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  1. TBH...I think if we had paid cash for the room I would have been a little disappointed. The location is perfect and the lobby is gorgeous, but there’s nothing special about the rooms besides the view and again the cost of breakfast was just a really sour note. Thank you! Christmas gift from the hubby since he knew I wanted a new one. I got to pick it out though of course 🤣
  2. Glad you found me! I think they got stir crazy? I’m not sure. They were also both working for several of the days and I think they couldn’t shut their minds fully off from work which Im sure is a huge contributor 😞 i Saw you liked the post with the shipping containers. knew you’d like that one!
  3. well so much for saying I’m sick of the caribbean 🤦🏼‍♀️🙈 we just booked an all inclusive in Playa Del Carmen for August 🤷‍♀️ se la vie. It’s going to be amazing.
  4. would like to know this as well
  5. he cracks me up all the time! my nerd ❤️ we definitely need to be on the same cruise one day! our only planned upcoming cruise right now is the TA....but hopefully something for early next year soon such a great wealth of info here!
  6. awesome! do you know if they’ve joined our incredibly active roll call? ditto
  7. thanks all! here’s our fun windy day at Labadee Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. We still had about 2 hours to kill so we wandered through the concourses and found this neat area full of usb hubs and for those who use the wireless charging they even have several stations for that. The flight felt like it took forever and then we had an hour and a half drive home so we were home around 9pm Sunday night to our happy puppy. It was great to get away for the week and do a lot more relaxing than we did on our October cruise, but I’m kind of over the Caribbean I think...only because my eyes are opened to how much more there still is to see in the world. Our upcoming trips: Allure TA Nov 2020 Barcelona to Miami Land trip to Switzerland Sept 2021 Jordan land trip 2022? we’re just in the beginning of discussing this one I’m sure we’ll throw an easy caribbean in there somewhere Thanks everyone for following along! I’ll work on the rest of the videos today and posts the links here Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. The cruise was coming to an end. We docked at Port Everglades Sunday morning with a resounding sigh. We headed to breakfast in the Windjammer one last time Brett & Jenn said their goodbyes to us and got off the ship. Nate & I debarked at 9. We weren’t in a rush since our flight wasn’t until 3:30. there was definitely a traffic jam going into the terminal 0 taxis available. Security told us there were 7 ships in port and spread thin. The long line...we decided not to uber because in our last experience there it took forever for the Uber driver to figure out how to find us. We were at FLL by 9:45 and the taxi cost us $17. We weren’t able to check our bags until 11:30 so we found a place by an outlet to sit. Nate played his game and I worked on this blog. Once we checked our bags in and made it through security we went straight to food. The chips were probably the best restaurant chips I’ve ever had. Whatever they spice these things with is amazing. Nate couldn’t finish his tacos tho. He said they were far too salty (which is weird to hear from Nate). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. thank you! wow! I can believe it! we were really surprised we even docked at all hahaha! I got you covered! I plan to have my iphone, gopro, and Nikon on that one. I haven’t brought my nikon on the last two Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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