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  1. A big concern re: cruises sailing from USA ports, in my mind, is the general infection rate in the state and city where the port is located. Florida stands out as a problem as the infection rate remains high (albeit decreasing). I am going to be canceling a cruise that is scheduled to depart from Tampa in March 2021. Unfortunately, "lift and shift" is not an option. If it were, I would take advantage of that option as I am hoping an effective vaccine will be approved in 2021 and broadly available by the end of 2021.
  2. The reasons we book aqua class cabins on M class ships are: dining in Blu, aft facing cabins on deck 11 with oversized balconies (loves our last cabin 1138!), much nicer shower with body sprays (like the aqua class shower on s class ships) and heated/no-fog mirror, captain’s club - 5 points/night (rather than 3 points/night in veranda). On s class ships, the additional huge benefit to AQ is Persian Garden access. The Persian garden on M class ships pales by comparison - so we didn’t bother using that perk.
  3. I was on the celebrity website last night. There is an offer that includes the classic beverage package and $200 OBC plus a discounted fare. I was checking pricing for a cruise that I booked last year - and is scheduled to sail in March 2021z. The fare is now $2,000 per person higher than when I booked so the “deals” are no so special, in my mind. I wanted to see whether I could do a “Lift & Shift” to 2022 but there is nothing comparable on the 2022 schedule so far as I can tell.
  4. This update was posted by KUSI San Diego on April 6. So sorry to read this news. We sailed on Eclipse - Chile to San Diego - in March 2019. Hard to believe how much the world has changed in just a few months. Stay safe! https://www.kusi.com/worldwide-covid-19-cases-linked-to-celebrity-eclipse-cruise-ship/
  5. SHIP NAME Solstice CABIN # 1546 DECK # (3-14) 11 CATEGORY: 7-12, 1A-1C, 2A-2D, A1-A2, C1-C3, CS, FV, PS, RF, RS, S1-S2, SG, SV A2 LOCATION ON SHIP: Port (left), Starboard (right), Bow (front), Stern (back) or Inside and Forward, Midship (between the forward and aft elevators), or Aft (For example: Port-Midship, Bow-Forward or Inside-Aft) Starboard - Forward
  6. Will add to the prior explanation as I just learned this. While you can use OBC to pay for booked and paid for prior to your cruise, you cannot use OBC to prepay your gratuities.
  7. The Persian Gardens on Constellation (and other M class ships pre-revolution) do not remotely resemble the Persian Gardens on S-class shops. On the M-class ships, the Persian Gardens is a windowless (dark!) space with a long tile bench. There aren’t any I individual tile beds And the space is not very inviting. We skipped that experience entirely but thoroughly enjoy the heated tile beds on the S-class ships.
  8. In the past, I found that Flights by Celebrity didn’t provide an advantage for main cabin fares on the airlines I prefer (Delta and American Airlines). Those were non-refundable tickets, purchased prior to the “ book now, pay later” program came into effect. Since the introduction of “book now, pay later”, I have booked premium economy tickets - on a refundable fare - for international travel through Flights by Celebrity. We saved thousands of dollars on these tickets, when compared to booking directly with the airlines. During a three month period, I was able to change our rese
  9. I set up a small group on our roll call (10 ppl) for a walking tour with Tallinn Traveller Tours - Walking Tour with a Local Guide (https://www.traveller.ee/tour/old-town-walking-tour-tallinn). The tour guide met us at the port entrance and walked us over to Old Town. She gave us a good tour through the Old Town and we made our way back to the ship on our own at our own pace. Setting this up as a private tour was beneficial as we were able to keep the group size small, and having the tour guide walk with us to the Old Town entrance was helpful.
  10. We had a great tour with PL Travel. However, I want to add one cautionary note. When you are dropped off at the Plaka (so that you can find a restaurant for lunch), make sure you know the street names or landmarks of the location where you are to meet the bus at the appointed time. Best approach is to take a photo on your phone! We neglected to do that and had a hard time finding our way back to the meeting.point. We had walked away from the Plaka and had a delicious lunch at a sidewalk cafe. However, we lost our way back to our starting point. As all of the street signs are in Greek, a
  11. We did not purchase tickets in advance. Per the booking confirmation I received from PK travel, “The licensed tour guide will take care of the entrance tickets and you will pay him (in cash) on the spot.
  12. We took this tour: https://vallartafoodtours.com/food-tours/vallarta-by-road/ as we were a group of 16-18 people. The tour guide was excellent and the food was amazing and plentiful. The tour was well worth the cost.
  13. We, along with a dozen other folks on our Celebrity Eclipse Chile-San Diego roll call, booked a food tour by van with Vallarta Food Tours. It was a fantastic food tour! The food was exceptional and our tour guide was great. She took us to restaurants in a number of neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta, and the portions were substantial and quite good. We are still talking about the tamales. My DH insists they are the best he has ever eaten. Why share this now? Because I just received a discount code from Vallarta Food Tours and want to share it here. Enjoy! I will
  14. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and impressions of the ports. We are on board Constellation in September, going from Venice to Barcelona. We will spend two nights in Venice pre-cruise and three nights in Barcelona post-cruise. I am very excited to be visiting Europe again and your trip report is adding to my pre-cruise excitement. We will be in Dubrovnik and Malta so I especially enjoying your posts on those stops. I look forward to reading additional entries and seeing your photos.
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