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  1. yeah AND to use the photos he’d have to get a commercial drone pilot license too. This stuff is so regulated 🤦🏼‍♀️
  2. our house is the only house on the street that doesn’t get the sun...it’s a beast when it snows. 😞
  3. I saw that! doesn’t look like my kind of drone. tested the mini 2 out tonight when I got home. it handled so much better in the wind than the mini 1!
  4. Thanks, Graham! We’ve put a lot of work into it in the 4.5yrs we’ve owned it. Correct on both counts. While he does love his tv, the garage is his show piece. He got his first sports car, a Viper, 5 years ago and shortly followed that with an NSX. He then traded those both in for the Gallardo (which was what we were in in the car accident in 2018). He now has a Murci. The Viper bumper on the wall is one he actually found in a customer’s field and asked if he could have it. So crazy. Just a random sports car part in a field 🤷‍♀️
  5. some of our listing photos ☺️ you can guess which one is Nate’ favorite.
  6. We had a successful first night of sleep on the Nectar mattress. I think even Sam likes it 🙂 I asked Nate this morning how he slept and he said "wonderful". I woke up a few times through the night but I honestly think I was in my head too much to sleep peacefully. We got the house photos today and signed all the edocs to get the house officially listed. EEK! Bidding wars here we come. I can definitely say that the upgrade from our former queen $250 mattress to this one was well worth it and should have happened a lot sooner. I'm thinking this will do wonders for Nate'
  7. set up our new bed today and I honestly can’t wait to sleep. We got a nectar mattress which is a huge upgrade for us. We also went from a queen to a king so had to get all new bed frame and bedding. 😇😇😇
  8. had to go pick up a box spring for our new bed and stumbled on a beautiful frozen creek
  9. lol @A&L_Ont now that I read back through the convo and no longer have wine in the brain I realize I said maple...🤣 i did mean walnut, I swear. So much so that I didn’t even realize I wrote maple.
  10. great videos, Rory. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your placing! What a great fundraiser!
  11. my cousin introduced me to this brand in FL last week and honestly I’d never had Pinot either...I’m now a convert
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