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  1. LOVE your kitchen V! I recognize some of those hanging pots -- nothing like them. How I sometimes wish I still had one or two, not that I'm doing much cooking lately. 😞
  2. Waaayyyy back in the 70s, first trip to Paris, I spent a day at Dehillerin. Bought four tin lined copper pots/skillet, cost a little over $300 including shipping back to the States. I used them all my life, loved them, and when I moved to retirement community gave them to my professional chef nephew. I'm sure they're still doing great service. How I loved that place! Glad Bob is doing so well.
  3. What a perfect thought for this terrible time.
  4. Absolutely stunning ship -- good luck Silversea 🤞
  5. S orry -- I did not intend any negative by the word snagging.....I know how you received the Dom from AMEX .....we have enjoyed it too.
  6. Congratulations and I know you're looking forward to cruising again soon and snagging another bottle of Dom. Dusababy aka Mary Ann
  7. This "flower" is at Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, CA. Makes the paper every year when it blooms - big crowds to see and/or smell it.
  8. Does anyone have CSA Generali Global Assistance travel insurance? Have you submitted a claim for reimbursement of cancellation, and if so, how lond did it take? Thanks for your response. Dusababy
  9. Re cancellation: does anyone have CSA Generali Global Assistance trip cancellation insurance, and if so, how long have you waited for reimbursement?
  10. You know, I've always said (and have 20 years experience on SS) -- if nothing happens, what do you have to talk about when you get home? Ye Gods! I couldn't have imagined anything like this! I am so sympathetic to all those who have had these experiences which have impacted the lives of you and your loved ones....but this too shall end, and we will look forward to future cruises with our beloved Silversea.
  11. Glad to see your sense of humor is intact nowornever. I'm home in cold, wet California and following along your every move (ooooops, you're not moving very far at the moment.) Regards Dusa aka Mary Ann
  12. We experienced that a couple of years ago. We were on the first segment - San Francisco to Auckland - 19 days and the cliques were there from the beginning. We enjoyed the journey, but it wasn't quite as expected based on past SS experience.
  13. Agree with Cruising Pash -- ALWAYS give to the butler and room steward, most of whom give such personal service. And ALWAYS contribute to the Crew Fund. And ALWAYS mention those who perform above and beyond. It's just the right thing to do.......
  14. Lois I've done several crossings and loved all of them. Yes, the ride can sometimes be bumpy to say the least, but no worries. As far as activities -- guest lecturers - enrichment lecturers - morning and afternoon (in my experience) A great variety of experts on varied topics - world politics - my favorite THE ALMIGHTY COD (overview of the large role played by dried cod and the evolution of humanity) - movie star gossip and history - cooking - something for everyone. The old standbys: Trivia -- putting -- etc -- and the usual specials. You won't be bored -- crossings are my favorite Hope you get more input. Glad to be of some help. Enjoy it !! Dusa aka Mary Ann
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