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  1. Sad news indeed. Like most others here, I never met Marilyn, but I looked forward, almost daily, to her positive, polite and insightful posts on this board. Funny how one person can exhibit such positivity and politeness even through a somewhat anonymous discussion board such as Cruise Critic. I will miss her posts and contributions. Thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.
  2. What do I think...?? Well first, based on the fact that ballet has been performed for audiences around the globe for centuries, and continues so today...I think it must have a certain degree of popularity to it !! 😉 Now, as to whether it will be well received by passengers on Celebrity...only time will tell ! Based on the small sampling of responses so far on here, I'd say many are at least looking forward to experiencing it ! Now, if they would only start having some major Blues Artists perform !!😁😁 BBL
  3. I suspect that what might have happened here is...someone at Celebrity recently discovered that there were individuals booked on/or trying to book the last 2 legs of the cruise...Honolulu to Vancouver, and Vancouver to LA...and realized that those 2 legs would result in a violation of the PVSA. So someone probably said "we better check the computers and see if anyone else is booked on those 2 legs"...and the OPs name popped up. So, not being familiar enough with the restrictions of the PVSA, or looking deeper to see that the OP is also booked on leg 1 of the cruise, they just sent out the email advising a violation. Once this has been looked at by someone "in the know" at Celebrity, this should all be easily worked out...and the OP will be able to relax and look forward to enjoying their wonderful 28 night cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse !! And to the OP...should you still not receive a positive response from Celebrity...you can advise them to log on here, and folks can school them on the PVSA...(especially marine experts like chengkp75)...who posted above me !! We can set them straight !!😁 Best of luck BBL
  4. Hello, Cabins are the same size. That balcony is a bit wider, because there is a Steward closet in the hallway next to that cabin. Enjoy BBL
  5. Hi, Continuing to follow your wonderful trip. Enjoy my early morning coffee catching up with your blog ! Enjoy the Japanese Explorer leg of your trip...and thanks again for taking us all along ! I was fortunate to have spent a good portion of my childhood (thru HS and again after college) in Asia...but Japan was one of the countries I was never able to travel to...so am especially excited for this portion of your journey ! BBL Great shot of sunset and Mt Fuji !
  6. Hi...I see you originally posted your question back in June...but it looks like you revisited today...in case you haven't already found the prices...Here is the Celebrity Laundry price list as posted on the website : Laundry Services Suit$17.50 Jacket$8.00 Pants$7.00 Long Sleeved Shirt$7.00 Short Sleeved Shirt$6.00 Sweater$8.00 Shorts$5.50 Dress$11.00 Skirt$6.50 Pajamas$5.50 Hankerchief$3.00 T-shirt$3.75 Undergarments$3.00 Swimsuit$4.00 Socks, pair$3.00 Dry-Cleaning Suit$19.00 Jacket$11.00 Pants$8.00 Vest$5.00 Long Sleeved Shirt$7.50 Short Sleeved Shirt$6.50 Sweater$9.00 Shorts$6.50 Dress$16.00 Skirt$7.50 Necktie/Tie$5.00 4 Item Special$28.00 Pressing Only Suit$14.00 Jacket$8.00 Pants$6.00 Vest$3.00 Long Sleeved Shirt$5.75 Short Sleeved Shirt$4.00 Sweater$5.50 Shorts$4.00 Dress$8.00 Skirt$6.00 4 Item Special$25.00
  7. Hi Guys ! Sitting on my porch on a chilly, rainy Virginia morning, enjoying my coffee (but wishing I was on a cruise) and reading your travel blog from start to finish ! And yes...I’m jealous...but will satisfy myself with following along with you on your journey...I’ve always enjoyed your detailed and wonderfully narrated trip reports and photos ! Have a great time...and Thanks for sharing ! BBL
  8. Here's a brief article on a massive Pacific Ocean clean-up project that just launched: The massive plastic-cleaning device invented by a 24-year-old is headed out to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch — here's what the launch looked like Kevin Loria 0m The Ocean Cleanup SAN FRANCISCO — It's finally in the water. For five years now, The Ocean Cleanup, an organization founded by 24-year-old Dutch innovator Boyan Slat, has been trying to create a system that can clean plastic out of the world's oceans. There's a mind-boggling amount of plastic in the oceans, and that amount grows every day. At least 8 million metric tons of plastic pours into the sea every year — a number that's considered a low estimate, since it doesn't include commonly found debris like fishing nets. As this trash breaks down into tinier and tinier bits, much of it is eventually carried into one of five massive ocean regions, where plastic can be so concentrated that areas have garnered names like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. On Saturday, Slat's organization began the journey out to sea with their first official 2,000-foot-long plastic cleaning array, System 001. The ship the Maersk Launcher towed the device through the San Francisco Bay out under the Golden Gate Bridge, en route to a final testing site and then — if everything goes well — they'll head to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, where the cleanup crew hopes that first system will be able to collect 50 tons of plastic in its first year. Slat and colleagues hope The Ocean Cleanup's plastic-collecting arrays can help at least remove large debris from these swirling vortexes. They say their models show that with a full deployment of 60 arrays, they could be able to remove 50% of the garbage patch region's plastic within five years. But so far, their technology is still unproven, and no one knows for sure whether it'll work as planned. The Ocean Cleanup's plan is an inspiration for many, as an effort to try to confront what seems like an impossibly large and ugly problem. But it's also received significant criticism from members of the scientific community who study plastics. Those researchers say the system may not be effective since it can't reach most ocean plastic that has started to break into tiny pieces and sink into the waters. They fear that it could have negative impacts on marine wildlife or could be broken up by harsh ocean conditions, or that it could be a distraction from stopping the overall use of plastics and the management that prevents them from getting into the ocean in the first place. Slat says stopping plastic pollution in the first place needs to be a global priority, but that they believe cleaning up what's out there already has to be done as well. Yet he knows the world and the scientific community are watching as the system begins its first real test. "It's still not proven technology and in the next months, it has to do what it has to do," he told Business Insider. The group has run models and simulations and they've tested systems in the water, but this is the first time a full size array will be assembled and hopefully functioning in the Pacific. As he said Saturday, "models are models" — helpful, but still not perfect demonstrations of reality. "It'll be an exciting six months," said Slat.
  9. Should you happen to decide and do a "Live From" thread/blog for this cruise...Please spare us from any photos !! BBL
  10. Hello, Yes, a partition of the balcony dividers can be opened. Also, if you haven't seen information on the connecting cabins on the Equinox before...just be advised that the cabins do not connect via a door inside the cabins themselves (like those seen on most ships/hotel rooms etc). Rather there is an outside vestibule area, with outer doors that can be closed off, allowing the 2 cabin doors to be propped open, thereby allowing passage from one cabin to the other. Hope this makes sense...If you are not familiar with the layout, there are many photos posted showing the configuration on various threads on here. Enjoy...The S Class ships are some of our favorite ships !! BBL
  11. Hello, Welcome to Cruise Critic. The place on this site to post tour requests etc...is on the Roll Call for your specific sailing. There you can meet your fellow passengers and discuss everything related to this sailing. Below is the link to the Roll call for the Millennium sailing on September 30, 2018: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2432752&referrerid=1156410 It is a fairly long discussion thread, so you might want to go to the last page, introduce yourself to your fellow passengers, and ask your tour sharing question there...then go back and read over the pages to see what others have said, have to offer etc. Enjoy ! BBL
  12. Worry not...I believe hand grenades would be covered under this section: Weapons, Explosives or Other Dangerous Items No weapon, explosive, or other item that presents a risk of harm to persons or property, are is permitted on board. ;p (even if it is poor grammar) ;p BBL
  13. Hello, If your sail date is July 28, 2018, with a port call in Naples on Aug 3...here is the link to the Roll Call for your cruise : https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2534183&referrerid=1156410 Enjoy BBL
  14. Hello, Also from the "new" Celebrity website...(depending on which link you click on) : Q.What items are prohibited on board? A.Items with Heating Elements or Open Flames Certain items that generate heat or produce an open flame are not permitted on ship. This includes clothing irons, hotplates, steamers, candles, incense and any other item that may create a fire hazard. Curling irons and hair dryers are allowed. Just another example of Celebrity's "consistent inconsistencies" !! :) BBL
  15. Hi, As a couple others have suggested...you might consider switching ships to do the Hawaii leg. It appears the Celebrity Eclipse leaves Vancouver 2 days later than the Ovation, with a similar Hawaiian itinerary (both have an overnight in Lahaina...which is great for attending an evening luau)...so enjoy 2 nights in Vancouver (great city) and then a cruise on the Eclipse (great ship) ! Plus, if you have loyalty status on Royal, that will reciprocate over to Celebrity ! Enjoy...whatever you decide ! BBL
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