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  1. I also asked an agent because I had a refundable cruise and called to get the latest special well she messed it up and went to NRD and said she had to put me on hold....so said it was fixed. (they ended up having to cancel it...some way no charge was not my fault...I made sure couple times telling her I don't want the special if it will take my refundable deposit away! I was bad and called back to make sure I didn't see it either and it is that if it is NRD will list the fee's. I felt $94 extra for 3 of us on a cruise Jan 2021 for my daughters graduation gift from college was worth it...cause too many things can change and I wanted a certain room. When you have to put all your information in and at the end it will ask if you want refundable deposit and tell how much it will cost. I have noticed the rate varies per cruise and how what kind of room you get.
  2. Would love to find photo's of these spacious ocean view rooms I have 11510 coming on the Odyssey of the Sea...sure hope it is nice for 3 adults
  3. FT LAUDERDALE - PORT EVERGLADES, FL TLE, United States is this the one to use for pickup that they will pick you up at the pier?
  4. What is the location for the Dollar/Thrifty address to use. We want to get a car after a cruise next Feb and then 2 days later return it to the airport site thank you,
  5. By any chance any price list for spa service when in a cloud 9 room...we booked one for Nov 2020 and can't wait! So did you the spa cloud 9 benefits much?
  6. Well I finally did booked it is 12012 ...was thankful saw that maybe 12008 might be noise that we went with 12012!! 😊 Thank you everyone!!
  7. Thank you, Was it noisy from the fitness center at all? Also was there any werid smell come to your room from the spa at all? I am going to book on Deck 12 all 4 of the rooms that are sideways are avaliable. I even got DH excited about the room and features. So did they give you much of a discount if you got any spa treatments? Then did you do any of the free classes that it says you get? LOL
  8. I am anxious to hear this...now which floor would you pick deck 11 or 12 interior Cloud 9 room?
  9. Hey I was thinking of getting the Cloud 9 Interior instead of a normal one. I can get it for just around $100 more for the 2 of us. I didn't know any advice and thoughts? Didn't know if deck 11 or 12 which is better?
  10. We are looking at the Cloud 9 interior room and didn't know if it is worth the $100 for the both of us compare to a normal interior. I have never been in the spa of Carnival and not sure how nice and what it is like? Have only been on one Carnival cruise 13 years ago. Then didn't know if deck 11 or 12 is best?
  11. So what are the loungers like are they a heated type? Never been on one. The T-pool only used then by spa patrons that is it whirlpool like? Sorry so many questions but thinking about upgrading to that...its our 40th Anniversary!
  12. So then you have had a interior spa room before? So what you get free as a benefit of that room? Is it easy to use and not so busy that you really don't get to enjoy the benefits? I have not been on a carnival ship with this so not really sure what to expect? thank you
  13. we are thinking of a inside cabin that is the vertical looking at the ship. I didn't know if how the layout makes it harder or nicer. We was looking on deck 6 in the aft....any thoughts? Also are the Cloud 9 rooms worth the cost for the benefits? We are looking to go on this ship for the first time. We have only done one Carnival ship and after years we've decided to try one agian. thank you
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