic necessities is the most complicated. Most of these archipelagos have prevented the spread of a virus that would have instantly sunk their hospital capacity. A dozen island nations did not register any cases of Covid-19 because they closed their borders to avoid the importation of coronavirus. Fiji is an exception with 18 contaminations. But the Fijian authorities are hopeful that the epidemic will be contained. The economic impact has been catastrophic for all these countries, which are highly dependent on tourism. For some, tourism revenues account for 50% of GDP. "Zero Income" From the beginning of the crisis, the planes were grounded. Without tourists, the hotel industry plunged. "When Australia closed its borders to international travellers, it took only three days for our hotel's revenues to fall to zero," Elizabeth Pechan, co-owner of The Havannah in Vanuatu, explained in a post. Some media report that in Vanuatu, 70% of jobs related to the tourism sector alone have disappeared. And poor Pacific countries have no common central bank that could unlock regional aid plans. Some have suggested the idea of including these islands in the "bubble" to which Australians and New Zealanders are thinking, a common area in which nationals of both countries would have no quarantine to observe as they cross the Tasman Sea. But there is no consensus on this idea. "There is a huge risk if the Covid-19 can reach the Pacific island nations that are not currently affected," New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said after a meeting with her Australian counterpart Scott Morrison. "We believe that small pockets like ours, currently unaffected by the virus, could work with other countries in the region in the same situation, taking maximum precautions," argues the head of the Cook Islands tourist board, Halatoa Fua. "Anxiety" Many islanders suffer from diabetes or heart problems, which would make them particularly vulnerable to infection. In the absence of direct air links with Australia or New Zealand, Palau Tourism Minister F. Umiich Sengebau felt that it would make more sense for his archipelago to create a bubble with Taiwan. Palau is one of the few countries in the world that still recognizes Taiwan. "This is an ingenious idea that we need to consider with a country like Taiwan, which has done a very good job in managing the Covid-19 epidemic," he said. "It would be mutually interesting because tourists from Taiwan want to go to Palau on holiday and the Palaians go to Taiwan for medical treatment and tourism." But in many Pacific islands, the issue is far from a priority. "For now, the priority of the Solomon Government is to finalize preparation for the epidemic, including testing, and to facilitate the repatriation of citizens to the region," said a spokesman for Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare. Total eradication of the disease in Australia, New Zealand or Taiwan is unlikely, so the ability to test, trace contacts and isolate patients everywhere will be critical. In a sign of the magnitude of the task, Marshall Islands Health Secretary Jack Niedenthal said it was premature to discuss the introduction of a bubble. "Just saying 'maybe' could create a growing anxiety that no one needs," he says.
  15. I have searched a few pages and did not find any information regarding this topic. 1. Were you on an interrupted cruise due to the current COVID-19 issue? 2. How did Windstar handle the situation keeping you healthy and how did you return home? 3. Was your future cruise canceled by Windstar? 4. Have you canceled a future cruise? 5. Have you received a refund? 6. Was your refund for deposit amount or paid-in-full?
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